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19 November 2017 16:00 (South Africa)

BP accused of withholding oil spill information

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Transocean, the company that owned the Deepwater Horizon oil rig where the Gulf of Mexico oil spill happened, accused BP of withholding documents vital to its own investigation into the disaster. The letter, which was sent to President Barack Obama's office and to three other US Cabinet members, said that BP were trying to stop any other entity from investigating the explosion which killed 11 workers and lead to the worst oil spill in America's history. BP were quick to rubbish Transocean's claim, saying it contained false and misleading assertions. Transocean is facing 249 lawsuits relating to the oil spill, but is trying to limit its liability to $27 million dollars, saying it was not responsible for the incident. Read more: The AFP and BBC News.

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