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Consulting engineer who signed off plans for collapsed George building reported missing — later found

Consulting engineer who signed off plans for collapsed George building reported missing — later found
Illustrative image: Rescue personnel work on 7 May to clear debris and rescue trapped workers at the collapsed building on Victoria Street in George. (Photo: Tamsin Metelerkamp) | Consulting Engineer Atholl Mitchell. (Photo: Supplied) | An architect’s impression of the apartment blocks that were to be called 75 Victoria that collapsed during construction. (Illustration: Supplied)

Athol Mitchell, who signed the plans for the 75 Victoria building disaster project, was found after an alert had been sent out on the Pink Ladies Facebook page.

A well-known Paarl-based consulting engineer, Athol Mitchell, who signed off on the plans for the ill-fated 75 Victoria project in George, was found after initially being reported missing on Thursday morning.

In a post on the Pink Ladies Facebook page placed on Thursday, it was reported that 76-year-old Mitchell had last made contact with his son on 8 May.

engineer athol mitchell george building

The Pink Ladies Facebook Post.


“Athol, who is considered extremely vulnerable, last made contact with this son on 8 May 2024 at 13h31 from the Botterberg Rd (off the N7 on the Philadelphia side).

“His cell is now off and he has not been seen or heard from since.”

Later an image of Mitchell’s vehicle, a Suzuki Grand Vitara, was captured heading “towards Durbanville past Mosselbank”. The post said he was believed to be heading to the Durbanville Vierlanden Estate.

Hours later the Pink Ladies posted that Mitchell had been found.

“Thanks to SAPS, family and friends, community and other role players. Kindly respect the family’s right to privacy” read the notice.

engineer athol mitchell george building


Documents filed with the George Municipality show that Mitchell & Associates signed off the plans for Erf 15098, Victoria Street, on 14 March 2024.

This was after former George town planner Jan Vrolijk, now working privately and who was mandated by the owners of the land, Pacific Breeze Trading 91, was given approval for the project on 1 January 2024 by Clinton Petersen, senior manager of town planning in the George Municipality.

Earlier, in March 2021, Vrolijk, on behalf of Pacific Breeze, applied for the number of floors of the development to be increased from “four to five”.

engineer athol mitchell george building

Part of the plans for Erf 15098 signed off by Mitchell & Associates.

The same month, a local conveyancer certified that the title deeds contained “no conditions restricting the contemplated land use in terms of the Land Development Application”.

Apartments were originally pre-advertised with a price tag of R 1.7-million for a two-bedroomed unit by one agent in the area, with the start of construction earmarked for 1 April 2023, completion on 31 March, with 1 May 2024 as the occupation date.

The development, it was later announced, would be completed by July 2024 with occupation in August.

The apartment block was nearing completion when the horrific implosion occurred on Monday afternoon. The death toll has risen to eight, with 37 workers pulled from the rubble, 16 in critical condition.

The number of people who were on site at the time of the building collapse is now believed to have been 81. With 37 removed from the rubble as of Thursday morning, this leaves 44 victims unaccounted for, while time is running out.

Family, friends and relatives have been holding a vigil near the site located opposite the George Municipality headquarters.


Plans for 75 Victoria, as the development was named, had been in the pipeline for some time, a Daily Maverick investigation revealed this week.

Read more in Daily Maverick: What is known about Erf 15098, Victoria Street in George, the site of the deadly building collapse

In August 2020, the owner of a 1,228m² plot of land, Erf 15098, located on Victoria Street, sold the property for R2.07-million in a private sale to a company, Pacific Breeze Trading 91.

The deal was finalised on 4 November 2020, according to the Deeds Office. Directors of the company are Anton Booysen, Carel Swanepoel and Annette Swanepoel. Pacific Breeze was registered in 2005.

In November 2020, the George Municipality held a “pre-consultation” meeting with an official, Ilane Huyser, and then town planner Vrolijk, as the “pre-applicant” for rezoning and deviations for the planned development.

Records show that applications were made by Vrolijk for changes to the original plans. These included an extra level, turning an original three-storey plan into a four-storey block, as well as adding basement parking.

Earlier, in September 2020, a Land Use Planning Pre-Application Consultation Form had been completed and was re-submitted at the November meeting with the municipality.

Discussions then were about rezoning as well as various deviations, including building line relaxations, height, coverage, floor space and parking requirements.

It was proposed that the building would now include basement parking and that it would be increased from four to five storeys to include ground-floor parking, over and above the basement parking.

The building would be 14.45m tall and a roof garden (2.72m high) was proposed, which would raise the height to 17.17m.

The proposal also contained 66 parking bays with a ratio of 1.25 per unit and 0.25 per visitor, which would be housed in the basement. There were also proposals for the adjustment of building lines.

Investigations continue

A letter sent by the developers, Neo Victoria Developments, to Caxton Media Group provided a list of entities and individuals involved in the development and construction of the building:

  1. Owner of the land: Neo Victoria Developments Pty Ltd.
  2. Development co-ordination and management: Neotrend Developments Pty Ltd & East Africa Development Pty Ltd.
  3. The development contractor in control of the construction and building site: Liatel Developments Pty Ltd.
  4. Structural and civil engineer: Mitchell & Associates.
  5. Project architect: Deon van der Westhuizen Architects cc.
  6. Principal agent: Mitchell & Associates.
  7. Quantity surveyor: Matla Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd.
  8. Health & safety officer: 4Front Safety and Security Consultants Pty Ltd.
  9. Electrical engineer: Clinkscales Maughan-Brown Pty Ltd.
  10. Fire engineer: Duane Hodges Consulting Engineer

A statement issued by the company stated that, “In as far as the media referred to Ice Projects Pty Ltd being involved in the development, it must be noted that is factually incorrect. This party is not involved in any capacity in the development.”

The statement added “We mourn the loss of life, the injuries suffered, and the bereavement of the loved ones and families affected. We are deeply moved by the actions of the rescue teams and authorities.”

The company said it would cooperate fully with authorities and any process in the current investigation.

An independent probe has been launched. Western Cape Premier Alan Winde told the media that specialist engineers had been appointed to investigate the collapse.

Anton Bredell, Western Cape Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC, said the investigation would include input from several roleplayers, including forensic investigators, police and Department of Labour staff. DM

This is a developing story.


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  • William H says:

    Where’s the usual angry, negative, flame-throwing keyboard warriors who usually comment on DM now? Oh, probably can’t blame the ANC for this one…

    • Fanie Rajesh Ngabiso says:

      It’s an interesting comment you make. Objectively speaking however it may well still be possible to blame the ANC as they have actively or passively overseen the catastrophic failure of many governance areas, and it is entirely possible this is just another symptom of the greater problem.

      • Kenneth FAKUDE says:

        Fanie I have a habit of respecting people when they do right, the labour minister an ANC appointee showed respect for the families by asking this not to be a political matter whilst the rescue/recovery and criminal investigation is taking place.
        The DA honestly shared their lack of information about the owners or contractors although a board was there with names and the area is just across the municipal offices, the moral response shows that they couldn’t focus their attention on that with lives at stake.
        Both political representatives here earned themselves a lot of respect and have shown a lot of humanity.
        I am expecting a lot of shocking stuff to be revealed, the lost and found Athol is the beginning, his stated vulnerability and dissapearance will not make sense now but in a court room it can pose a sanity question in his favor, interesting things are still going to unfold.

      • Titus Khoza says:

        Your mouth is open, and who else is to blame for that but the ANC!

        • Willem de Beer says:

          Well, who would you like to blame? Jan van Riebeeck?

        • Fanie Rajesh Ngabiso says:

          Hi @Titus, I’m not sure I understand your comment. If it is an emotional negative reaction then all I can say is that while I get that my observation may hurt, the truth often does.

          The first step to improvement is self-honesty, and we would all do well to learn that.

    • Ben Harper says:

      Heavy night at the local?

    • Steve Davidson says:

      Maybe we have a little more respect for the dead and missing than someone like you? While I realise you must be on the lookout for anything or anyone to blame for anything (like ‘flag burning’ adverts for example) to cover your embarrassment at being an ANC stalwart, now is probably the time to keep quiet?

    • Deon Schoeman says:

      You have a problem William H …..can i guess your surname ?

    • Andrew Newman says:

      You’re first to comment.
      We are not all reading the news late at night.

    • Geraldine Schoeman says:

      It’s astonishing and desperately sad that tragedies such as this are used by “keyboard warriors”, including yourself, to try and score party political points. Surely our focus should be on pouring out condolences to those who have lost loved ones, for those still anxiously waiting but desperately hoping that rescue workers will find their loved ones not found yet alive. As well, to those who have been injured speedy recovery and the wish for no life altering injuries. The lives of all these people have been changed irrevocably. You and others like yourself use incidents such as this to further your own sick little vendettas. Shame on you and all the others!!!

  • Brandon VE says:

    How on earth was he ‘missing’ for just a day. Sounds like someone overreacted.

    • craig white says:

      Agree 100% …… guys in a meeting and turns his phone off and someone makes a massive drama about a guy being “Off – line “ …… unfortunately it’s all to insinuate there is “foul – play “ at hand …..

      • Rama Chandra says:

        The suggestion was that he was potentially suicidal, because he blamed himself, possibly correctly. Nothing to do with foul play.

  • Piotr Vaens says:

    The principal of this firm Atholl Mitchell is registered with ECSA as a Professional Engineering Technologist and not as a Professional Engineer.
    In the matrix of works such complex designs can only be signed off by Pr Eng.
    The George Municipality apparently accepted the appointment of a responsible person that doesn’t have the proper designation nor Professional indemnity cover to act as principle for the building type, scale & complexity in question. This is unfortunately the norm in the Western Cape.

    • Kenneth FAKUDE says:

      Now the interesting stuff begins Piotr, no wonder this guy is starting to go missing.

    • Steve Davidson says:

      “This is unfortunately the norm in the Western Cape.”

      And you have proof of such a disgraceful and slanderous accusation like that?

    • Fanie Rajesh Ngabiso says:

      So, if you are correct then agovernance failure it is.

      Until the people running our country learn that good governance and the impartial enforcement of Law and Order underpins everything in a functioning society we will continue to see ever more tragedies.

      @kenneth, while I of course respect individual people doing the right thing in the event of a problem I choose to place my emphasis on prevention.

    • craig white says:

      Well just took me literally 10 months to get a simple house plan approved in the Western Cape – May 9 2023 until 22 March 2024 ….. information required included information that the council itself produced and has had on site for over 5 years ….. was told “ that a different department , your architect must get it from the other department and send it to me “…… so seems that Western Cape are over – cautious with reference to plan approvals

      • Steve Davidson says:

        Nope, your ‘architect’ should have known what was required and provided the information automatically. But then, maybe you were going the ‘el cheapo’ route and not using a very good architect?

      • Robert Watson says:

        Plans for a minor addition (R40000) took 8 months to be passed in Cape town.

      • Greeff Kotzé says:

        Town planning approvals are a local government function, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there are a fair amount of variation, in practice, with how stringent the process is.

    • Malcolm McManus says:

      What are Engineering technologists qualified to do, and what can they sign off? Also, can such a technologist who owns a firm employ professional engineers who are qualified to sign off and have indemnity cover? Please inform us so we can all have a better idea to avoid further unqualified opinions and speculation. For example, I am not sure Elon Musk signs off the engineering and design plans for his rocket ships himself. I imagine he employs people to do that sort of thing albeit not in the Western Cape.

    • Geoff Coles says:

      But honestly, is the building design complex

  • Ben Harper says:

    Again with the poor journalism – it was not an IMPLOSION unless there’s evidence of explosives being used to collapse the building

    • Mark Taylor says:


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      im·​plode im-ˈplōd
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      Synonyms of implode
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      : to burst inward
      a blow causing a vacuum tube to implode
      : to undergo violent compression
      massive stars which implode
      : to collapse inward as if from external pressure
      also : to become greatly reduced as if from collapsing
      : to break down or fall apart from within : SELF-DESTRUCT
      the firm … imploded from greed and factionalism
      —Jan Hoffman

    • Andrew Newman says:

      Implosion just means “collapse onto itself”. No explosive is implied.
      Prof Gideon van Zijl, a distinguished professor in civil engineering at Stellenbosch University (SU), also refers to the collapse as an implosion.
      “According to Van Zijl, several investigations will take place to determine the cause of the implosion”

  • A Rosebank Ratepayer says:

    Gee whiz, DM! That was a shocking, sensationalist headline! Why don’t you rename yourselves “The Sun”!? At a time of huge tragedy let’s do our best to wring even more emotion and alarm out of the story. How to undermine your credibility when it comes to headlines! Terribly irresponsible! It’s bad anyway reading an article several times to see why it contradicts the headline, in this context it’s sick…

  • virginia crawford says:

    Interesting that someone of 76 is working on something like this while dedicated teachers are forced to retire at 60. Connections?

  • Ben Harper says:

    So? What’s the point of the article? Looking for something that isn’t there it seems, very poor taste

  • Kathleen Olivier says:

    What a sensationalist headline, implying that he might be guilty. There are probably a number of causes for this terrible tragedy.
    People are grieving the loss of loved ones and bread winners, perhaps when all the missing have been found proper investigations can begin.

    • Andrew Rogers says:

      To be fair to DM: people were trying to get hold of him, he was reported missing, the Pink Ladies issued an alert, he was found. He was the person that signed off the plans of the building that collapsed. Seems factual to me, it is you that is inferring from the headline….

      • Kanu Sukha says:

        Meanings and interpretations will vary from one person to the next depending on various/numerous factors. There is a (probably small) group of ‘insiders’ who have a ‘beef’ with DM and/or some of its reporters/commentators, which results in the ‘to and fro’ or nitpicking . (My interpretation)

  • Sydney Kaye says:

    So he wasn’t missing.

  • mike van wyk says:

    The civil engineer can sign off against known information as prescribed in the construction plans, however the municipal town planner responsible for oversight of the construction is a critical link in the chain of events that caused this failure. If corners were cut by the construction site manager who oversees day to day work such as checking if concrete used in the foundation, supports and floors are per standard industry guidelines; as adhering to the concrete hardening periods – if these were not followed to the letter, then this tragic event can be explained. So the recording keeping by sight management will be key evidence in establishing what when wrong and how. All the concrete on the site can be tested for strength. Obviously if the ground was not suitable for the weight of the structure, then that can be an engineering error. Time will tell.

  • h sard says:

    What about soil exploration/investigation?

  • Greg de Bruyn says:

    There’s really nothing in all of this that’s irregular; it’s is how development processes work. You’re looking in the wrong place if it’s supposed to be a witch-hunt. Rather look to the contractors, or the engineering supervision on site.

  • Phil Baker says:

    Funny how Val de Vie keeps cropping up as the residence of dodgy people – one wonders if it is an entirely respectable address! 🙂

  • mike van wyk says:

    This failure is called “pan-caking”, as some part of the structure fails causing a catastrophic domino effect resulting in all the support pillars that hold up the floors to give way very rapidly resulting in all the floors landing one on top of the other. With tragic lose of life we have witness. Either the foundations shifted or possibly substandard concrete or non-standard steel reinforcement. The post-sign-off changes to the plans should be investigated throughly.

  • Sonja Bakker says:

    Gosh, where has our humanity gone too? This individual is most probably in shock and I am sure, had any of the people listing their comments, been in a similar position, you would be going through hell. At this stage, nobody knows what has happened but playing the blame game without facts is not achieving anything. His son reported him missing, as he was concerned about his father. Maybe DM did blow up the piece but then, nowadays, that is what sells. But please, think about all the people that is suffering and stop with this.

  • K P says:

    These comments might explain why he is ‘vulnerable’. Geez, folks. Let’s get the real life people out of the rubble before we start throwing blame all over the place. There are heartbroken, grieving families and exhausted rescue workers and devastated employers (they’re people too…) who could probably do with support. Investigations will happen in good time. Let’s get the people out first.

  • Two Wrongs Aint No Right says:

    It’s amazing how some commentators try to make it political. This is so clear that some sinister force employs some people before election time. You can see it in all the comments everywhere there is a wave of social media commenters that were not here before.

    • Kenneth FAKUDE says:

      Part of sympathizing with the families is asking all the difficult questions going through their minds whilst they are traumatized, some will be technical,political,logical, procedural and religious.
      All this is legal, if no one cared we will be silently counting and waiting for a year long investigation.
      The united approach by the political representatives in the ANC and DA must be commended.
      The George community and the residents are one of the best in this country.

  • Daily Maverick news keep you updated all the time

  • Please?can we Uplift 50+RSA rule in order to have the know-how people back in the industries GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS BUILDING LAWS AND CONTROLLS ,God bless RSA always JosephC at 0782589587/0712666606

  • Henri Staub says:

    The fact that the building collapsed on itself with no lateral shift indicates a catastrophic failure of the supporting structural components.
    It is probable that when the additional floors and basement were added, the size & reinforcing in the columns were not revised and increased.
    Another factor could be the quality of the concrete used.
    Or both factors.
    Tragic mistakes were made.
    Both factors would point to negligence by the Structural Engineers in designing & supervising the construction of the structures.
    Very very sad.

    • Scott Gordon says:

      My thoughts exactly .
      Went from 3 to 5 + floors , + basement parking .
      Am no engineer , yet that would mean a serious re design of the project .
      The basement parking area is a likely culprit . Basically an open space with a few columns .
      Literally the ‘foundations ‘ of the building .
      Should be fairly easy to check if they were designed correctly .

      • Annemie van den Heever says:

        It went from 3 to 5 storeys during the planning phase, so not necessarily a structural design change. Unless they started the structural design during the planning phase.

  • Steven Burnett says:

    I don’t find this article misleading. Huge construction accident and the consulting engineer is found missing, that’s a big development and his whereabouts being located is good news. There’s a lot of questions and speculation and he will be the one answering many of them in the investigation.

    What I do find interesting is how the former town planner was involved in the project from the council side, is now on the other side of the fence. Does that not sound a bit fishy?

    • Erik Kiderlen says:

      having read this comprehensive article about the George building collapse, and having many years of dealing with the provincial approval procedures, I would state that the article is mainly factual and the approval procedures seem to be correct. It seems that procedures meet FIDIC (the international oversight body) requirements. Perhaps ask ECSA for their comments?
      I agree that rather concentrate now on saving people, then identifying where procedures were and were perhaps not complied with, then fine/charge law breakers. Then move on.

  • What happen was terrible we pray for them and their families.

  • Michael Clark says:

    I wonder to what extend the lack of properly trained government inspectors employed as part of the ANC’s cadre deployment race based and not qualification based scam has to do with this. In my industry I experienced a shocking drop in standards of the health and safety inspectors as the ANC policy of transformation was rapidly implemented.

  • Geoff Coles says:

    The plans hardly seem controversial, it was only 5 story

    • Leon Schipper says:

      For a building originally designed as a 3-story, upping it to 5-storey without complete redesign is gross negligence. And effectively 6-story, if you consider the roof garden and the weight of soil. That is DOUBLE the design load, not counting that load increase is non-linear the higher you go.
      Like everything else in the country, law enforcement and skills are sorely lacking, and this is but one more needless loss of live caused by the general mismanagement.

    • P B M .. says:

      You say it was ONLY 5 stories and the plans hardly seem controversial. Whether it was 5 stories or 50 stories, makes no difference where engineering design is concerned. If the lower story is not designed to take the weight of the story above it, collapse will surely occur. So sorry mate, but think before you make a silly statement like that.

  • Greg Deegan says:

    I am appalled at the inane comments, premature blaming, inane speculation and sensationalism of so many commentators on this article. A proper investigation will take many months, if not years, to complete and there are myriad factors to consider, such as a seismic event, water seepage, poor quality materials, incorrect methodology etc. Please leave it to the experts and refrain from armchair criticism. This is premature and the focus should be on the rescue efforts and solidarity with the bereaved.

  • Domini Canton says:

    The perfect storm , with so many alterations ,allowing still for materials audit in the future

  • wow! i cant understand why some politicise the issue, also speculating who is guilty? As registered PrEng myself, i know that it is an issue if the structural eng on the job is missing during the construction phase, because he is responsible for continued site construction inspection and related supervision and also appointed as principal agent which means that he is responsible for coordinating all role players and managing project as whole. Focus on investigation should now be on the manyndifferent physical things or mistakes that could have happened, e.g. design and steel detail issues. (sometimes a small seemingly insignificant reinforcement element is left out, which cause floor slabs to collapse), concrete quality, concrete curing and hardness achieved by time of load, foundation conditions, etc… Those that know how to investigate causes will do their work well, usually failure is combination of physical causes and includes more than ons guilty party. the Mun (and definately not town planners) is not responsible for on-site construction quality assessment, apart from overall approvals in terms of construction regulations and other legislation, and overall inspections re progress according to orriginal approvals. The on-site continuous quality of construction is responsibility of contractor and consulting eng. “Natural” causes should not apply at this stage, all unknowns and earth bearing pressure in the area should be tested and included in design stage. Thanks for the article.

  • Jack Russell says:

    Thanks JvN, an engineer who comments below, sanity amongst so much waffle. These days lack of knowledge is no reason to keep silent and listen.
    The DM, too often disappoints when they lower the tone and operate at the level of The Sun or one of Icky Bal’s rags.

  • Justin Hemming says:

    Far too soon for anyone to be casting aspersions. The media (us included) should stay away. Let the rescue teams, medical teams do what they can, and let families and friends mourn an horrific event, and those that have been rescued slowly heal and get their lives back to some level of normal. When the dust settles, keep the vultures away – the politicians, lawyers and insurers, and let the appointed Engineers and forensic investigators do their work. In the interim, spare a moment for everyone that has lost a love one, or is waiting in agony for news of the missing or critically injured; as well as those involved in this project at any level, carrying any sorrow, uncertainty, apprehension or guilt for possible human error

  • Were the builders /laborers not foreigners? Was there any scaffolding? I ask these because most construction in Western Cape is done by illegal foreigners, who are forced to work fast and finish up project quickly and often ignoring safety. LAbour clerks are always bribed to overlook many things.

  • Robert de Vos says:

    That there were significant changes to the original plan – an extra floor, another level of parking – should immediately raise red flags. I have known this to be a strategy to get the council approval, and then increase the capital increasing space. “These included an extra level, turning an original three-storey plan into a four-storey block, as well as adding basement parking.”

  • Tony W says:

    Sensationalism at its worst. At this stage no one knows what caused the collapse. Design, sub standard concrete, insufficent supportwork or props removed to early ???

  • Tshepang Moloi says:

    This is very terrible and the lack of criticism peddled against the cohorts of professional, leaves much desire. Perhaps it has to do with DA led regime, one cannot know….

  • Very good, well researched and put together articles from the Daily Maverick

  • Rosie Cape Town says:

    After watching this heartbreaking disaster unfold, I want to extend my appreciation, compassion and love to the families and the victims, we are all feeling the pain of your loss. The news readers faces on TV tell us all how terrible and painful this tragedy is. The incredible and heroic rescuers and your faithful amazing dogs, may God bless each of you. And to those responsible may you he going through the fire…you deserve everything you will go through, these innocent souks cannot be dismissed or replaced in the heart of their families and loved ones. To all those families suffering through their loss, South Africans are holding you close.

  • peter selwaski says:

    Was it built to spec?

  • Kingsley Tloubatla says:

    Can the investigating journalist also tell us more about the Developers what’s their qualifications, the cars they drive, the schools they attended and if Municipality officials who gave approvals were not paid some bribes… this is the standard and level of investigation metted on Black Developers in cases like these which happen due to corruption and use of unqualified companies and individuals… may families of the departed ones be comforted. These fly by nite Developers must be hunted down before we’re told they committed suicide but their bodies are nowhere to be found…

  • Temba Morewa says:

    Verdict by media mafia…

  • My first ever read on here. The comments are generally the same vitriol about DA/ANC. Totally ridiculous that politics is drawn in. Then you have the good hearted people who are genuinely feeling for the families. I am sure the families involved appreciate you. Coming to any conclusion on anything based on this article is also ridiculous. Please just think of how many components are involved in the building of such a structure. From the steel supplier, to the concrete supply chain and the chemicals they have used to harden the concrete. What bricks etc, etc. Who knows what the cause is at this stage? No one. A proper independent (free of any political party) investigation needs to be done once everything is done to save and recover the people still trapped. People hating on each other with zero evidence is, once again, ridiculous.

  • Jane Crankshaw says:

    This man is guilty of nothing until the reason for the buildings collapse is exposed! Who would have thought that the World Trade Towers would collapse so absolutely! Not the architects ,surveyors or engineers faults. All the relevant questions need to be answered first before jumping to conclusions!

  • Keith Feldman says:

    Catastrophic failure.

    Condolences to all who lost their lives and a speedy and complete recovery to all the injured.

    Let this be a lesson to all. There are no short cuts without consequence.

    Engineers build in a significant safety margin wonder what happened here?

  • Deon van der Westhuizen is not registered with the SA Council for the Architectural Profession. Wondering how he managed to get the plans approved.

  • N SP says:

    Please explain. First the article says Pacific Breeze Trading 91 is the owner and then finally it says that Neo Victoria Developments Pty Ltd. is the owner?????

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