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In order for us to give you the best reader experience, we need to know a little bit more about what it is you value. Because we can’t ask every reader individually, we look to our data to help us with this. If you’re logged in while reading, our data is much richer and we can engage with you in better, more relevant ways.

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How is this different from a paywall or digital subscription?

It’s completely free! We don’t require you to pay to read Daily Maverick, nor will we ever.

If you register, does that mean you are a Maverick Insider?

No, not yet. Maverick Insiders are readers who support Daily Maverick with regular financial contributions , so that we can stay free for all to read. It also comes with benefits like engagements with our journalists, ad-free browsing, uber vouchers and more. You can find out more about Maverick Insider here, or, if this is something you’re interested in, click here to become a Maverick Insider.

What are we doing to protect your privacy?

We will not give your individual data to anybody, ever, unless they carry guns accompanied by a valid court order.

Some of our e-mail is sent by third-party providers (who have the servers and systems to do so quickly and efficiently); these providers are highly professional companies that comply with stringent requirements for privacy and security on the lists that we give to them.

Also, we know where they live.

We track reader habits; how long an individual spends on the site in a session, whether readers like both politics and entertainment articles, for example. We need that data to understand better how we can better serve you, the reader.


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What if you forgot your password?

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