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Daily Maverick is a unique blend of news, information, analysis and opinion delivered from our newsrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. There are many ways to describe exactly what we do (and for the price of a cup of coffee we’re capable of talking your ears off about it), but the best way to understand the end result is to experience it. Every part of Daily Maverick is free-to-air and no payment is required, although some readers participate in a membership programme designed to keep our journalism free for all.

Daily Maverick is run by an independently owned, private company with no affiliation to any other media group (or political party or religious organisation.)

It is funded through membership reader contributions , advertising, events and grants.

You may also want to contact us via email (most efficient).

Faith • Trust • Belief

In the years since Daily Maverick’s inception, the proliferation of social networks has brought never-before-seen public participation into the information universe. However, this internet-fuelled revolution also brought the blood on the streets – the blood of truth, trust and accuracy in this now omnipresent landscape of data that passes as news these days.

The fake news hurricane that enveloped most of the planet, sometimes malicious, sometimes a result of a good old bad journalism, threatens to undermine the fundamentals of what we assumed was a developed, open, global democratic establishment based on values of honesty and decency.

We have but only one way to fight this onslaught which, in its essence, is an attack on our civilisation: high impact, independent public service journalism.

Our decision, from day one, was to concentrate on quality, accuracy and building of an environment of confidence. Our faith, in both us and you, dear reader, is that we have a relationship of trust, where you can safely believe what you read on Daily Maverick’s pages. We feel we have proven our worth to you, many times over.

Reader Covenant

These are our promises to you, and what we expect from you in return.

Give us a tiny slice of your time and we’ll give you the world. We’ll also throw in a whole lot of fun, just to sweeten the deal.

In the background, there’s a whole lot more to it, of course, but that’s all just detail. Daily Maverick exists to provide you with the news, analysis, insight and opinion that you need. Whether you’re required to make big decisions or just want to hold your own over lunchtime conversation, we’ll provide the tools.

Here’s another promise: we won’t ever waste your time. We don’t let algorithms decide what is important and what is not. Our journalists and editors are humans and some of the best and most experienced ones around at that. They’ve spent decades refining the craft and, by now, they’re pretty good at it.

The result is a service that will tell you what happened yesterday, what’s happening now and what’s going to happen today and tomorrow – and what it all means. The important stuff is all here. But we realise you may need more than that. So we’ll provide you with the social currency you need to talk to your friends about that big game yesterday, or to talk to your office buddies about what the world’s, and South Africa’s, next move is going to be. And we’re not going to let you be ignorant about the latest in arts and culture or science and technology either.

We will always be serious about you being a knowledgeable and fun person.

We’ll do all of that for you, day in and day out, and we’ll do it with the greatest of integrity. Nobody will ever pay for our opinions, no matter the size of the chequebook. We will never sell your private information, or let somebody else dictate our agenda, or conspire behind your back.

You, dear reader, are at the very centre of Daily Maverick universe.


Daily Maverick accepts voluntary contributions from readers, either on a once-off or recurring basis. All contributions are entirely at the discretion of readers; feel free to splurge on us.

Our recently announced investigative unit, Scorpio, is completely grant-funded and relies on the goodwill of foundations, individual donors and readers to continue its efforts for time to come.


Daily Maverick is hiring. Visit our Careers Page for information about the latest positions.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Refunds of voluntary once-off contributions will be considered if applied for within 30 days of making such contribution. Cancellation requests for ongoing recurring monthly contributions will be processed within 30 days of receipt of notice.

Privacy Policy

We will not give your individual data to anybody, ever, unless they carry guns accompanied by a valid court order. Some of our e-mail is sent by third-party providers (who have the servers and systems to do so quickly and efficiently); these providers are highly professional companies that comply with stringent requirements for privacy and security on the lists that we give to them.

Also, we know where they live.

We track reader habits; how long an individual spends on the site in a session, whether readers like both politics and entertainment articles, for example. We need that data to understand better how we can better serve you, the reader.

For statistics and analysis, we use the standard Effective Measure and Google Analytics services, like just about any other respectable website in the world. This general data we analyse ourselves (to see what works, where people go, what they read, that kind of thing) and we share some aspects of that data with our advertisers, so they know how many readers we have in Iceland, for example. The data that we share, however, is generic, overall, and in no way allows for the identification of any reader. You can find the privacy policy for Google Analytics here; it falls under the general Google privacy policy.

When you sign up to receive e-mail from us or to comment on the site, we ask you for certain personal details: a telephone number, the city in which you live, and so on. This information is optional. If you do provide it, it may make it easier for us to reach you (to tell you how awesome you are, or invite you to coffee) or to provide you with new and exciting services (like information linked with your hometown). Again, this information is not shared with anyone outside Daily Maverick.

We also use technology such as cookies, image tracking in e-mail and other forms of monitoring to help us understand reader needs and optimise the website. All of these techniques are stock standard and all data gathered is only shared with outsiders once we are satisfied that it cannot be abused.

Unless you wear a tinfoil hat to bed every single night, chances are that we are more paranoid about your privacy than you are. May it long stay that way.

Press Council

Daily Maverick subscribes to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African Print and Online Media that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the Code, please contact the Public Advocate at +27 (0) 11 484 3612, fax: +27 (0) 11 4843619. You can also contact Case Officer on [email protected] or lodge a complaint on the website:

The Daily Maverick Team

Meet the team.

Branko Brkic

Branko Brkic


Branko Brkic is Editor-in-Chief of Daily Maverick.

Branko started his career by publishing science fiction books in 1984, in what was then Yugoslavia. In the following seven years he went from a project-based book publisher to starting what became Yugoslavia’s biggest privately-owned publishing house. He published in total 62 books, among them The complete works of William Shakespeare, Complete Greek Tragedies and Miroslav’s Gospel, the Serbian nation’s holiest book.

He arrived to South Africa in 1991, where he started off in the reproduction business before working his way back to publishing, this time in magazines. In 1998 he launched Timbila, the South African National Parks magazine. In 2001 he launched Brainstorm, the magazine which still dominates South African IT scene. In 2003 he left ITWeb to pursue other interests and in 2005, he launched the iconic Maverick magazine. In November 2007 he launched his fourth and final magazine, Empire, a media, arts and culture magazine.

After Maverick and Empire folded in 2008, in late 2009 he launched Daily Maverick.

Styli Charalambous

Styli Charalambous

Publisher & CEO

After having qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Styli is now fully reformed and passionate about the media business following a stint in the London banking scene.

He’s subsequently helped establish and develop various media start-ups and projects, including Daily Maverick and The Gathering, the country’s premier media and politics conference. His official role at Daily Maverick is that of publisher and CEO which translates into “he who fights fires – sometimes successfully but always only after morning coffee.”

In the early days of Daily Maverick, opinion pieces, sport and business articles could be found with his by-line but he has since stepped-aside for more qualified creators do their thing.

Amongst his greatest achievements are the 100-plus payrolls successfully concluded at Daily Maverick (although he insists he no longer keeps count), a co-production role of blonde offspring and dabbling in regime change.

Jillian Green

Jillian Green

Managing Editor

Jillian has done just about every editorial job in some of the country’s biggest newsrooms over the past two decades.

Based in Johannesburg, Jillian has written on a variety of topics including health, science and HIV/Aids, but now spends her days working behind the scenes co-managing the news and opinion desks, improving news production processes, and mentoring younger team members. When she’s not engrossed in the news, she’s raising two children, gardening or gone fishing – not necessarily in that order.

Janet Heard

Janet Heard

Managing Editor

Janet joined the team in late July 2017, amid a growth spurt at Daily Maverick. Based in Cape Town, she co-manages the news and opinion desks (and any other desk), bringing disorder to terminal disorder, and also mentoring young reporters.

A restless hack, Janet has tackled editorial assignments all over SA and also spent a few years at newsrooms in Hong Kong and Melbourne. Before joining DM, she spent three years in the press gallery as Media 24 parliamentary editor. Starting out as a cub reporter at The Star a good few decades ago, she replenished her faith in uncompromising journalism during a sabbatical as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard (2009/10). When offline, she hangs out with family and friends and at her local haunt – Surfers Corner in Muizenberg, where she catches the odd wave. When the intensity of the political landscape gets to her, she has recurring dreams of being a game ranger.