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The day the Steinheist fraud became clear; and how the media was crucial in exposing the truth about Sharpeville.

steinheist fraud jooste wiese

The Steinhoff crash wiped more than R200bn off the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, erased more than half the wealth of tycoon Christo Wiese and knocked the pension funds of millions of ordinary South Africans. Here is a chapter from ‘Steinheist’.

By Rob Rose

We perused the ANC, DA and EFF manifestos and consulted an expert to assess their proposals on the climate crisis and environmental issues. Unlike the ANC and DA, the Red Berets ‘gave it a decent go’, but its proposals are somewhat detached from reality.

By Onke Ngcuka

The police claimed that the Sharpeville crowd had been armed with ‘ferocious weapons’. But as Humphrey Tyler noted — and Ian Berry’s photographs confirmed — what was left behind were ‘only shoes and hats and a few bicycles among the bodies’.

By Terry Bell

A year ago, I wrote in this column about happiness and something called the World Happiness Report. The latest version of the report has now come out, so what has changed? Truth is, not much.

By Tim Cohen

I’m genuinely surprised he got only 87% of the vote — I’m sure that his support is around 287% — a number that would have reflected the ‘unbelievable success’ of this circus election more accurately.

By Liubov Abravitova

The misapprehension that ‘might is right’ in international relations was the case in the time of 19th-century colonial conquest when territories could be legally seized. The practice of the Israeli state is in closer conformity to that earlier understanding of international law than later developments that have ensued. Part One in a series.

By Raymond Suttner

Twenty years ago, the hope for potable water in villages near Port St Johns was sky-high after the municipality provided communal taps — but for the past seven years, the taps have been bone dry.

By Estelle Ellis


In 1674, the women of London declared war on coffee houses. This ghastly ‘boiled Turkish soot’, they said, was causing men to droop, depriving their wives of the pleasures they deserved. A year later King Charles II shut them down.

By Don Pinnock

Small-town bakers have become a critical financial lifeline for their families and communities.

By Julienne Du Toit

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