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New US Bill calls on the Biden administration to review America’s relations with SA

New US Bill calls on the Biden administration to review America’s relations with SA
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The bill would also require the Administration to examine whether SA is undermining US security and foreign policy interests. 

Legislation has been introduced in the US House of Representatives which would require the US Administration to conduct a full review of US relations with South Africa because Pretoria is supposedly siding with America’s adversaries, Hamas. Russia and China. 

(The legislative action was first reported on by Mail & Guardian -Ed)

If passed, the “U.S.- South Africa Bilateral Relations Review Act” would also require the Administration to report to Congress “explicitly stating whether South Africa has engaged in activities that undermine United States national security or foreign policy interests.”

Republican John James and Democrat Jared Moscowitz introduced the bill on Wednesday. The bill says that in contrast to its stated non-alignment, the ANC government has been siding with “malign actors”,  building military and political ties with Russia and China and supporting Hamas , designated by the US as a Foreign Terrorist Organization and a known proxy of Iran. 

These ties undermine America’s national security and foreign policy interests and “threaten our way of life,” the bill says.

The bill said “ it is in the national security interest of the United States to deter strategic political and security cooperation and information sharing with the PRC and the Russian Federation, particularly any form of cooperation that may aid or abet Russia’s illegal war of aggression in Ukraine or its international standing or influence.”

The document is not quite clear about how US security and foreign policy interests have been undermined, though it does suggest that America’s relations with SA are distracting it from seeking its own energy security. 

The bill said that no later than 30 days after enactment of the bill – if it passed by both the House and the Senate – the President should deliver to Congress and publicly release  “an unclassified determination explicitly stating whether South Africa has engaged in activities that undermine United States national security or foreign policy interests.”

This wording reflects the wording of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) which provides preferential access to the US market for the exports of eligible African countries, including South Africa.

A country can be deemed ineligible if it undermines US national security or foreign policy interests. Democratic Party Senator Chris Coons has introduced a bill that would require the Administration to hold an “out of cycle” review this year on whether South Africa should remain an Agoa beneficiary.

The new bill introduced this week would also require the President and his ministers, agencies and officials to conduct a comprehensive review of the bilateral relationship between the US and SA and to submit a report on its findings to Congress no later than 120 days after the enactment of the bill. 

The bill lists many actions and statements by SA which it says show the ANC government is siding with Hamas, Russia and China.

It said after Hamas’ “unprovoked and unprecedented horrendous attack on Israel on October 7, 2023” when it killed and kidnapped hundreds of Israelis, members of the South African Government and leaders of the ANC had delivered “a variety of antisemitic and anti-Israel-related statements and actions.”

These included the statement of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation on the day of the attack, which urged Israel’s restraint in response to the attack and implicitly blamed Israel for provoking the attack through “continued illegal occupation of Palestine land, continued settlement expansion, desecration of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Christian holy sites, and ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people.” 

As further evidence of the ANC government’s alleged siding with Hamas, the bill cites International Relations and Cooperation Minister Naledi Pandor’s phone call with Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh on 17 October 17; her visit to Iran—“which is actively funding Hamas” –  on 22 October 2023, to meet President Ebrahim Raisi ; Pandor’s call on 7 November, 2023 for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charge Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with war crimes;  Pretoria’s request to the ICC  on 17 November 2023, to investigates war crimes in Palestinian territories; and SA’s “politically motivated” charge of genocide against Israel at the International Court of Justice on 29 December 2023.

As evidence of Pretoria’s “robust relationship” with Russia, the bill cites Pretoria;  allowing the United States-sanctioned Russian cargo ship, the Lady R, to dock and transfer arms at Simons Town naval base in December 2022;  hosting offshore naval exercises with Russia and China in February 2023; reneging on its initial call for Russia to immediately withdraw its forces from Ukraine;  and  “dispatching multiple high-level official delegations to Russia to further political, intelligence, and military cooperation.”

And the bill said that the SA government and ANC were undermining SA’s democratic constitutional system of governance,  through ongoing cooperation with China.

This included recruiting former United States and NATO fighter pilots to train Chinese military pilots at the Test Flying Academy of South Africa; hosting six Chinese government backed Confucius Institutes which it said were an important part of the Chinese Community Party’s (CCP) external propaganda structure; and participation in a political training school opened in Tanzania funded by the Chinese Communist Party “where it trains political members of the ruling liberation movements in six Southern African countries.” 

It also cited the acceptance in SA’s media and technology sectors of  Chinese state linked firms that the United States has restricted due to threats it believes they pose to national security, including Huawei Technologies, ZTE and Hikvision. 

The bill said these companies “place South African sovereignty at risk and facilitate the CCP’s export of its model of digitally aided authoritarian governance underpinned by cyber controls, social monitoring, propaganda, and surveillance.”

The bill also cited the ANC government’s “substantially mismanaging” state resources and its often ineffective delivery of public services, “threatening the South African people and the South African economy…”

It mentions the energy crisis, the railway crisis- hindering the export of minerals- and the current cholera outbreak, which it said was the worst in 15 years.  This was in part due to the government’s failure to deliver clean water to households.

The bill also cited “rampant state capture” during the Zuma years which it said continued to negatively impact economic development  and living standards.

It is by no means clear that this bill would pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate to become law or even that the House would vote on it. Republicans, who are generally  more hostile to South Africa control the House but Democrats control the Senate and would be more likely to reject the bill to avoid embarrassing and tying the hands of the Biden administration.

The bill nonetheless gives an indication of the trend of thinking about SA in Congress. DM


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  • Johan Buys says:

    you poke the bear, you better be loaded for bear. Which we are not.

    forget about china india russia syria iran brazil saudi egypt coming to the rescue. They are also not loaded for bear.

  • Jeff Robinson says:

    It is impossible to take sides when the calibre of governance in both countries is so pathetically low.

  • Phillip O'connor says:

    No doubt, Mrs Pandor, will ask for the immediate suspension of the US Embassy representative in South Africa, should this pass. But then what would one expect? In my opinion, the USA has the right to reconsider the Agoa agreement. This is just my opinion. Should someone believe otherwise, it is your right to, just as it is my right to speak to this.

    • Glyn Morgan says:

      AGOA is a US initiative, they can change what is theirs.

    • Kealeboga Letsholonyane says:

      South african has the right to determine its own foreign policy base on its own principles and not give in to bullies. In this case SA is on the right sidem9f international law. If USA withdraws AGOA, then so be it, SA’s principled sovereignty is not for sale.

      • Rob Scott says:

        I firmly disagree – SA let a known genocidal maniac escape instead of arresting him. Iran has just executed political dissidents and arrested without charge numerous more – Pejman Fatehi, Mohsan Mazloum, Mohammad Hazhir Faramarzi and Wafa Azarbar just recently. Saudi decided that Jamal Khashoggi was troublesome and dismembered him in the embassy. Please – SA is a political prostitute with nil morals or principles

        • John P says:

          And yet the Saudis are an ally of the USA?

        • JP K says:

          SA posturing is problematic, I agree. But note that, as a signatory to the genocide convention, SA is obligated to prevent and not commit genocide. In the Israel case, the ICJ found that it is plausibly committing genocide, so South Africa did the right thing (maybe for the wrong reasons, who knows).

          Instead of supporting South Africa when it does the right thing, we bash it because it didn’t arrest a wanted war criminal. That’s an odd stance to take…

          • Gordon Cyril says:

            And yet at yesterdays soccer game in Athlone Cyril and Pandor chanted “from the river to the sea” a call for the destruction of Israel and the removal of Jews – i.e. a genocide commonly accepted by most other than the screaming mobs (funded by “someone” ) and this risible government

            It has been noticed and widely reported internationally and will be aggressively referenced when the ICJ sits for the next round. This is an absolutely asinine government, happier to spout an Islamist blood libel and lie about the facts. (Look at today’s WSJ as one example)

      • Amadeus Figaro says:

        A point which the US Senate Ranking members acknowledged and similarly the US also has the same right to set its own foreign policy.

        But you do know that SA is obliged to “defend” the national interests of Russia and China and to coordinate its foreign policy with the two countries?

  • Exist Nomad says:

    As much as I wish that my South Africa could command more respect internationally and engage on international matters with authority. It is difficult when its government continues to erode economic security, undercutting their own independence. A weakening economy forces South Africa to continue extending the begging bowl to the west and in doing so, provides leverage for those countries to dictate its policies, similar to how the UKs policies were forced to align with the US in return for WWII relief funding . If the country was truly serious about asserting its sovereignty and contest international issues, they would ensure relative economic independence and invest in population growth, military modernisation and general competence. But this is not the case, so as usual, it is no more than cannibalistic posturing with dire consequences.

  • Fanie Rajesh Ngabiso says:

    South African businesses and jobs depending on USA trade appear to now officially be at risk.

    I do hope our ANC government is sure that South Africa’s foreign policy is in the best interests of the South African people because if South African jobs are lost and the economy further destroyed the likelihood of the ANC losing power will certainly increase.

    And, while I relish the prospect a speedy ANC exit granting South Africans at least some hope, our people have paid too high a price for the ANC benefit already.

    • Iam Fedup says:

      You see, dear Fanie, they actually don’t give a damn about South Africa, and, in any event all ethical and honest governments around the world would not offer bribes. Case closed for them, doors closed for the rest of us.

  • Not all of us South Africans support the ANC and a lot of us see them as terrorists/criminals for the way they have conducted themselves since they came to power. Unfortunately we are powerless as they have the majority voters, voters which they keep feeding with government grants and the threat that Apartheid will return if they vote against the ANC. They intentionally keep the poor poor and uneducated so that they can manipulate them into believing the lies spewed by the ANC. Losing trade with the US will be a devastating blow to us South Africans and will put us on a path to where Zimbabwe ended up…but I can’t say that I blame the US at all. I just wish the world can see the truth and assist us in getting rid of the ANC just like they assisted the ANC to get rid of the Apartheid government.

    • L T. says:

      We are already well on the path to becoming a Zimbabwe!!

    • Glyn Morgan says:

      Right. Meantime, vote against the ANC, get rid of the scourge.

    • James Webster says:

      Sadly the majority do support the cANCer, and will continue to do so going forward. The majority deserve everything they are going to receive from the ANC, if they insist on voting out of fear and ignorance rather than hope, then their fate will be deserved. Everyone excuses the majority because of the past, but either they have moral agency in which case they are completely responsible for their awful behaviour or they don’t, in which case they should not be allowed to vote. Even the lowlife sycophants who populate the ANC’s majority can see their immorality, the question is whether they have the intelligence and humanity to act on it.

  • king rojo says:

    not gonna officially cut you guys off; but you know they’ve marked your card

  • Alexis Kriel says:

    Let the ANC government get what it deserves.

    • Rod H MacLeod says:

      Problem is – most of the AGOA beneficiaries are farmers in the Western Cape – fruit, wine, wheat etc. – just like when the Home Affairs ~Dept started denying visa roll-overs. Visa roll-overs are critical for northern hemisphere “swallows” to enjoy our summer and spend hundreds of millions of foreign currency here. Fact is, more than 90% of swallows stsay in the Western Cape. The ANC clearly couldn’t care less about the combined effects of AGOA and termination of visa roll-overs – because they couldn’t care less about DA run Western Cape. And DM journos join in on any miniscule incident to bash the Western Cape.

  • PJ R says:

    Naledi Pandor sent out a media statement during COVID to dispel reports/rumours that she had died. There were none, she just needed relevance. Now she claims “agents, Isreal..” etc are threatening her life because she is doing what is right. U19 cricket captain, more boogie man threats. If you believe Pandor’s conspiracy theories without any sort of proof supplied, you may possibly vote for the ANC this year. You will get what you vote for ( T-shirt, lunch pack & empty promises ). I want to vote for water, electricity & all the services that I pay for. No more, no less. When you are suffering after elections, please suffer in silence.

  • Amadeus Figaro says:

    Well South Africa is sworn to protecting Russia and China national interests and coordinate its foreign policy with the two countries. This is as per the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreements it signed with the two countries.

    The ANC Green Book also states that fighting the capitalists (West) is to be done even by stealth and deception aka frog boiling.

    • Sudama das says:

      Maybe a handful of people in the ruling government signed this, but have a referendum on these and many other key decisions and SA will get true picture were SA stands. US government should be targeting the ruling party and not its citizens. No one should assum South Africa did this or that, it only a meager handful of individuals. In South Africa as it stands, unless you take every cough to the doctor, i.e really get the full opinion of the people on major decisions, not just once in 5 years, its no SA that is speaking or aligning with another country or government, just the ruling party.

  • Lyle Ferrett says:

    While I typically have an optimistic outlook, I can’t shake the feeling that there may be social unrest in South Africa, either preceding or following the upcoming elections. It appears that the ANC may be intentionally undermining the country’s stability.

  • Jan Vos says:

    About time as well. Seeing this sh!thole country for what it really is: Supporters of terrorists, dictators, and communists.

    • Nick Jacobs says:

      I wonder if the US Congress will launch a similar investigation into Trump, should he become president again.

      After all, he does all of those things, too.

  • Lyle Ferrett says:

    While I typically have an optimistic outlook, I can’t shake the feeling that there may be social unrest in South Africa, either preceding or following the upcoming elections. It appears that the ANC may be intentionally undermining the country’s stability.

  • Beyond Fedup says:

    It is about time that the US took its blinkers off and see the reality of what the obnoxious anc is. This is not the SA of Mandela and the romance/euphoria associated with him. SA under this putrid anc government is a criminal, predatory and parasitic syndicate, and rabidly anti US and the West. They are bedfellows with, are wholly aligned with and totally support the most vile human rights abusers, murderers and bestial psychopaths on this earth. Putin, Iran, Venezuela, Hamas, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Sudan etc. Stop turning the other cheek and invest, donate, assist and be charitable to those countries that appreciate your largesse and goodwill. Start by taking SA out of AGOA! Once this despicable and treasonous cabal of thieves and hypocrites are consigned to the dustbin (sewer) of history, friendly and meaningful relationships can be restored.

    • George 007 says:

      The US is well aware the ANC is not Mandela’s party. Unless the ANC does something REALLY stupid, the US doesn’t care enough about SA to bother with it, which is good for SA.

  • jcdville stormers says:

    ANC in 1 word “Disgrace”

  • Ryan hermanson says:

    If passed, the consequences will be a lot more impactful to South Africa than the US. This will battle to even make the news in The US if it passes. It will be big news in SA

  • Hidden Name says:

    This is of course a massive surprise to no one. ANC’s incredible stupidity coming home to roost with massive consequences for all of us. Can we PLEASE, for love of kittens get rid of these fools already!

  • Alan Watkins says:

    chickens coming home to roost !!!

  • George 007 says:

    American here in Cape Town. Don’t worry about this too much. Neither of these names in the House of Representatives are well-known. I don’t even know what states they are from. This bill will likely never go to the House floor for a vote, and even if it gets to the Senate, it will die there never reaching the 60 votes to pass. Biden wouldn’t sign it anyway.

    Little happens in an election year in the US other than politics and this bill will die a slow death.

    • Paul T says:

      Thanks for the valuable insight.

    • dexter m says:

      my thoughts exactly ,(my other comment in moderation gives a bit more detail)
      look at who were the major donors to both congressman.

    • Kenneth FAKUDE says:

      You are right also it’s childish to say because we have bilateral relationship your enemy is my enemy, what if it’s you that is wrong must we then go around hating Iran,Russia and China who did nothing to us.
      We did come forward to mediate in Russia and Ukraine they both welcomed us but Israel is hell bent on genocide with the assistance of European allies.
      We haven’t started dealing with accomplices yet their shadow of guilt is chasing them.

    • James Webster says:

      It’s a pity it’s not actually a serious concern, the ANC desperately needs some schooling in both decency and manners.

    • Samuel Molebalwa says:

      Give that man a Bell’s.

  • Unfortunately our government is more worried about money they can send offshore before the rand value drops even more! Acually, that will make the money offshore more valuable than at present. So don’t hold your breath!

  • mike van wyk says:

    If this Bill is passed, it will have significant economic impact on South Africa. Should the find also find that South Africa poses a security risk to the US, that will possibly restrict the import of electronic products and components a.w.a withholding critical technical developments. Neither China nor Russia are in a position to provide the same level of economic cooperation. As it is the two largest BRICS member states China and India have ongoing friction on various political issues regarding border disputes and security of information.

  • ikhraam23 says:

    Bye America. You do not allow anyone to disagree with you yet you tout yourself as the protector of democracy. You have no sympathy for the violence against Paelstinisns and others since forever, so it’s time we wean ourselves off you and your allies. I hope our government and BRICS have the courage to face up to you and your master, Israel, and work for a world where you and your neo-colonial allies are less important and dangerous.

    • Iam Fedup says:

      Where were all the Arab nations when millions of peace-loving Muslims in Yemen, Saudi, Syria, Iran and all the other non-democratic dictatorships in the Middle East we’re killing and torturing fellow Muslims? Who was rioting in London and Cape Town against these? Give me a country any day where clean elections are held every handful of years, where there is freedom of speech, equality, and lawfulness, where there is advancement in science, medicine, food production, a good infrastructure and electricity, where leaders don’t incite hate, and which doesn’t hang onto values that have been around since the Middle Ages. Yes, western democracies have lots of problems, not least of which are useless Politicians like Trump and Sunak, but at least they have electricity. And then answer this question for me: how many citizens from these countries that you mention want to flee to Palestine, Syria, Saudi, Yemen, Iran and so n? Oh yes, none.

  • L T. says:

    It’s interesting that it’s a proposed bipartisan bill. I imagine there is some degree of support in both Congress and the Senate. Irrespective of the outcome the ANC is seen to have contempt for or complete ignorance of what “non- aligned” means . Well, they don’t know what “genocide” really means either……Let’s see the spin that CR and Al- umu Pandor put on this embarrassing scrutiny of their foreign affairs and relations.

  • johnstewart says:

    ANC, be very careful. You are treading on thin ice. Your lack of common sense, aside from obvious political considerations, might well have very unfortunate implications for all South Africans, with regard to Agoa and our relationship with the USA.

  • Lyle Ferrett says:

    Amidst what some are terming World War 3, the US could withdraw AGOA benefits from South Africa, potentially resulting in capital flight, government instability, Eskom blackouts, and social unrest. While South Africa lacks the capacity to engage in war beyond its borders, internal social unrest could still emerge as a significant concern.

  • Iam Fedup says:

    As depressing as this is, why should they be friends with a government that consist of a bunch of out of touch thieves who have chosen to be friends with the misfits of the world? In a playground, someone would give them a bloody nose and tell them to puss off. Come to think of it, I’d be delighted to throw the first punch into their disgusting faces.

  • Citizen X says:

    No surprise here, the US does not liked to be called out on its support of Israels genocide of the Palestinians. If the narrative does not suit their agenda then everyone is phariah. As for our government if we built instead of spending time stealing the future from under our citizens we would be in a different place right now. What a conundrum because we cannot be intimidated by the US. As for the narrative on supporting Hamas where is this evidence? Beginning to sound like the Jewish Board rhetoric that our SA banks are laundering Hamas money. More so, it is hypocritical taking into account the grand scale of US financial market schemes and the absolute greed that ruined not only their local economy putting thousands on the street, but also global economies. Many terrorist groups were borne out of support by the West to disrupt until such time the narrative did not suit them, remember Osama? Perhaps its time for BRICS countries to consider its own security and evaluate their trade policies with the West but off course we can’t because… of our own state of affairs and leaders.

  • Zakes Mlilo says:

    This threatened Souhth Africa’s sovereignty.
    The world of geopolitics is a messy business.

  • Sydney LeletleTebele Oa Mazibu says:

    If USA want to impose itself ,bully SA they ve got it wrong. What Israel with the help of USA is deplorable .

  • Jack Rollens says:

    In my opinion, the main problem with the ANC and Ramaphosa is corruption. Zuma and his giving away of the government to the Gupta’s was just one stage of the corruption.
    South Africa needs a TRUE leader for the country.

  • Glyn Morgan says:

    This anti-democratic and anti-US tendency of the ANC is counterproductive to a prosperous South Africa.

    Best bet is to vote DA or IFP in KZN.

  • Kealeboga Letsholonyane says:

    So president Ramaphosa was right about the ensuing fightback and regime change campaign as well as the need for SA to be vigilant. SA needs to stand its ground on its fight for peace and against injustices in Palestine .

  • I wish that the South African government will take this matter very seriously and address issues raised in this Bill clearly.
    The already failing economy cannot be exposed to even more severe external pressures.

  • ST ST says:

    Ambivalence. The ICJ must’ve been the final straw. You bet the US is going to make its weight felt on little SA. Even if symbolically, as this may be a purely scare mongering exercise. Countries trade with countries they don’t like all the time. SA consumes a lot of US products. We are nonetheless in an era where SA or rather the ANC can no longer claim the moral high ground. The rot runs deep and it extends to the company it keeps. The dirty laundry, (undergarments and GUCCI coverings) may be about to be laid bare globally, scaring the few remaining investors. Wonder if there’s a plan for if SA were to lose Goa…replace West with East? How does the ANC see this role as a pawn in the game of East-West world domination. Lesson to Africa: if you don’t stand on your own feet using the best of your people to prosper, you will forever have a master to whom you are just the means. Hope it’s not too late Godspeed.

  • Noel Soyizwaphi says:

    Honestly, I hate what ANC has done to South Africa and I cannot wait to see the back of it as it exists the seat of power.
    I can assure everyone reading here that I, together either other voting South Africans, am doing my part in ensuring that eventuality. However, sometimes I often wonder what would have happened if the citizens of South Africa, all races, fought for end of apartheid as a collective. I know that would have been very difficult because some of the county’s citizens suffered while others enjoyed the spoils of the apartheid system. What would be the county’s outlook and posture in world affairs now if there never was a policy of apartheid to begin with. The policy of apartheid did not only destroy the country’s relations with some countries of the world, before 1994, but had severely destroyed internal relations among its citizens. That is in plain site even in the comments made here.

    I also hate what Hamas did to Israeli citizens in October 7, there is no way to explain it to make it better or justify. I also hate the inaction by the powerful nations in resolving the Palestinian question, simple because it will not resolve itself and because Israel is involved, it cannot be expected to resolve the Palestinian issue. Israel needs the assistance and push from big powers. Now, there is a void there and smaller countries are doing what they can to push the world towards the stated two-state solution. Among other smaller nations, South Africa is filling that void. Do you blame them? You shouldn’t. I want USA,and other Western powers, to play a big role in the process of rebuilding South Africa. However, I often ask myself questions “what is America’s interest in world affairs”? Is America using her powers for the benefit of smaller countries? Even if it’s not South Africa, don’t you think a moral voice is needed, a voice of reason in the world today? Is America not a vulnerable super power today. Can you really trust her judgment? Enkosi

    • Dietmar Horn says:

      “Now, there is a void there and smaller countries are doing what they can to push the world towards the stated two-state solution.”
      No power in the world and no court can force a fair two-state solution if the two peoples of Israel and Palestine do not want it and if their friends cannot convince them of the mutual benefit of peaceful coexistence. But the religious doctrines of both peoples contradict this. The global power games are the consequence and not the cause of the conflict.
      “what is America’s interest in world affairs? Is America using her powers for the benefit of smaller countries?”
      The vast majority of the US American people are not interested in world affairs but are primarily interested in maintaining their own standard of living, the “American way of life”. As a result, US policy is aimed at setting the appropriate economic conditions internally and making the USA invulnerable externally, both militarily and economically. Natural partners are, first of all, all plural societies founded on democratic and individual freedom principles, which so far include South Africa. Whether the USA uses its power to benefit its smaller partners depends solely on their negotiating skills and the ability to realistically assess their own options.
      “Is America not a vulnerable super power today. Can you really trust her judgment?”
      The USA is far from being seriously vulnerable because the power of its opponents is based on their debt in USD. This in turn puts the USA in a position to incur unlimited debt in its own currency. The extent to which one can trust the judgment of the US government , depends on whether one correctly assesses the motives and objectives of US politics.

  • chickens coming home to roost

  • Yes South Africa,
    You just get back what you did not expect… making out to be the moral saviour of the world’s problems and thereby shying away from your own domestic problems!!! You failed with Russia/Ukraine and NO satisfaction with Israel!!!!!

  • says:

    If that’s the price we must pay for supporting the Palestians cause,I’m prepared to pay.

  • Mark Gory Gory says:

    I seldom agree with the gop, but the anc needs a lesson in consequences. There’s no more mandela magic, sa is just another needy, corrupt, despotic regime.

  • Mike Newton says:

    What did you expect?

  • Yacob Weir says:

    Is SA in business of bowing to America?

  • Noel Soyizwaphi says:

    Yes, as the manager of world’s debt, the USA do make alot of money from that and it does use its currency as a levers of power and sometimes as a weapon against perceived enemies. This cannot go on unchallenged indefinitely.

    With regards to the Israeli-Palestinian question, that problem cannot be left unattended in perpetuity and it will not resolve itself. If super powers are not attending to it, liberation/ terrorist organisations like Hamas will keep reminding the world through events like the October 7 and genocidal reactions by affected countries will persist. Are we in the stone age?

    Back home, while governing party is clearly not doing a freat job in running the affairs of this country, it is equally sad that those in the opposition benches lack the necessary talent and leadership to take advantage of what is offered by the ANC, through its blunders, and lead South Africa out of the mess caused by the ANC. When fighting the apartheid system, we were not united as one country. Its like we were two countries in one. But our situation right now, calls for unity, patriotism. Remember when the ship sinks, no matter how precious some of the cargo in it might be, it sinks with everything inside. People must stop behaving as though they have another country they call home.

    However, with the right leadership, membership of the political party that will save this country will be as colourful as the followers of the national rugby team during a world cup tournament. Naturally, majority of the voters, regardless of their historical backgrounds, will want to identify with that party and that’s what leadership can do. It makes you see and believe only in the future and not where you come from. Sadly, the country lacks that, from right across the board. Some may agree that we have seen a glimpse of such leadership in Mandela, Tutu, De Klerk and others, which gave hope to the majority of South Africans and the world, that things can be better if we work together.

  • Gordon Cyril says:

    AGOA is the thin edge of the wedge. SA global trade is around $18b out of global trade of around $25 trillion, or about 0.0007% of trade movement in goods and services. It is infinitesimal and barely blips on the radar.

    SA also has trade agreements with the EU as well as several other bilateral agreements with European countries and others. These will be under pressure too noting Germany has come down against SA at the ICJ and is deeply concerned at the way the automotive industries are being hammered through corruption, self enrichment, inefficiency and loss of productivity. They can just as easily shift to Mexico or Eastern European countries who are still cheaper that the main EU players.

    The JSE is a shadow of its former self (Microsoft is bigger than the entire JSE cap combined and from being in the top 10 internationally is now out of the top 20)

    As ever the law of unintended consequences will see to it that SA’s arrogant “exceptionalism” and profoundly naive grip of political expedience will see the country ruined before it can rebound, and all in the name of – lets face it – supporting terror. (They even had pro Hamas posters up at the Athlone game yesterday while Cyril and Pandor chanted “from the river to the sea” etc… a call for genocide which could in fact scupper the ICJ case when the next stage comes around!!) It should never have reached this stage and now the leaks are about to spring everywhere.

    Get them out – they are destroying peoples’ futures

  • khasilucas85 says:


  • America under Bush administration manipulated and forced war onto Iraq. To date Bush hasn’t been held accountable for what he did… South Africa is a democratic country and needs to exercise its democracy by expressing itself accordingly. It cannot be independent with Americas short strings that extend when it suits them!!!!

    America had no business breaking the ties between Russia and Ukraine. It fails to come together in its own neighborhood. How in the name of all the Gods at once do they dictate what happens in other countries…

    South Africans voting ANC into power have no choice but vote for the devil they know than to subject themselves to people who refuse to change and understand what the apartheid regime did to us mentally!!! America is no land of milk and honey. The segregation and governance speaks volumes. They have no right dictating relations of other countries when they have failed to sort their own house out. RACISM in that country cannot be tolerated and yet they want to dictate terms in a country that is torn apart by racial segregation that continues but ignored.

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