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The Weekend Wrap

All you need to know about the NHI; why SA’s economy will finally start growing again and meet the 90-year-old sprint queen.

The National Health Insurance Bill signed by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday is a notoriously complex piece of legislation which few people have actually read. We break it down.

By Rebecca Davis

We’ve been watching an exciting trend: younger leaders are entering the political arena in unprecedented numbers. Today we bring our Under 45 Club of younger candidates changing the feel and promise of our election.

By Daily Maverick

Advocate Adila Hassim told the International Court of Justice on Thursday that South Africa seeks an explicit order that Israel cease its military activity ‘not only in Rafah but throughout Gaza’.

By Victoria O’Regan

Agro-entrepreneur Andile Siphesihle Ngcobo has become the mentor and business strategist he wished he had.

By Naledi Sikhakhane

The Industrial Policy and Strategy Review compellingly provides context for the SA economy, but many of the recommendations and policy fixes made are less convincing.

By Natale Labia

So why then the absence of a third cheer? In the main, it is due to the manner in which the hearing proceeded.

By Professor Balthazar

Evidence suggests they’re being killed in large numbers, yet they’re supposedly protected by law. 

By Enrico Gennari, Neil Hammerschlag and Sara Andreotti

Italy’s 90-year-old sprint champion Emma Maria Mazzenga has no intention of stopping, although she doesn’t make long-term plans.

By Reuters

A new artistic producer has brought a liberating energy to the Cape Town City Ballet, and the dancers are pouring their heart and soul into his exciting inaugural production, ‘I Got Rhythm’. 

By Keith Bain

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