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Business leaders join forces with Ramaphosa to tackle economic crisis, Eskom, crime and corruption

Business leaders join forces with Ramaphosa to tackle economic crisis, Eskom, crime and corruption
Illustrative image | sources: President Cyril Ramaphosa (Photo: Business Day / Freddy Mavunda and GCIS)

Business leaders have been vocal in their worry about SA’s ties to Russia and daily Eskom blackouts, warning that the country risks becoming a failed state. Now business and government are collaborating to tackle the problems with urgency.

Eskom’s unrelenting blackouts, SA’s stance on Russia that has agitated currency markets, and the government’s glacial pace in implementing structural pro-growth and investment reforms have caused angst among business leaders.

The business leaders, including the CEOs of leading companies, met President Cyril Ramaphosa and members of his Cabinet on Tuesday to raise their concerns about SA’s economic crisis. The meeting ended with the business leaders agreeing to collaborate with the government — providing it with skills and financial resources — to tackle problems undermining the economy and its potential for growth.

In recent weeks, business leaders have become more vocal in their criticism of how Ramaphosa has managed the economy over the past five years and fired warnings that SA risks becoming a failed state. Ramaphosa’s presidency has failed to stem the tide of rolling blackouts and to move with speed in implementing pro-growth and investment reforms in sectors such as transport (getting trains and ports operated by Transnet to run efficiently), and water (issuing water-use licences). 

State Capture corruption cases are taking a lot of time and effort to prosecute successfully, and theft and vandalism of critical infrastructure have become rampant in industries, including mining and telecommunications. Morale and confidence dipped further when the rand plummeted to a record low against the dollar in May after the US accused SA of covertly providing arms to Russia.

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Captains of industry and the government have now agreed to set up workstreams targeting the implementation of reforms in energy, transport and logistics, and tackling crime and corruption.

The workstreams are designed to mirror groups and the collaboration seen in SA’s Covid-19 response, where the government and business leaders worked together to deal with the health, labour and economic impacts of the pandemic. Business and government also worked in unison to implement a nationwide Covid vaccine roll-out. One of the groups set up at the start of the Covid pandemic, Business for SA (B4SA), will be part of the workstreams, with Business Unity South Africa.

The organisations will work with the Presidency, government departments, state-owned enterprises and other relevant state institutions to ease or end Eskom blackouts by 2024, stabilise and improve the operational performance of trains and ports, and mobilise resources on an “arm’s-length basis” to help prosecute corruption cases.

Martin Kingston, the chair of the B4SA steering committee, told Daily Maverick: “In all these interventions, we must be mindful that we are not going to undermine or encroach upon the role of the state. But we want to partner with the state, bring in our skills and capacity.”

To form part of the workstreams, business has put forward the names of Sasol boss Fleetwood Grobler, Sanlam CEO Paul Hanratty, Sibanye’s Neal Froneman, Anglo American chair Nolitha Fakude, former Exxaro boss Mxolisi Mgojo, Toyota CEO Andrew Kirby and Remgro head Jannie Durand. The names of other CEOs are set to be added to the list over time.

Kingston said there is a feeling among CEOs that SA’s socioeconomic situation has become worse, causing many moments of frustration with the government.

“There has not just been frustration but also anxiety and concern that we are not moving quickly. There are some very real problems. They are not new problems, but they are increasing, and manifest in all sorts of ways.

“But we are rallying around some of those challenges and dealing with them. If we are frustrated, we have a duty to step up to the plate and work alongside the government to fix the problems and build back confidence,” he said.

Shaky relationship

The relationship between the government and business has not been smooth in recent years, with both parties deeply sceptical of each other. Since Ramaphosa first became President in 2018, he has attempted to remedy the trust deficit between the two, with much difficulty. Business has proposed solutions to SA’s pressing economic and social problems and pledged support. But its offer of help has been largely ignored by the government.

“There are understandable suspicions on both sides [between business and government]. The inability to address some of the economic and social problems has eroded trust and confidence,” said Kingston, adding that business is increasingly collaborating with the government to remedy the relationship.

Arguably, the latest workstreams initiative also risks going this route and failing to deliver demonstrable progress in the implementation of structural reforms — with the initiative ending up as a talk shop.

Kingston believes that the workstreams will result in “workable solutions”. Implementation progress will be tracked and communicated to the public regularly, he said. DM


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  • Nic Tsangarakis says:

    Really good and positive development. We wait to see whether it will make a difference.

  • Kev 1 says:

    Great news. The involvement of these leaders and planned outcomes is exactly what SA requires for turnaround – they need freedom to implement.

  • Mark A. Molker says:

    All Bull

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    “The ANC’s ties to Russia” and the ANC’s stance on Russia” not SA’s. It is clear that the ANC is only interested in the ANC’s interests and not SA’s. They no longer represent SA.

  • Marcela Reynoso says:

    Do no trust ! Be careful!
    Our soft spoken President is campaigning for 2024 …
    Transformation = ANC – CEO
    He is painting for you a pink horizon,

  • Miles Japhet says:

    Naive at best to assist in an environment caused by BEE, impending NHI and Water legislation amongst others. This is destroying confidence, increasing costs and resulting in a flight of skills.
    Those of you involved in this Project, should extract some significant commitment to reversing these polices in return for bailing out the ANC. Look what happened to the Investment Team when they agreed to help!!

  • Tamala Muranda says:

    The close ties with Russia will cost future generations of South African children. The govt should look forward not backwards in building this country for future generations

  • roland davies says:

    War ravaged countries have done what it takes to rebuild a functional caring state,why can’t we?

    • John Smythe says:

      Because it took competent people who had more of the country at heart than their pockets. The pigs won’t stop feeding at the trough here. They think they’re smarter than all of us, but they’ve produced nothing of any value.. Only produced poverty, suffering and out of control crime.

  • Noble thoughts but too many ingrained thieves to be ousted before any progress is made. Simply look at Eskom where the vilified Andre seems to have been telling it as it is and how Cyril is hiding the ammunition ship report. The anc and it’s cowardly leader CANNOT be trusted!

  • Maria Janse van Rensburg says:

    A president who is open to create a working relationship with business to tackle the problems plaguing the country shows maturity and a genuine intention to try and fix what is wrong in the interest of all South Africans. I am grateful that Mr. Ramaphosa is in this position at this time because he shows appreciation for the fact that one should surround oneself with expertise when the chips are down. What we need in South Africa at this time are people with a CAN DO attitude. What will further make a turnaround possible is when all political parties join hands to find solutions and put aside the name calling and finger pointing and drop their egos to share best practice in an effort to build up the government institutions.

    • John Smythe says:

      Nice notion, but the EFF and PA have shown over and over that they can NEVER be trusted. They will NEVER work to find a common solution that makes sense because they don’t know how to. Whenever the going gets tough, Malema and McKenzie go to radio silence. It’s easier to make a noise and retreat back to your mansion than get your hands dirty, be taken seriously by intelligent thinkers and work for the good of all in the country.

    • Charles Parr says:

      Maria, a good thought but unfortunately it’s only in the name of self preservation. CR has now earned the right to be shocked as the SARB and the IMF have criticised his government’s performance and I don’t think I’ve heard that in such strong terms before from SARB. I agree that this is his opportunity to look at the opposition (excluding EFF and some others) and see what he can do to serve the people of this country and thus try to save what’s left of it.

    • Marcela Reynoso says:

      I think that CR is trying to earn points for 2024
      He promised in 2018 that he will work with the Business Leaders to reconstruct the country , he took advantage of them during Covid because he needed to save his political life
      Now, only few months from the election, he is trying to find cooperation…
      I can not buy it, sorry

    • Patricia Betterton says:

      Well, I for one will take any positive news that I can get. Go,SA, go!

  • Carsten Rasch says:

    This is of course as it should be, and should have been all this time. The State cooperating with Business, and dragging the People along in the process. I’m hoping it will make a difference, because we really are in free fall, and we all know how that ends. But, how do you make an incapable State capable? How do you help an irrational ideologically confused Government govern? Without breaking the eggs??

  • Dennis Bailey says:

    Believe when we see. Cyril produced nothing yet.

  • J dW says:

    “Too late!” she cried – big business should have grown a pair years ago. Just another talk shop and photo op for Cyril to flash his best shit eating grin, mumbling something that “SA is open for business” and the followed by………………………………………………………………………………………………..?

    • Gazeley Walker says:

      I agree totally that big business should have re-acted years ago when the decline in governance, honesty, and concern for the people, was clear from the way ANC was performing.
      Cadres self enrichment through state capture has been aided by the lack of big business closing down on dealing with these crooks, but many of these businesses were more interested in their own share price and dividends than the overall welfare of the country. Only now, as share prices and dividends drop do these “honest” business tycoons “grow a pair” as you so eloquently put it.

  • Stuart Hulley-Miller says:

    This is really great and can work. There is no doubt business will do everything it can to help it work. They WILL be fair and reasonable. It’s in their best interest and this aligns with South Africa as a whole.
    The governments best interest unfortunately is staying in power, first and foremost. That is why they are talking to business, nothing else. Unfortunately there are so many interests, factions and power plays at work in the ANC that the good of the country is secondary. I am still a Cyril man and we should be grateful and understand that he is only in power because of the way Hexham played the ANC game. He has enemies. Our biggest concern now should be Gwede Mantashe, David Mabuza and the Russians. They are masters of political disruption and gerrymandering and our coming election is very definitely the target and very much under threat.

  • . . says:

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and the problem is the ANC Government.

    I agree with the FMF business should not partner with the ANC, they should simply say enough is enough, reject the plans, policy and ideology and encourage their workforces to vote “not ANC”

    The ANC will never change, if business give a hand the ANC WILL take the whole arm.

    • Ernest Esterhuizen says:

      Agreed 100%

    • Gazeley Walker says:

      Agree 110% – Business should be holding the government to account for it’s failure to meet it’s mandate, not help them out of their criminally, self inflicted state of uselessness. Any gains from this new “relationship” will count positively towards the ANC’s election manifesto in 2024. To everyones’ detriment.

      • Graham Howard says:

        Also 110% agree. The Business leaders are guilty of waiting too long and now falling into the trap of giving CR another chance to deliver his promises before the elections, preventing him and the ANC from falling. CR and the ANC must take the fall. Rather wait to start a new clean sheet with a new Government that is going to need all the help it can get and negotiate from a point of strength.

  • Alley Cat says:

    Whilst it is positive, I just wonder why this is necessary in the first place? Just a follow on from other areas where business / civil society has to step in, like points men, pothole repair etc. We pay HUGE taxes so the ANC can sit on their asses and do FOKOL and then we have to clean up their mess.

  • Harold Magid says:

    Nice Words,
    Nice Intentions,
    How about Nice ACTION????

    Start with low hanging fruits – Rail links to, and Ports of Richards Bay and Durban. we have the blueprints! they used to work incredibly well! Copy them!

  • Rob Glenister says:

    Great idea, here are some pointers:
    Economy – reduce the civil service by half, with no increases for 12 months, and implement proper spending controls
    SOEs – Privatise them
    Eskom – Fire Gordhan and Mantashi, implement segrgation of divisions, privatise
    Governance – fire all MPs and hire back a third of them, excluding several who sit on their thumbs all day
    Water – privatise
    Now let’s see if RamaDoLittle still wants to collaborate.
    I’ve got to learn to hold my breath for longer than 90 seconds.

    • Peter Oosthuizen says:

      All they need to make it work is you and me, Rob 🙂

    • Hulme Scholes says:

      Precisely. The only way out of this mess for South Africa is for “Big Business” to cooperate to get rid of the ANC. It’s is a foul and revolting criminal organisation. It is a rabid dog that must be destroyed and it’s corpse burned so it’s gone forever.

  • Confucious Says says:

    The anc &co hates private business except when the anc & co needs money or to fix something. Then they love private business with both hands. Despicable!

  • Ezekiel Makhene says:

    This is wonderful. I’m finalising a document which will provide enormous advantage to the welcome 🙏 partnership between business and government.

    • P B M .. says:

      And Ezekiel, you appear to be as naïve as all the others who have voted ANC all these years. Ramaphosa will not – is not – capable to run the country. The “partnership between business and government” as you call it, is doomed to failure if he doesn’t implement the recommendations that will emerge from that partnership (doing away with employment equity, privatization, corruption and a toothless Minister of police, to name a few). In any case, as has been said before, the ANC is the problem. They have become are the tail that wags the dog (Ramaphosa). The whole idea of this “partnership” is just a smokescreen to keep the ANC in power come the 2024 election.

  • Grumpy Old Man says:

    Whereas this is a welcome & necessary initiative the approach by Business leadership cannot realistically be premised on the assumption that the ANC is ‘singular’ (because it is not)
    Cynically it may be seen as Big Business (again) entering into the domain of ANC factional politics. In this regard it cannot be ignored that many ANC members on the Govt payroll benefit from the current situation & that in a functioning environment centered on competency would find their livelihoods at risk & with no future prospects. This initiative then will be a real threat to the vested interests of a very significant percentage of ANC members & indeed to their alliance partners (especially the Unions)

  • Jennifer D says:

    As long as we enforce BBBEE this country will continue to fail. When employment is based on skin colour and not competence it creates complacency. Every poor performer in government and in business has a rippling effect on the organisation. One person being allowed to not do his job affects everyone around him.
    BBBEE and all the job protection legislation has to go for SA to succeed.

    • John Strydom says:

      Absolutely agree about the BBBBEEE nonsense, which is just a crude vote-winning trick. And turf out the minimum wage, which clearly works only in wealthy countries, and could create many thousands of new jobs overnight.

  • Dragon Slayer says:

    There are really capable, diligent, committed civil servant – it is the other 90% that are giving them a bad name.
    Cadre deployment, utter incompetence, dumbed down education, confused economic and political ideology coupled with sheltered employment ensures a South African headlong race to the bottom.
    Even if the ANC and alliances of convenience fail to get a majority, it will still take another 20 years to clean out the toxic food chain the ANC has embedded in all spheres of government.

    • Ernest Esterhuizen says:

      Fortunately a generation = 40 years. The national party lasted 40 years. So the anc at most have another 10 years left. However, I hope that sufficient eyes would have opened by now to vote them out in 10 months time. get rid of the cancer. They wanted a chance and they got their chance, but their air-time is up.

  • R IA says:

    This is what stood out for me – “providing it with skills and financial resources” with an emphasis on the financial resources! I can’t believe anyone would think Ramaphosa will do anything different. And far too late. If the government was serious about anything changing, why not do this years ago? They all know what needs to be done, just don’t want to do it.

  • dbanks976 says:

    Words and empty promises. Once there is action and timelines, progress can be made. Time to get fingers out of noses and heads out of bums

  • Jeremy Stephenson says:

    There needs to be an iron fist inside this velvet glove, and that fist is tax.

  • Brian Cotter says:

    The positive is big business has been called in and not the Taxi Industry and Construction Mafia to assist Government.

  • Ellis Mortimer says:

    It should have started with locking up all those implicated and identified by the Zondo commission. Most of them are still in power and are now expected to turn over a new leaf and work with Business Leaders to remove their own lucrative, illegal sources of income, all of which have been exposed and identified by this publication and others. Extremely unlikely

    • P B M .. says:

      Ellis, that surely is the main cause of all the rot in the ruling party. As you correctly say, most of the culprits implicated and identified by the Zondo commission are still in power and unless they are removed permanently from having anything to do with the running of this country, nothing, or at the very least, little, will change. Ramaphosa must stop his ‘commissions of enquiry’ in matters such as the Lady R saga, the cholera epidemic and other destructive happenings and just get on with removing those responsible.

  • carollyn says:

    Big business needs to use this opportunity to address the proliferation of race based legislation and social engineering blighting SA as well as our education crisis.

  • Karl Sittlinger says:

    Seeing is believing. Much of this has all been promised before. They can’t even get a diesel tax exemption for our loadshedding turbines sorted, which is literally just a signature. Takes 10 seconds by Gwede. But even that they simply cannot (or more likely will not ) do. No matter the words, the same corrupt players are still in the game, hence nothing really can change fundamentally.

  • Marjorie Hughes says:

    ANC and its ties to Russia does not represent the feelings and allegiances of South Africa as a whole. This ANC/Russian tie has to be BROKEN for good and for all if this country is to survive.

  • Francois Smith says:

    We have been here before. The rand strengthened on Ramaphosa’s 2017 victory, people joined his walks in the mornings! What has changed? The simple truth is that Ramaphosa is permanently placing the ANC above RSA. He has become entrenched in its rot. Here is one simple question that will be answered within the next month: Do Ramaphosa have the goodwill of the ANC to implement this?
    Then please note businesses are double taxed now!

  • Carlo Fourie says:

    Assist him and his inept government, but keep in mind that he and his corrupt party will claim accolades for any improvement and not acknowledge business, in order to score political points ahead of the 2024 election. None of the ANC can be trusted.

  • Jess Bouwer says:

    The ANC has evolved from a successful freedom fighter when it pursued a common goal to an unsuccessful parasite which is killing it’s host because it is splintered into groups which are grabbing as much of the pie as possible with no regard for the good of the people who vote them in.

    • Francois Smith says:

      I do not know so much about their success as a freedom fighter. If the Berlin Wall didn’t fall and the Soviet Union still existed today, we probably would have full blown civil war.

  • John Smythe says:

    About time!! Here’s hoping that government takes common sense advice and implements it instead of dancing around the whims of the russia and china. I believe that everything hinges upon not only our foreign policy and management thereof, but also crime and corruption. Those two are the biggest elephants in the room that must be fixed asap.
    But in my heart of hearts, I know that the ANC is too far gone. Despite all the efforts by business, the ANC and it’s toxic alliance with the evil EFF will kill South Africa. The only thing that will turn this country around is a change to sensible government.

  • jellytot says:

    I fail to understand why we need ‘experts’ to tell the ANC government what anybody with one iota of common sense can see. The war that Russia has started is costing us all dearly. Load shedding is costing us all dearly. The cost of food is sky high and is going to continue to rise until and unless the government takes concrete action to denounce the Russian government and to find solutions to the power crisis at home.

  • Change is good sa says:

    On the whole, business in SA can be trusted, they have to please their customers, or they are out of business, so growth of the economy is their reason for being. The arrogance and deliberate stalling of any growth policy by the ANC is clear in the deterioration of every South Africans daily lives. The ANC political elite are only interested in thieving from the public purse. This is their only way that money can be made by cadres. They will not stop until they have destroyed everything in our Municipalities, Provincial and National governments.
    Thank you B4SA for trying and may your endeavours work for the citizens of SA.
    The only change that can take place is voting the ANC out of power in 2024.

  • Ernest Esterhuizen says:

    Good luck. Let’s see how far they get with suspicious minds because the assistance of business with the help of their resources will take away the glory from the ANC. The ANC are not humble enough to concede. It is all about what they can get out of the deal. I am sure that the businesses who are stepping out will be entitled to huge tax breaks. I hope that it will be less than what they put into the “fix-it” project, otherwise back to square one. I hope that part of the deal is to get rid of the ANC once and for all.

  • Kelsey Boyce says:

    That’s all it takes. Talk to each other – and sort these challenges out. 100% positive

  • Brian Doyle says:

    The business leaders should demand a quo prid quo from the Government. We will provide the assistance, but the ANC must get rid of the incompetent members in return. Wishful thinking but there should be some reward for the assistance

  • Mpumi Bikitsha says:

    Long long long overdue. Good luck!

  • andrea96 says:

    Whatever you do, Business Leaders. Do NOT give the anc regime or party any money. Not a cent. If we, the private sector have to clean up the anc mess then we do it with our money being paid directly, avoiding even one cent going anywhere near a cadre. If we decide to tackle the railways and ports, the money must go directly to meritocratic project teams with no anc connections, to do the job.

  • Rory Macnamara says:

    How many times will business meet with the President, this is not the first, and collaborate?
    perhaps whilst we are watching the ANC closely we should question these so called Business Bodies that represent business. all talk and very little action if any. stop with the ‘politic’ statements and tell us what you are going to do besides throwing money at the ANC which may use some to shore up failing SOE’s and the rest – well we all know were that goes!

  • Gazeley Walker says:

    Any successes gained from this state/business co-operation will be taken as wins for the ANC and used to promote it’s own interests in the run up to 2024 elections. Business beware, the historical lack of open and honest communication from the ANC and the looting of SOE’s is a clear indication you are dealing with an organisation whose self interest and ability to enrich it’s priviliged members far outweighs it’s care and concern for the vast majority of this country’s citizens.
    I hope you will deal directly with the apartheid style BEE legislation as it affects not only business directly, restricting business from employing the strongest candidate, but also robbing a section of the population from advancing their careers, or even finding a job, based on the colour of their skin.
    This is the ANC you are partnering with – approach this arrangement with care and do not become “poster” promotions for how good the ANC is at resolving economic issues and how caring they are of the ordinary, poor people , because you may well just be a means to an end for the ANC, who are incapable, without your help, to finding solutions for the theft , criminality and ridiculous support of Russia that they are directly responsible for. Beware, be careful – Ramaphosa and his cronies need you a helluva lot more than you need them.

  • Hermann Funk says:

    This initiative should include political leaders from other political parties but more importantly from civic orgnisations.

  • Until the ANC is replaced with a real democracy any suggestions to government will fall on deaf ears. Our president says that the ANC comes first. His worse fear is that he could be seen as the one that splits the organization.

  • Philip Armstrong says:

    Sorry not convinced. Unless business can extract some real concessions around the idiocy of some of ANC’s policies e.g. NHI, Russia, and so much more I can only see more frustration and broken aspirations. I would also caution those involved to be careful that their reputations are not tarnished by association. CR may well be trying to salvage the mess he has overseen through his weak tenure (leadership would be an oxymoron) but the crowd that surrounds him have no interest but their own welfare and certainly not of the country and its citizens.

  • Peter Dexter says:

    I hope business leaders can effect change, but feel that recently ANC policy decisions are made primarily in the interest of the ANC. Some ANC leaders understand the difference between party and state, but like JZ , now brazenly put party before the state. If Russian oligarchs have been funding the ANC, they have no independence in their stance on the Ukraine war. They are beholden to their paymasters.

  • Iam Fedup says:

    This is just a cynical move to try and persuade others just before the election. Future promises are just empty. Look at the past record, and you will know what you need to do. And to all business executives, I’m begging you please to not legitimise the ANC’s failure and immoral behaviour. Apply sanctions in any way possible. It worked with the Nats, and it will work with these scoundrels too. No money, no PR, nothing for them.

  • Alaric Nitak says:

    If these worthies really want to do their bit for South Africa, they would join forces against Ramaphosa, not with him. Have they learned nothing?

  • Bruce Hutchison says:

    This initiative is a band-aid on a gaping bleeding wound. The President and his Cabinet do not have the experience, knowledge, personalities, character, or shared values to allow this group of excellent business leaders to effectively act as consultants. A consultant can only perform as well as his client allows him and that requires a common goal or objective which should be: “In the interest of South Africa and ALL its people. Rich or poor, black or white, etc.” A lesson should be taken from the founding father of Singapore, a country, which at time of independence no where near had the resources South Africa had. His three “golden rules” where; 1. Best qualified person for the job no matter colour, nationality, or gender. 2. Absolutely no nepotism tolerated. 3. Corruption is not under any circumstances to be tolerated and must be swiftly and consequently dealt with. Our current President and Cabinet as well as past Presidents and Cabinets have chosen to ignore ALL three. Now, when the horse has bolted well meaning business leaders are brought in as yet another ANC “smoke and mirror” exercise.

  • Lisbeth Scalabrini says:

    “business leaders agreeing to collaborate with the government — providing it with skills and FINANCIAL RESOURCES”.
    The government is grasping at the last straw and probably also businesses are foreseeing more difficult times and must try the last card, just be careful with the last two words above and use the drop counter.

  • Tracy Smith says:

    First order of business should be to bring back the scorpions and fund them properly. Long term properly. And make sure they’re completely independent. Then we are all convinced of just how serious the government is and we can proceed with confidence.

  • Sam Shu says:

    Oh come on. This is more nothingburger of which Cyril is a master.

    If you want to kill any idea in the world, get a committee working on it.

    Charles Kettering

  • Val Ruscheniko says:

    Just another TalkShop by the sounds of it. There is no political will to pull SA back from the edge because “some people must eat”, hence continue to loot with impunity. And that’s 99.9% of the problem.

  • vincent gatwabuyege says:

    The problem is that too much space is given to politician in SA and people expect that politicians will solve their problems, yet they don’t have expertise and capability. Starting with the news outlets such as SABC, NEWS ROOM, ETV etc… stop giving too much airtime to politicians, they don’t deserve it.
    This is a positive development, we should try support it as we can. Otherwise we will be playing in the hands of those politicians who are only interested in power. Vincent

  • mike van wyk says:

    We can huddle and talk our heads off – as we have done across the board since 1994. The reality is that employment and growth is needed to increase opportunity for employment. To enable this, the state needs to put in place sensible policies that free impediments to grow; i.e. end racial based quotas on employment and ownership; promote a friendly progressive foreign policy; remove the state as far as possible from the economy; close all SOE’s that work to drain the economy; resolve power generation by removing racially based tendering; take all services to power generation in-house even if that means nationalising coal mines and transport of coal to plants; reduce red tape and over regulation wherever possible; reduce taxation; reduce taxation and add-on fees on feul costs; support business growth by utilising business friendly policies that promote entrepreneurship; clam down negative political bluster, as this promotes negativity and uncertainty; halt destructive policies that work to disown productive land ownership. None of which is rocket science. Just old fashioned Capitalism. Yes, retain social support underpinnings – as Christ Himself said the poor will always be with you.

  • Jimbo Smith says:

    “Kingston says there is a feeling among SA’s CEO’s that the situation in SA has got worse”. Really!! When did he have this epiphany?? Perhaps this comment explains why business organisations and big business have been silent for the past years of ANC carnage. Let’s hit rock bottom and then do something!! Great ideas, great tables, action plans etc., but unless there is regular and no holds barred follow up and reporting back to SA citizens, these plans will be still born. This has happened forever insofar as Frogboiler and ANC Govt concerned with their never ending “action plans” which are mostly hollow promises.

  • Louise van Dyk says:

    I realise our problems are deep-seated. If B4SA are able to make a difference, there is at least hope for progress. I, for one, would appreciate any and all sensible aide from non-political clear thinkers, with definite tendencies towards establishing integrity and trust, with strong oversight to ensure crises areas. Moves of no confidence by especially the EFF and ANC where there are successful coalitions in place should be stopped and reversed in municipalities that had hugely improved under new Mayoral leadership, such as in Gqeberha. The councils are beholden to service to the citizens, whose service payments are the main source of renumeration of the local councils. Apart from black markets, drugs and other serious crimes, there is one more thing I would like to place on record: Andre de Ruyter’s courage and integrity should be publicly acknowledged. He fully opened the can of worms, that brought immediate action into the Eskom crises, although a portfolio for a new minister (without prior duties and rights) was not part of the plan. We need immediate action on ALL Zondo Commission proposed investigations and relevant arrests and successful prosecutions. We are way beyond sick and tired of meaningless words and promises. Actions are required to restore some faith in efforts to restore our beautiful Country to its former glory, with special humane upliftment for those living in squalor, providing they are motivated to work together and not destroy property!

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