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19 November 2017 01:14 (South Africa)

Pet food could be making kids sick, the US study says

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Salmonella bacteria found in pet food brand Fido's foods could be making children sick, a report says. This is the first known salmonella outbreak in humans linked to pet food, which was blamed on several brands of dry cat and dog food produced at a Mars Petcare plant in Everson, Pennsylvania. The outbreak affected people in 21 eastern US states, almost half the 79 victims being children aged 2 years and younger, said Casey Barton Behravesh, the principal author of the report. Behravesh said that there was no evidence that the children had become sick by ingesting the actual pet food, but had come into contact with the bacteria by touching affected animals or dirty pet dishes, and then putting their hands in the mouths. Althought 11 people were hospitalised, no deaths occurred from the outbreak. Read more: AP

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