Good manifesto: Social and spatial justice, an income grant and no bullying

Good manifesto: Social and spatial justice, an income grant and no bullying
The Good party, led by Patricia de Lille, has drawn up a compact and focused manifesto, which offers voters a sense of what kind of coalition partner it will be. (Photo: Ziyaad Douglas / Gallo Images)

Good has presented a clear idea of what it would focus on if it wins the election. But because that is unlikely, this should rather be treated as a guide to the kind of coalition partner Good could be. 

All about…

  • A simple and well-targeted manifesto;
  • It’s good; and
  • It’s the most overtly committed to the constitutional principle of social justice.

Basic income and social policy

  • A basic income grant of R999 per month for people living below the poverty line;
  • It can be funded through efficiencies –restructuring government, professionalising the public service and some tax reforms. (That probably means tax increases. Ed.); and
  • The old-age pension grant should work more like a pension fund, with funds invested in a universal pension fund.

Climate change and the environment

  • The party sees climate change action as a “moral obligation”; and
  • The primary way to mitigate climate change is through energy production.

Crime and corruption

  • A focus on crime prevention;
  • Psychosocial support rather than policing for substance abuse, mental health and economic stress;
  • A “Don’t shut up, speak up” campaign against gender-based violence to encourage and support its reporting;
  • Eliminating corruption is an ethical leadership requirement. Focused on detecting and preventing corruption, because too often it is discovered after it has been committed;
  • Proposes multi-agency anti-corruption task teams;
  • Supports a fully transparent digital procurement task team; and
  • Incentivise whistleblowers and fund the National Prosecuting Authority and the Special Investigating Unit better.


  • Inclusive economic growth policies to form pathways out of poverty;
  • Reduce income inequality between the CEO and the worker;
  • Eradicate the gender pay gap, where women earn 23%–35% less than men for the same work, according to the World Economic Forum;
  • Cut red tape;
  • Invest in green energy, tourism, manufacturing, ICT and infrastructure; and
  • Public works programmes: cleaning river banks, parks, beaches and other recreational areas. Cleaning roads, pavements, storm water drains and culverts. Upgrade and maintain sidewalks.


  • Invest in early childhood education;
  • Completely eradicate pit toilets at schools;
  • More social services in schools for learners and educators; and
  • More vocational and artisan skills training.

Global policy

  • Support reform of the global UN Security Council, International Money Fund and World Bank;
  • Aligned with the Global South; and
  • Forthright on support for Palestine and a two-state solution.


  • Rethink the role and size of the national and provincial governments.
  • Political leaders should not be involved in the recruitment of a professional public service.
  • Increased public service set-asides for people living with disabilities.


  • Sees investing in public infrastructure (electricity, transport, water, housing, digital communication) as the basis for real economic growth, resulting in more jobs.
  • Jobs also created by providing financial support for small businesses and investing more in public employment programmes.


  • A focus on spatial justice in cities;
  • More subsidised and affordable housing on land that is close to job opportunities in cities, or bring jobs closer to people;
  • Release public land for land reform, black empowerment, poverty alleviation and job creation; and
  • Proper restitution for victims of apartheid through land or monetary compensation.


  • Increase the supply of social and community housing connected to critical infrastructure with better free supplies (electricity, water, sanitation, etc);
  • Access to title deeds: transfer rental stock to long-term tenants; regularise the informal market with title transfers in the RDP housing market;
  • Make urban informal settlements formal; and
  • Temporary housing for homeless people.

Power cuts

  • Actively supports renewable energy as the way to end load shedding because ”green energy is the cheapest and most effective form of energy production”;
  • A rapid transition to renewable energy in the private sector; and
  • Supports a just transition for coal industry workers and nearby communities in coal belts.


  • Safe, happier lives for LGBTQIA+ people;
  • Anti-bullying campaign in schools; and
  • A culture of love for the LGBTQIA+ community.


  • Integrated and affordable transport through a single local government transport authority; and
  • Integrate land use and development with public transport.

Reality check

  • It’s a small and focused manifesto with a clear view of the world and of what the party would do.
  • Good is unlikely to win the election, so it gives a sense of what kind of partner it would be in coalition governments.

What’s good

  • The focus on the LGBTQIA+ community is essential, and the proposal for a basic income grant is clear. DM


This article first appeared in our weekly Daily Maverick newspaper, DM168, which is available countrywide for R29.


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  • Jan Vos says:

    It’s called LaLa land, or Sugar Candy Mountain. A pipe dream. Smoke on. I, like millions of others, don’t get fooled by political BS.

  • Acwam 58 says:

    I’ve heard all of this BS before. First the Nats, then the anc and now you, mealy-mouthed (should be) pension trekking Antie. Voetsek jy…..

  • Jacques Siebrits says:


  • andrew farrer says:

    “Release public land for land reform” – Really!! She was Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure from 2019 to 2023 but didn’t release any, despite having been pleading for this when still with DA. So clearly just more BS from aunty Pat.

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