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Amid the horror of Gaza, South Africa’s act of ubuntu raises the bar of justice for all


Ferial Haffajee is Daily Maverick Associate Editor. In her long and storied career, she has been editor-in-chief of both City Press and Mail & Guardian.

Given its application to the International Court of Justice, what is now demanded of our government in all struggles where humans suffer brutality at the hands of others?

As a child of apartheid, I’ve always tried to live my “Never Again”. One of the ways is to learn how crimes against humanity (the classification of apartheid), war crimes and genocides start. To have this knowledge means you can do something about it and be part of the “never again” army – or that’s how I’ve reasoned as a journalist.

And so, I study this phenomenon of horror, making it my business to attend holocaust and genocide memorials and museums at home or in places to which I travel. 

Rwanda’s genocide memorial is compulsive visiting. How did we let such a thing happen at a time when South Africa was celebrating its freedom from the yoke of apartheid? One million people were slaughtered.

Journalism’s culpability in Rwanda’s genocide holds me triply accountable for any instance of othering or hate speech in my work. 

To wake up on 7 October and read of the killings on the kibbutzim near Gaza and the music festival in Israel’s Negev desert was unbelievable. Those beautiful young people lay slain in the sand. And what has unfolded since is even more unbelievable. The horror. The horror. 

The dead Palestinian babies are like broken porcelain dolls, as one blogger wrote this week. The children are wrapped in the white kafan (cloth) that Muslim people are buried in, ready for internment in mass graves. 

The mothers scream with heartbreak. 

The trucks of food are stuck at the Rafah border (with Egypt, like a contemporary Checkpoint Charlie) as belligerent young Israeli soldiers slowly comb through them as the risk of famine grows. 

Why create conventions?

Why did humankind establish a Genocide Convention in 1948 (as a response to the Holocaust) if not to learn from its genesis?

As Brinny Ní Ghrálaigh, KC, the barrister who joined South Africa’s legal team in The Hague to argue the case of plausible genocide against Israel, put it, this is the first live-streamed genocide we are living through. 

Until now, it has been as if we are entirely helpless to do anything except scream into the social media void or attend a Palestine solidarity event. Now, our government has done something significant.

“The daily statistics stand as clear evidence of the urgency and the risk of irreparable prejudice: on the basis of current figures, on average 247 Palestinians are being killed and are at risk of being killed each day, many of them blown to pieces. They include 48 mothers each day – two every hour,” Ní Ghrálaigh said at the International Court of Justice on Thursday. 

Read more in Daily Maverick: Israel-Palestine War

South Africa’s decision in December to take Israel to the ICJ to argue that it violates its obligation as a signatory to the Genocide Convention has been a welcome direct action – something to get behind.

More than 1,000 organisations and individuals and several countries (none in the West, a few in Latin America, most from the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation) supported South Africa’s case. The case seeks to stop Israel’s bombing of Gaza and open up proper humanitarian corridors. Arguing whether or not it is a genocide will take years. For now, the urgency is to stop the killing.

“South Africa has a long history of close relations with Israel, so it did not act immediately,” said Prof John Dugard, who helped craft the ICJ legal strategy. 

On nine separate occasions, International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor or the government has warned of rising genocide in Gaza and the rest of Palestine.

“Despite these harsh accusations, Israel has persisted in its genocidal acts,” said Dugard to argue that South Africa has a prima facie case against Israel.

The case has become a focal point for those who have watched the past 95 days in mounting disbelief. 

South Africa built an A-team of local and global talent, showing that diversity and excellence are never mutually exclusive. Dugard, Ní Ghrálaigh, Prof Max du Plessis and Prof Vaughan Lowe brought the international law muscle. Adila Hassim opened magnificently with righteous and tempered lawyer’s fury to set out four strands of a looming genocide. 

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi argued the genocidal intent. With his knowledge and experience of apartheid, land dispossession and dehumanisation, his argument had the authenticity of experience. 

The value of excellence

By building an excellent legal team, South Africa’s chances of securing preservation orders to cauterise what is rapidly becoming a genocide seem good. 

“The main point is much simpler. It is that no matter how outrageous or appalling an attack or provocation, genocide is never a permissible response,” said Lowe.

“Every use of force, whether used in self-defence, in enforcing an occupation, or in policing operations, must stay within the limits set by international law, including the explicit duty in the (Genocide) Convention.

“South Africa believes that the publicly available evidence of the scale of the destruction resulting from the bombardment of Gaza, and the deliberate restriction of the food, water, medicines and electricity available to the population of Gaza, demonstrates that the Government of Israel – not Jewish people or Israeli citizens, the Government of Israel and its military – is intent on destroying the Palestinians in Gaza as a group, and doing nothing to prevent or punish the actions of others who support that aim,” said Lowe. 

South Africa was not bringing any action against Hamas because it is not a state party, nor is it a signatory to the Genocide Convention, he said, to pre-empt Israel’s defence. 

The ICJ has granted preservation orders and provisional measures against Myanmar, Bosnia, Ukraine (against Russia), Georgia (against Russia), Armenia (against Azerbaijan), Qatar (vs UAE) and Iran (vs USA), amongst other cases. 

“The international community has failed Palestine for so long. Core rights are being violated. Israel has committed and is committing acts capable of being characterised as ‘genocidal’,” said Du Plessis. 

“The events unfolding in Gaza at the hands of the Israeli forces are frighteningly unprecedented,” he said, adding that the orders being sought by South Africa were not novel. 

Elementary principles of morality

“The Genocide Convention is about the confirmation and endorsement of elementary principles of morality,” said Ní Ghrálaigh.

It was a grand day to be South African and part of something potentially impactful for human rights. It was honourable to see such fine talents from the Global South (with two adopted from the UK) arguing for the upholding of international laws that are so often treated with impunity by the strongmen who misrule the world.

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola said in his opening that SA’s application is an act of ubuntu with Palestine.  

Another elementary principle of morality is that it can’t be selective. South Africa did not do right by the Ukrainian people under the Russian whip. People-to-people solidarity with them and the people of Sudan is tepid by comparison. 

And who knows what President Ramaphosa was thinking by cosying up to Mohamed Hemedti of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces while a brutal war rages there.  

South Africa can’t simply pull out of the UN conventions to protect refugees, as Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi is trying to do. (See Marianne Merten’s report here.) 

And the government will have to be substantially less mealy-mouthed when an opposition figure like Gayton McKenzie forcibly sent Zimbabwean people back over the river, as he did earlier in January.

Ubuntu is beautiful, as we saw this week, and like the Genocide Convention, it centres on human life – all human life. DM


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  • Stan Han says:

    When is South Africa going to challenge the genocide in Sudan, Yemen, China. Syria (to name but a few) in the International Court of Justice? I’ll wait…probably forever. And don’t forget the HIV genocidal denialism by Mbeki and the ANC. Hypocrites.

    • anton meyer says:

      As a 70’s Activist, proudly so, and the relentless striving for as Biko put it, a “unracist” society, skin colour and or hue unimportant,
      The sad fact / facts, is / are as Allan Boesak found out, Madiba told him that the Apartheid Racial Classification /s would be continued by the ANC GOVERNMENT….
      When I spoke to Gatsha Buthelezi in late 1990s and early 2000s, about this, he failed miserably to redesign the Home Affairs system of ID Documents….
      Which then brings me the “UBUNTU” straw that DM’s Ferial Haffajee clings to or relies on…
      Mbeki started the Batho Pele concept, which now 20yrs later is a proven disaster…
      African government’s do not criticise, other African countries, government’s, under the guise of non-interference of internal affairs…
      So the criticism, throwing shade on the West, Israel etc is, tribalism, discriminatory and blatantly racist…
      Even handedness is a non-starter…

    • Derrick Khoza says:

      @Stan Han, South Africa has not proclaim its self as an international police agency. We should live that to those who have. You should wait for ever because it’s not gonna come…and Please don’t misuse the word genocide

  • Graeme de Villiers says:

    Aaaaah, the perpetuation of the ubuntu myth.
    Not a lot of ubuntu being shown within the borders of South Africa on a daily basis, but yes, trumpet the fallacy abroad.

  • Con Tester says:

    Tendentious tosh. “Ubuntu” is usually mentioned in SA only by those who are angling for something, or by those who are partial to a culty operating system.

    SA’s application to the ICJ is riddled with hypocrisy and dirty hands.

  • cjg grobler says:

    Two Russian missiles have struck a hotel in Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, injuring 11 people, the Kharkiv governor says. O but SA cannot interfere!!

  • Ben Harper says:

    Hear Hear!

  • Michael Mathews says:

    All war is reprehensible. What about the genocide within South Africa? Thousands die because our government fails its citizen’s daily:
    * Health Care system that is dysfunctional. A proposed NHI that is a lame duck before its even implemented.
    * Lack of basic services, clean water and electricity.
    * Access to proper education, leaving the youth with little hope of gainful employment. Which has obvious consequences.
    * Carnage on our roads.
    * Rail network that has expired, leaving commuters and goods to the private sector = additional costs.
    * No consequential governance both in Parliament and local councils.
    * Luthuli house been a self serving corruptor at the expense of citizens, with a few elite benefiting.
    So while, the court action in the middle east is most noble, look within.
    It has been decades since we held the moral high ground. We have been reduced to the laughing stock of the world. A banana republic that relies on loans from all possible financiers, Governments/ World organizations etc.
    Look at our “bedfellows”. China/Russia. You will understand , that to grow on the “envisaged” path, our country needs to “burn” and civil disobedience need to be the order of the day to keep this Parliament in check and do what they are supposed to do…. SERVE ALL IT’S CITIZENS

    • Johan Smit says:

      Accurate assessment of the situation.

    • Derrick Khoza says:

      @Michael M, you are cufusing the word Genocide with inability of a government

      • Kanu Sukha says:

        Why would he care or others who think like him care of the distinction …. a hangover of apartheid education and mindset possibly ?

        • Con Tester says:

          Inept choice of preposition and severe linguistic incapacity of the prior poster aside, to any rational observer, the legacy of ANC education is far more frightening than that of the apartheid period—as persuasively evidenced by the preceding comments in the intellectual barrenness that are the responses to what could have been a fruitful thread.

  • Tim Bester says:

    Anybody born before 1994 was, by definition, a child of apartheid. Ubuntu has not changed that nor will it, ever. The SACP/anc saint Nelson is dead, literally and figurtively. He cannot be resurrected.

  • Glyn Morgan says:

    If I had the money (lots) I would take the ANC government to that same court and demand equality for ALL in South Africa. The ANC apartheid policy is criminal.

    • John P says:

      Just like you can’t take Hamas to the ICJ you also can’t take the ANC. Only a state that is a signatory can be taken to the court, not a political part or an organisation.
      Also there is no ANC Apartheid policy, there certainly are racist policies such as BEE but this does not meet the definition of Apartheid.

  • Melanie Dass Moodley says:

    Excellent article Ferial. And just as the SA legal team is attempting to hold the ICJ to the precedent they have set, we the South African people must hold our government to the precedent they are currently setting.

  • Frans Flippo says:

    “It was a grand day to be South African and part of something potentially impactful for human rights.”

    No it absolutely wasn’t. After staying supposedly neutral in the war from Russia on Ukraine where one party is clearly the unprovoked agressor and the other the victim, now suddenly SA feels the need to take sides?
    Just months ago, we were a hair away from accepting Putin within our borders and ignoring the ICJ’s demand that we arrest him if he set foot on our soil.
    The Lady R saga was never cleared up, but it seems clear that SA has little respect for international sanctions on war criminals.

    Then there’s the 75 murders a day, the corruption, the fact that Zuma and his bedfellows are still walking around freely, the widespread and government-incited xenophobia against Zimbabwians, Congolese, and other foreign nationals in this country.
    How about the 10 people murderer by SANDF in the early days of lockdown in 2020? No justice for them either.

    This is obviously not about justice but about something else or surely these local issues would be dealt with with as much fervour and chest-thumping as this case before the ICJ.


  • Miles Japhet says:

    And what about the ANC’s hypocrisy in not taking their African brothers in Zimbabwe, Sudan etc to the ICC. The scale of death and destruction there makes Gaza look mild!!

  • Louis Hattingh says:

    SA Government is quickly to judge another country busy fighting their own war on their soil………………..
    But what about all the Farm Murders and all the clearly Genocide against the white people who are murdered and slaughtered on a daily basis within South Africa on their own soil!!!!!
    Why not sort that issue first before trying to sort another country’s war where the ANC party is trying to make it a “Apartheid” things like they always do.
    Get real South Africa………..This is as clear as day that EVERYTHING the ruling government of South Africa see is all about “Apartheid” and nothing else!

  • Jan Vos says:

    “…SA’s act of ubuntu…” UBUNTU???

    Where is the ubuntu WITHIN SA? You tell me! Ubuntu is a myth – just like your forefathers.

  • Patrick O'Shea says:

    Her name is Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh, not Brinny.

  • Beyond Fedup says:

    Yes and no Ferial. This move coming from the horrendous anc government just leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth as they are not worthy and totally dishonest, as is their DNA. Besides being in bed and supporting the most vile and murderous regimes in the world like Russia, Iran, Venezuela etc. and in the process trashing our human rights values and Constitution, where was this disgusting and stinking government when genocide was being committed by 1) when 20 000 ZAPU aligned folk were murdered by Mugabe and his North Korean trained brigade. 2) When Bashir from Sudan was killing hundreds of thousand Africans. 3) When their hero and master Putin was obliterating Chechnya and Grozny. 4) When Assad with the evil Putin were murdering hundreds of thousand Syrians. 5) Again when the monster Putin launched his illegal war against Ukraine and killings thousands. Not a squeak from this immoral, devious, unscrupulous and hypocritical government who are so biased and selective in what they want to see they condemn. Lets also not forget how they have betrayed and left in the lurch millions of South Africans. We all want peace in the Middle East – a just and secure peace for all, but coming from this rabid and wicked anc government – no thanks.

    • Jan Vos says:

      Yes. And the really sad thing is that the mindless masses, the pee pool (as Malema calls them), will vote them back into power with the coming elections.

    • Lil Mars says:

      Well said!

    • Geoff Coles says:

      Ferials views are subjective rather than objective.

      • dexter m says:

        Naturally , it is a opinion piece .

      • dexter m says:

        naturally , is under the opinion features

        • Kanu Sukha says:

          You are wasting your breath trying to explain the concepts of subjective and objective. Neville Alexander in a public meeting pointed out the fallacy of ‘objectivity’ and declared his ‘perspective’ in terms of values that inform his stance. What defenders of the current genocide in Gaza would like people to do, is to only mention/talk about the awful event of October 7th … so that they can justify not just the continuing genocide there, but deflect attention of the occupation , subjugation and humiliation that Palestinians have endured for many decades and especially since ’67. It was Tutu who described Palestine (correctly in my view) as an ‘open air prison’ and was pilloried by many for saying so openly. I take comfort in the fact that some people like Zapiro (latest cartoon) have correctly identifies the real issues.

  • Denise Smit says:

    What about human life in SA? Why are there no earnest measures, funded to tackle all the “genocide” like circumstances in SA? You are playing to an audience

    • Kenneth FAKUDE says:

      I happen to live in south Africa and we are riddled with rampant crime but genocide no.
      Let’s not be dramatic the ANC is doing things we are not proud of more so as tax payers.
      The ICJ step cannot be faulted we cannot see a whole nation perish in front of our eyes, will it stop? Maybe not but we will be the giant that future generations of Palestinians will adore, our grandchildren will have a second home in the long overdue Palestinian state

  • Amanda Simpson says:

    Oh will you quit navel gazing and wallowing in everything wrong with this country, its foreign policy… blah blah blah… and be proud for ONE minute that at least SA is doing SOMETHING to stop what is happening in Gaza? There is SO much wrong… but this application to the ICJ is RIGHT!! Can we PLEASE be proudly South African, if just for a moment?? 🇿🇦

    • Ben Harper says:

      No it’s not right, its a joke and a farce and coming from the government of SA it’s hypocritical

    • Sha Cam says:

      No we cannot be proudly South African. Did you know that our taxpayer money is going to a Hamas run office in the Cape? Do you know that Hamas are terrorists? Do you know that the only reason they went to the ICJ is because lady pandors husband is Muslim and they lie in bed with Hamas. Furthermore this is all about Ramsphosa that thought he and he’s anc cronies would be the head of the UN but Morocco actually got it. Also it’s because they stopped the Israeli embassy in SA which would mean they have no way anymore to get to Palestine via Israel. The SANDF have been sent to the Congo to go and help them fight their war, but people that want to go and help Israel are threatened with death. Double standards don’t you think?.

    • Graeme Bird says:

      Thank you and well said. Too often comments here reflect the classic bitter white South African trait of shooting themselves in the foot, with relentless and dogmatic criticism of virtually everything about the country they live in.

  • Geoff Coles says:

    Organisation of Islamic Coooperation…..never have guessed!
    Long close relations with Israel……hardly, not the ANC, not Pandor, not Mbulula, not Ramaphosa
    Not bring any action against Hamas says it all!

  • Dave Gould says:

    It will be awesome to see if our cowardly hypocrites we have the pleasure of calling our government now decide to speak up against genocide in Africa, which in the thousands of times worse than we are seeing in Gaza. But they won’t, because they have chosen schoolyard thugs to be friends with, just because they went to same school. Talk about scoring an own goal for our economy when we need it the least.

  • John Lewis says:

    It’s not an act of ubuntu, it’s a bunch of well-paid lawyers benefitting from the ANC trying to rehabilitate its shattered image and campaign for votes on the taxpayer’s dime.

  • Rosh Sewpersad says:

    I wish we had such an A legal team seconded to the NPA to clear out the backlog of corruption cases… wishful thinking.

  • Colin Johnston says:

    Just about the only comment worth reading is the one by Amanda Simpson. The rest deal with perceptions of what is wrong with SA. So unreasonably negative and ultimately boring!

    • Con Tester says:

      Yes, because vomiting sunshine is the just the blinkers we need to find that worthwhile nugget amidst the ANC’s unrelenting torrent of hypocrisy and self-serving BS…


      • Kanu Sukha says:

        Viva .. Con (as in con artist) for the presidency of the new apartheid state to be birthed in SA . How about starting the new CON party for the elections ?

        • Con Tester says:

          I won’t be doing that precisely because of the prevalence of this respondent’s type of shoddy cogitation. They pride themselves on their erudition, profound insight, and astute understanding, but, really, they are of the glut of blooming excrescences of Dunning-Kruger chutzpah and conceit that so loves superciliously to assert its moral and intellectual ascendancy, sans any demonstrable substance behind their delusions.

  • LindaP N says:

    Reading these comments what can I say that hasn’t been said about the way the government and ANC have broken this country. It’s a pity that the same efforts and resources are not used to address the gross humanitarian crisis in South Africa. Its not that I don’t sympathize, but the world is listening and watching Russia / Ukraine, Gaza / Israel with horror and sadness for all war and domination is a human instinct that sadly we don’t seem to be able resolve or control. I ask myself, how can these ‘smart’ cats, the “excellent team”(inclusive of government officials) take the moral high ground, when so little is done for their own people. With little hope of even reducing the Corruption, looting, murder, rape, kidnapping, money laundering, poverty, employment …..who is listening to us..

    • Is there hope South Africa? says:

      I feel the same way. So many people in this country suffering…. this government needs to get its own house in order before pointing fingers at others.
      Someone mentioned about being proudly South African because of this ICJ case. I feel like the exact opposite. Just driving down the street and seeing so many desperate, hungry people in my own country…

  • Confucious Says says:

    Ubuntu? Isn’t that only used when the anc wants something for free? You definitely
    cannot use ubuntu when you want something from the anc! Remember, stealing is wrong, but taking is ok! The editor is so blatantly subjective that she may as well place a “paid for” advert for the anc and Palestine!

  • D Noome says:

    All the criticism on this article seems to be based on the argument that, because the South African government has not done the right things in the past (and present), that invalidates doing the right thing now. The great irony is that, while you accuse the government of hypocrisy, such an argument is hypocritical in itself. Do two wrongs make a right now?
    While I agree with most of the criticism levelled against the government for not speaking out, or worse, condoning atrocities happening all over the world, surely that doesn’t mean that doing right thing for once is wrong?
    I personally don’t care for any of the reasons the ANC government is doing this, but the indiscriminate killing of civilians, including thousands of women and children must stop. There can be no justification for it. It is morally repugnant. And if it is our “degenerate” government that does something about it, then so be it.

    • MT Wessels says:

      👆 This. Could not agree more.

    • Con Tester says:

      The problem with this ill-conceived position is that it implicitly assumes that Israel is indeed guilty of perpetrating genocide—which is the very thing the ICJ is tasked with deciding. Therefore, this farce of an “argument” is little more than poorly disguised petitio principii.

      You should beware the cavils of deploying self-reference. Doing so can easily cut both ways.

      That besides, the “clean hands” doctrine is an almost universally accepted legal principle. SA’s hands are decidedly unclean here.

    • Middle aged Mike says:

      The ANC didn’t just condone al bashir’s genocide they facilitated his escape from justice by ignoring his arrest warrant and giving him an escort to the airport to fly off home. They then proceeded to rubbish the court as biased and racist and stated their intention to withdraw from the rome statute. That’s a little more than ‘not doing the right things’. They should have been told to foxtrot oscar by the court when they brought this application regardless of its possible merits.

  • Michael Shepstone says:

    Sorry Ferial, but I think this whole thing stinks of ANC grandstanding! If they were able to point to places like Russia, Sudan, China etc and say we condemn their actions too, then they would have ground to stand on.
    As it is, they are showing the world that they are completely immoral and are using this purely for their own political gain.
    Although funded by SA taxpayers, what are the people of South Africa going to gain from this?

  • Lisbeth Scalabrini says:

    Did this committee, sent to The Haque, have to be formed by 26 persons? Apart from the lawyers who are they?

  • Libby De Villiers says:

    What is happening in the Middle East
    is and has been unacceptable and evil for a very long time and from any point you may look at it. So is the war in Ukraine. The state of affairs in the Kongo, Mali, Libya, Somalia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
    How the government has managed to get this together so quickly is surprising. Why is the case for a child drowning in a pit toilet less important and why does fixing the situation take years? Why do the powers that be not manage to take local thieves, thugs and criminal politicians to court? Why are we and our rights less important? What is in this for Cyril?
    Is he trying to score some Brownie points? With whom? Or is it simply to divert world attention away from his own pathetic circus and lack of leadership and spineless performance?
    If only our harbours were working, we could have at least gained something from the Red Sea fiasco, if there had been peace and prosperity on the African continent we would not have seen millions of displaced, starving people streaming into our country, if he had the balls to do his job, we would not be living with starvation, and a nation of frustrated, homeless uneducated and desperate people.
    watching their futures and the lives of their children coming to nothing.

  • Paddy Ross says:

    So many of the comments above are merely, well deserved, ANC bashing but surely the issue here is whether Israel is committing genocide. It is an issue that has a bearing on what is acceptable currently among the human race. The issue needs to be resolved in the ICJ and which state brings the case before the court is to my mind irrelevant.
    The recent actions of both Hamas and Israel are barbaric and both are utterly misguided in the initial action of Hamas and the barn door obvious disproportionate response of Israel.
    Let the International Court of Justice determine whether Israel’s response is genocide or not.

    • Con Tester says:

      If a convicted Mafia don tried to bring a case of tortious interference against the FBI, the case would be instantly dismissed without *any* further consideration. Why? Because there’s a little legal hurdle called “clean hands doctrine” that basically says that your legal standing is negated by relevant past bad behaviour on your part, so that it very much does matter who brings a case before a court. Almost all courts throughout the world observe this restriction. The ICJ, too, is bound by it.

      SA’s hands in this instance are demonstrably and unequivocally unclean.

      • Kenneth FAKUDE says:

        I don’t remember south Africa being guilty of any crime in any court or carrying any conviction, the warrant of arrest against certain heads of states more especially Albashir was a conflict between being a signatory to the Roman statute and our internal law regarding a sitting head of state.
        The bias of countries like Britain and America on war crimes did not help the situation.
        As we speak American weapons are part of the genocide ICJ case against Israel.
        South Africa reported a case on behalf of Palestinian civilians and stated the facts as to why they believe Israel has a case to answer, the integrity of south Africa cannot be a question for a case between Israel the aggressor and Palestine the victim and occupied where south Africa played no role in any of the events.
        Give south Africa a bells,no buts.

        • Con Tester says:

          Do not, please, attempt to exonerate the inexcusable or distort or cloud the point with ill-advised whataboutism. A conviction in a, or any, court is not necessary to prove hypocrisy. And SA here epitomises hypocrisy for having severally exhibited clear favour for certain quarters, and similarly selectively clamorous disfavour for others on the question of human rights.

          This shifty excuse-mongering betrays its own special kind of severely blinkered incompetence.

  • Lisa T says:

    I guess when you’re the Ed you can publish any piffle you like. Are you also getting a pay off from Iran for this continued biased reporting? It’s clear to most sane (un-brainwashed) people out there that the SA legal team is a proxy for Iran in its ultimate goal of the decimation of Jews and Israel, something preached frequently in its mosques and openly written in its manifestos. That, Ferial, would be genocide. Perhaps other Muslim countries should take their brother and sister countries to the ICJ for the open genocides in their own counties. Ever wonder why Europe has a refugee crisis? That would be because of people fleeing persecution by Muslim regimes in their own countries. You’ve embarrassed yourself by using the word Ubuntu. More like Al Jazeera than Ubuntu.

    • Stephen Paul says:

      Right on. This case has nothing to do with South Africa and only about the ANC being baled out of its financial woes by Iran. The cANCer of South Africans continues.

  • Ingrid Kemp says:

    I have commented too much of late, suffice to say that Ramaphosa and the ANC are hippocrites.

  • Mordechai Yitzchak says:

    Why does it feel like straightforward antisemitism, and not at all like ubuntu?

  • Citizen X says:

    I hope the ICJ finds in our favour be it by way of the provisional measures proposed to try and stop this madness. But even if it does, still may not have any real effect.

  • Jason An Wyk says:

    This article is utterly biased, deliberately misconstrued and one sided. The pathetic attempt to “balance” the article with referencing a few, and I mean a few words to the horrors of the Hamas attack, reveal more about the thoughts and intentions of this writer and other like minded people, than the actual facts on the war reveal about the terrible circumstances on both Israeli and Palestinian alike.

  • Annie Conway says:

    Pity the anc’s ubuntu is so selective

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