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The Gathering: The 2017 ANC Elective Conference Edition (fired up by Nando’s)

The 2017 ANC Elective Conference has the entire country on tenterhooks. Everyone with even the slightest interest in South Africa’s prospects will be watching intently and crossing their fingers, hoping quality leadership emerges from the December decider.

As the ANC delegates prepare to elect their next President, The Gathering takes on the mantle of South Africa’s premier forum to discuss the leaders vying for #1 and assess the impact the leadership race will have on the country’s future.

Attendees of this hugely consequential event can expect to see the leading contenders for the top job as well as ANC veterans, opposition party leaders, opinion-makers and top analysts who can help us make sense of it all.

Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one.

This full-day event will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre on Thursday 23 November 2017.

Panels will be moderated by journalists from Daily Maverick and our media partner, EWN, as well as some of South Africa’s top intellectuals.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, 18th October, with a discount for past attendees.

Published: 12 Oct '17


The Gathering Media Edition (fired up by Nando’s)

Daily Maverick is pleased to confirm the addition of another world-class event to hugely successful “The Gathering” events series. The Media Edition aims to bring the importance of media to the fore of South African society by highlighting its role at the intersection of Business, Politics, Advertising and Civil Society.

This is not a media conference but rather a conference about media, tackling the issues of government regulatory attempts, fake news, waning business models and the duty of business to support local independent media in a time of dominance by global players.

The full-day event will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, on Thursday, 3rd August 2017. Speakers include:

Pravin Gordhan, Wendy Appelbaum, Mike Abel, Mcebisi Jonas, Luke McKend, Jay Naidoo, Iqbal Survé, Branko Brkic, Mark Heywood, Sipho Pityana, Sam Sole, Phumzille van Damme, Mbuyiseni Ndlovu and a special panel on #GuptaLeaks.

Panels will be moderated by Daily Maverick and media partner, EWN, journos.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday 20th June.

Published: 15 Jun '17


Daily Maverick announces launch of Investigative Unit, Scorpio

Today, Daily Maverick is proud to announce the official formation of our investigative unit, Scorpio.

Whilst we’ve pursued many investigative stories in the past, from Marikana to the manufactured narrative of the SARS Rogue Unit, we are only now able to commit the necessary funds and people to a dedicated unit.

We’d planned to have timed this announcement with a little more fanfare. A striking logo splashed across a dedicated section on our stylish new site, with stern-looking journalists posing at their cluttered desks. But as will be explained sometime soon, the realities are that even the best-laid plans are still subject to reality’s ever-changing demands.

Scorpio is a new chapter in a Daily Maverick book already teeming with exciting stories, challenges and adventures. We don’t take entering into this space lightly, given the country’s medium-term future, people’s freedom and lives could be affected by our work. But it’s not only something we want to do – it’s something we must do.

Published: 31 May '17


Comments, they’re back!

When we did away with comments a little over a year ago, many of us breathed a sigh of relief. The time, effort and heartache it took to try moderate comments outweighed the benefit to us as an organisation and you as the reader.

But, we did say we’d keep looking for a solution and if we found one worth looking at, we’d give it a try. We think we’ve found one, called “Civil comments” that we’re trialing for the next 30 days.

So how is it different this time:

1) Before posting a comment to the site, a reader is asked to rate 3 other comments for civility and usefulness. Readers then have to rate their own comment before it goes into the system, the theory being that readers might amend their uncivil comments before posting.

2) If the community rates the comment down, the comment appears to be posted for that reader but no-one else sees it. That reader also quickly becomes identified as a troublesome mofo and can be dealt with by limiting the number of posts they can make in the following days and/or eventually blacklisting them.

3) If the community lets dodgy posts through, there is a machine learning algorithm checking posts regardless. Posts and commentators flagged as out-of-order are marked for further attention.

The community is the first multi-pronged line of defence, rather than one poor soul who has to stare into the abyss of online comments. And rather than censoring people, the system is designed to encourage debate by attempting to nudge comments in the direction of civil debate. We want a variety of views and not an echo chamber of voices rooted on any one side of the fence.

Of course, no system is foolproof and the first few days might be a wild west of nutjobs venting, given the current climate. But we’ll be watching and hoping that with a little help from our friends, something special can happen.

Published: 18 Apr '17


Chronicle is hiring

Our sister company, multimedia production house, Chronicle.Digital is looking for a commercially-minded manager to join the growing business. The successful candidate will work closely with the founder to tell the Chronicle story and drive all commercial aspects of the business, focusing mainly on growth through new client acquisition, client relationship development and business strategy. The candidate will also liaise with the directors of Daily Maverick to ensure business interests are aligned and opportunities across both platforms are harnessed.

For more details of the job spec, click here.

Published: 27 Mar '17
Daily Maverick announces new Managing Editor image


Daily Maverick announces new Managing Editor

The team welcomes Jillian Green to the ranks as Managing Editor as from 1 March, 2017. Jillian has done just about every editorial job in some of the country’s biggest newsrooms over the past two decades – including her most recent gig at The Times. She’s written on a variety of topics including health, science and HIV/Aids but now spends her days working behind the scenes. Jillian will work closely with editor-in-chief, Branko Brkic, improving news production processes and mentoring younger team members. When she’s not engrossed with the news, she’s raising two children, gardening or gone fishing – not necessarily in that order.

Published: 01 Mar '17
Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas in converation with Daily Maverick’s Ranjeni Munusamy image


Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas in converation with Daily Maverick’s Ranjeni Munusamy

How can this not be explosive? Book your place for this event by reserving your seat at

  • Venue: UCT Graduate School of Business, Boardroom 1, Portswood Road, Green Point
  • Date: Thursday, 23rd February 2017
  • Time: 11am – 12 noon

Spaces are free but limited.

Published: 10 Feb '17


Daily Maverick to host post-SONA, post-TRUTH brunch

In association with the Jesuit Institute of South Africa and the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office, Daily Maverick is hosting a brunch not sponsored by the SABC, Telkom or any other State Owned/Related Enterprise. Come see Ranjeni Munusamy, Marianne Thamm, Stephen Grootes and Richard Poplak unspin the State of the Nation Address. Moderated by Fr Peter-John Pearson (Director of CPLO). Attendance is free because we love you but spaces are limited. Join us at:

Published: 31 Jan '17


Daily Maverick launches dedicated Zapiro section

Daily Maverick is pleased to announce that the dedicated section housing the latest Zapiro cartoons, has been launched. The site is accessible via the top navigation bar and a prominently placed article slot on the homepage. In addition to the latest exclusive cartoons supplied to Daily Maverick three times per week, older cartoons are being added to offer Daily Maverick readers a chance to catch-up on some the legendary cartoonist’s work from the past.

The section can be found here:

Published: 27 Jan '17


Reactions – an alternative format for reader feedback

Since removing comments from the main website in 2015, Daily Maverick has been searching for ways to allow readers some form of feedback and connection to its work. A trial period has begun using the technology of new media startup, Antenna, that allows reader feedback from an approved list of reactions. Reactions are available for the article as a whole or even parts of an article that evoke emotions. Styli Charalambous, CEO of Daily Maverick says that in light of the strong opinions Daily Maverick content evokes, Antenna provides a slick option for readers to react without opening up the avenue to abuse other readers or the journalist involved.

Published: 20 Jan '17