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The Ukraine nights when Hell meets the Earth


Liubov Abravitova is the Ambassador of Ukraine to South Africa.

War is an unforgiving, incomprehensible and utterly devastating force that transforms peaceful life into Hell on Earth. This past week in Ukraine was among the most frightening since the beginning of the war.

This week, the Russian terrorists tried to drown Kyiv in blood. And if it wasn’t for the very timely arrival of the newest addition to our heroic air defence, we would have seen massive destruction and loss of life. We could have lost many thousands of people.

I’ve written extensively about the history behind the hundreds of years of Russia doing its very best to kill us all, about its hatred for our culture, our language and our people. 

We were always outnumbered by the Russian hordes, yet somehow always survived. Just in the past hundred years, we went through the Holodomor, executions, chistka political purges, deportations of entire ethnic groups, destruction of churches, persecution of dissidents, and mass murder of our cultural and scientific elite. 

But never did I imagine that my generation and the generation of my kids would have to deal with these tormentors once again bringing death, destruction and devastation to our land. This time, with new weapons. 

On 16 May, our air defence intercepted six hypersonic Kinzhal missiles fired at night by the Russians. The Kinzhal is an air-launched ballistic missile designed for use against any target, including cities. The potential casualties resulting from a Kinzhal missile strike on a city depend on factors such as the missile’s payload and accuracy, and the size and density of the targeted city. 

For Kyiv, with almost 3 million people in their homes at night, the outcome of six Kinzhal missiles striking would have been devastating. 

This is what modern terrorism looks like. This is the missile they threaten to bomb European capitals with, the “absolutely unstoppable, with no analogues anywhere in the world” missile. Putin’s magic missile that can “turn London to dust” in a heartbeat, as their propaganda claimed.

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Their ‘unique’ weapons are flawed

When six of those missiles were launched last Tuesday night, the Russians were 100% sure they would all hit their targets. However, just like everything else in their lives, their “unique” weapons are flawed, corrupted and below par. 

And sure, we realise that one day we may not be so lucky, but on that Tuesday night all six of those missiles were destroyed by the amazing air defence systems we’ve received from our partners. 

Russia’s large-scale attack on Kyiv that night didn’t just involve six Kinzhals: it attacked Ukraine’s capital from the north, south and east using a total of 18 missiles of various types, launched from the air, sea and land. 

In addition to the Kinzhals, which were launched from six MiG-31K aircraft, Russia launched nine Kalibr cruise missiles from ships in the Black Sea and three missiles (S-400, Iskander-M) from the ground. All of them were successfully intercepted and destroyed by the air defence forces, but no one who was in Kyiv that night will ever be able to forget the explosions.  

Since Tuesday, Russia has attacked Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine every single night, especially those along the Russian border. Ukrainians aren’t sleeping and we are afraid for our children who also cannot sleep through explosions.

On Sunday, Ukrainians in Dnipro went through a night of Hell. The sole purpose of this terrorist attack by Russia was to kill as many civilians as possible. 

That night, Russia launched at sleeping Dnipro: 

  • Four Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles, from strategic Tu-95MS bombers flying above the Caspian Sea.
  • Five Kh-22 cruise missiles from long-range Tu-22M3 bombers, originating from different directions, including the Azov Sea and Kursk Oblast.
  • Two Iskander-M ballistic missiles, from occupied Crimea.
  • Five surface-to-air S-300 guided missiles, from the occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia Oblast.
  • 20 Shahed-136/131 Iranian combat drones, from the south and north.

An absolute evil.

These heavy assaults on our nation sent shockwaves through us and the international community. All of the unprecedented arsenal used by Russia takes a toll on our wellbeing, our mental state and our everyday life.

And yet, as with everything else they are trying to achieve, it only backfires on the Russians. With every new attack, we are more resilient. And our military understands the situation better, explores the challenges, and gains more knowledge and experience to protect Ukrainians during these terrible times.

It’s 11.20pm on a Monday. My app that shows a siren alert in Ukraine just went off — Ukraine is under attack again. They will survive another onslaught and we will prevail. We haven’t won yet, and there will be many more battles ahead. 

Please pray for us. Pray for us all. DM


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  • Jan Nel says:

    It breaks my heart that our government is ok to side with the tyrant (and somehow this unfortunate course of action is seen as being “justified”)

  • John Kannemeyer says:

    They are criminals and cowards to wage war on civilians. The world will not forget their evil deeds.

  • Bruce Watney says:

    Ukraine & Nato, need to fire back at the source of the Rocket systems. It cant be left unchallenged. Russia is having a great time bombing & killing innocent Ukrainians. At least take them out at the source. Then they will think twice about firing these rockets, in the first place. Russia is getting away with Blue Murder. Get yourselves ready for the worst, then fire back at the source of these Rockets. Like Isreal does.

  • Alan Paterson says:

    We as ordinary South Africans can only apologise on a daily basis for the vile stupidity for our so-called government.

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