While you were sleeping: 09 February 2016

By John Stupart 9 February 2016

Sierra Leone free of ebola, Bloomberg mulls entering presidential race, and Mercedes sober about chances.

Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves.” 

 D.H. Lawrence

Story of the Day


Port Elizabeth: Home Affairs risks contempt of court after missing refugee centre deadline
After a protracted legal battle, the Port Elizabeth Refugee Reception Office was to open its doors on Tuesday morning, as ordered by the Supreme Court of Appeal. But those doors will remain firmly closed leaving thousands of asylum seekers vulnerable. The department of Home Affairs is in real danger of being held in contempt of court. By SIMON ALLISON.


While you were sleeping

Sierra Leone done with Ebola
Sierra Leone has discharged its final patient infected with Ebola. A six-week countdown has begun which should lead to the country being able to declare itself officially free of the virus. That said, the World Health Organisation is cautious about 42 days without a scare, as the final patient had come into contact with multiple people before being hospitalised, many of whom have not come forward for treatment.
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Bloomberg considering 2016 presidential run
Former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is thinking about running for president. Bloomberg announced he was considering “all options”, but would possibly run as an independent candidate for the 2016 elections. Bloomberg cited the “banal” level of debate among all candidates as a strong motivator for his possible running. That said, the US voter has traditionally been irrationally hostile to independent challengers, generally opting for Democrat or Republican candidates regardless of spray tans or old age.
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Earthquake in Wellington, New Zealand
A magnitude 5.7 earthquake shuddered through New Zealand’s capital city today. The epicentre was 32km from St Arnaud and registered at a depth of 62km. Wellington residents, although they felt the tremors, were not seriously affected, with zero casualties listed so far.
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Mercedes sober about 2016 F1 season
Mercedes engine head Andy Cowell has told reporters that nobody in Mercedes team is expecting to win the championship. In addition, Cowell noted the team expected to be beaten by Ferrari and seriously threatened by McLaren this year. The ongoing developments by Honda, in particular, have Mercedes worried this season, which kicks off in Australia on the 20th March.
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In Numbers


The percentage of survey respondents who worked in IT who actively hid their profession from friends and family. This was so as to avoid having to engage in tech support.

Facts of the Day

Today sees the Mining Indaba shift into high gear. The agenda is as full as a Chinese copper shipment.

Fact of the day:  Star Wars: The Force Awakens cost $50 million more for the marketing and advertising than production ($200 million).


Financial Data

BFN: min: 18° max: 32°, sunny
CPT: min: 19° max: 35°, cloudy
DBN: min: 21° max: 29°, sunny
EL: min: 18° max: 26°, cloudy
JHB: min: 15° max: 28°, rainy
KIM: min: 20° max: 34°, cloudy
NLP: min: 14° max: 31°, cloudy
PMB: min: 11° max: 28°, cloudy
PKN: min: 16° max: 28°, rainy
PE: min: 18° max: 25°, sunny
PTA: min: 18° max: 32°, rainy
Oil=$33.76 Gold=$1,194.70 Platinum=$924.50
R/$=16.14 R/€=18.03 R/£=23.26 $/€=1.11
JSE All Share=49,429.59 DJIA=15,861.11 FTSE 100=5,671.51 
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