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While you were sleeping: 1 February

By John Stupart 1 February 2018

FBI slams memo leak, renewable energy cuts loom for US, and Spurs snatch "ridiculous" goal against United.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

“The day and time itself: late afternoon in early February, was there a moment of the year better suited for despair?” 
Alice McDermott


On Wednesday, the Naspers-owned pay TV company MultiChoice announced that it would not be hosting ANN7 on its DSTV channel from August 2018, following an internal investigation into its relationship with the channel. The #GuptaLeaks emails had previously revealed large payments made to ANN7 during the period when MultiChoice was lobbying government to make a decision on digital migration to benefit the company. MultiChoice says its investigation revealed “mistakes” in the handling of ANN7, but “no corruption”. They are not releasing the “commercially sensitive” full investigation report – so inevitably, questions remain. 



FBI hit back at Russia memo release

Despite stating indifference to the Russia investigation, the Trump administration appeared to be trying very damned hard to undermine it. On Wednesday the White House announced that it would allow a selective section of a Congressional memo to be released that incriminates the FBI. The latter, in turn, noted that the memo contained heaps of unverified info and was a small portion of a much larger document. Playing secret document-chicken with the FBI, however, may well be the single most idiotic thing the president – any president – could do.


White House to dismantle renewable energy sector

A new report released by the Washington Post has revealed that the Trump administration will ask Congress to cut funding for clean energy by 72% this year. After Trump referred  to “beautiful, clean coal” during his State of the Union speech, the White House is making good on their promises of cutting down on renewables and reverting to fossil fuels. Under the proposed cuts, the $2.04-billion allocated for the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy would be reduced to $575.5-million.


Chicken market – manipulation emerges

Sysco and US Foods, two major American food distributors, have filed a lawsuit against significant players in the chicken market. They argue that producers limited hen supplies and deliberately altered output levels in an attempt to raise profits. Major chicken-producing companies, meanwhile, have vociferously denied the allegations, vowing to defend the charges “vigorously”. With almost $30-billion at stake in the chicken market, you can be sure that feathers will fly one way or another.


Mourinho hits out at players for loss

Jose Mourinho has blamed his players’ inability to follow instructions for their 2-0 loss to Tottenham. Spurs’ Christian Eriksen scored just 11 seconds into the game at Wembley. Mourinho appeared visibly ill after the goal, with things only deteriorating from there onwards. An own goal by Phil Jones exacerbated United’s first defeat in nine games. Expect an absence of red shirts at an office near you today.




The percentage increase in weight gain for premature babies who are massaged several times a day.



Today in 1895 the Fountains Valley Nature Reserve is opened by Paul Kruger. It is Africa’s oldest nature reserve.

Usain Bolt was offered a position as a wide receiver in the NFL. He declined due to the hits football players take.




Good riddance, ANN7



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