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Know the deadlines for your tax submissions – or pay up

Know the deadlines for your tax submissions – or pay up

It’s that time of year again – time to file your tax return.

SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter says enabling technology, the expanded use of data, algorithms and artificial intelligence have reduced the need for walk-in tax consultations and long queues at SARS offices.

Friday, 30 June: SARS will start sending out SMS notifications to taxpayers selected for auto-assessments. If you have an auto-assessment, you are advised to use the SARS MobiApp or eFiling to review the auto-assessment and verify that the information is accurate.

If you agree with the auto-assessment, it is as simple as accepting the assessment outcome without edits. If you do want to make edits, you have to re-submit the return with the necessary supporting documents.

According to SARS, qualifying taxpayers who accept the assessment outcome immediately can expect a refund in their bank account within 72 hours. If you submit an edited declaration, you will have to wait for a revised assessment, which may result in either a different refund amount or a payment due to SARS. You have until 23 October 2023 to file an amended return.

If you still disagree with the revised assessment, you can initiate an objection.

8pm, Friday, 7 July: Individuals and trusts can start filing their income tax returns.

Non-provisional taxpayers who did not get an auto-assessment can file returns from 8pm, 7 July 2023 until 23 Oct 2023.

Provisional taxpayers and trusts can start filing returns from 8pm on 7 July 2023 until 23 January 2024.

Kieswetter says his office is cracking down and will impose “harsh penalties” on taxpayers who attempt to claim impermissible expenses or understate their income.

Taxpayers who do not keep to filing deadlines this year will face administrative non-compliance penalties. DM


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  • Beyond Fedup says:

    I always get the impression that Kieswetter and SARS are ever so efficient and hardcore in collecting taxes and squeezing the very last drop of blood from ordinary law-abiding tax payers and companies. Why? Because it is so easy to intimidate and bully this category – threatening with penalties and interest charged for even being 1 day late. Why don’t you, Kieswetter, earn your keep, prove your mettle, prove that you are not the ordinary anc cadre and do the citizens of this country a huge favour by going after the many crooked politicians in our midst and their minions, including the kingpins, who have stolen the country blind, reduced us to a virtual failed state, are are free and enjoying the fruits of their thieving. We all know who they are and yet we see no action against them. You hide behind confidentiality which is nothing but a convenient ruse to tow the political line and protect the untouchables.

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