Defend Truth

Advertising with Daily Maverick


Large brand adverts

1400 x 500 banner that occupies the full width of the webpage


Side panel adverts

300 x 600 banner with 2 mins of viewability with 5x the CTR of industry benchmark


Mobile display adverts

Two static mobile banner size options:
300 x 450 or 300 x 250


Premium sticky advert units

A 320 x 480 banner with 100% visibility as the reader scrolls. This offers high-impact and increased user engagement


Newsletter adverts

A 600 x 250* banner with 2-3 advertising slots included in each edition

*alternative size: 400 x 250


Sponsored content

While clients are able to provide their own content for publication, DAILY MAVERICK offers a curated sponsored content alternative

Daily Maverick provides a host of advertising options ranging from banners on our website and newsletter, to sponsored content features and events. To speak with one of the salespeople, please get in touch for a customised proposal.