South Africa

South Africa

The Gathering in Photos: Maimane answers on diversity in DA, Feinstein unravels global corruption

In the Twittersphere, the porn bots started retweeting the trending hashtag #NandosDMGathering just before noon. But in reality back at the Sandton Convention Centre, issues up for scrutiny included the DA’s demographics, global corruption, the state of the nation and beyond. By DAILY MAVERICK.

Photo: Eyewitness News reporter Clement Manyathela pressed DA leader Mmusi Maimane on the demographics of DA marches and the over-representation of whites in the National Assembly. Maimane hit back, insisting the journalist’s question was ‘poor’ and that focusing on race was counterproductive to building an inclusive and equal society. ‘What is the threshold of white marchers that is acceptable to you?’ asked Maimane. Photo: Daniel Born

Photo: Audience members at The Gathering got a chance to ask panellists questions after the discussion. Photo: Daniel Born

Photo: A member of the audience asked Mmusi Maimane about the land question. ‘[Your approach] is flawed because it does not speak to the dispossession of black people,’ said an audience member. Photo: Daniel Born

Photo: Daily Maverick journalist and author Marianne Thamm had a compelling conversation with Andrew Feinstein, former ANC MP and author of After the Party and The Shadow World. He praised South African journalists who ‘stand tall in the arena of investigative journalism globally’ and presented eye-watering figures of global corruption and tax havens. Photo: Daniel Born

Photo: Andrew Feinstein: ‘The trade in weapons accounts for 40% of all corruption in global trade,’ he said. ‘Thirty percent of the [African] continent’s wealth is held offshore… [and] 10% of global GDP is held in tax havens offshore.’ Photo: Daniel Born

Photo: Moderator Katy Katopodis speaks to Bantu Holomisa, Nomboniso Gasa and Sipho Pityana about the future of South Africa. ‘It’s not possible to get an ANC candidate who’s not tainted,’ said Gasa. Pityana says that corruption in the ANC is ‘systematic’ and ‘entrenched’. Holomisa said that we must ‘consider a new electoral system… to improve accountability’. Photo: Daniel Born.

Photo:  Former SARS investigation unit head Johann van Loggerenberg and former Cabinet minister Ronnie Kasrils attend The Gathering, seen here in the audience during the panel discussion, What future South Africa, moderated by Katy Katopodis. Photo: Daniel Born. DM

Photo: Evita Bezuidenhout told the audience at The Gathering: ‘Luthuli House – the only active power station the ANC has bothered to build in the last 20 years.’ Photo: Daniel Born