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Good news round-up

Cape-based language in NYC schools; why doing good is good for business; and is there actually any real benefit to the practice of finding joy in the little things? 

Find joy in the little things. This piece of folk advice has been around for aeons and is one that many of us try to live by. But is there actually any real benefit to this practice?

By Jolanta Burke

Dr Unathi Ngonono and a team of doctors at Bedford Orthopaedic Hospital are bringing joy to children with Blount’s disease, which causes outward bowing of the lower limbs.

By Estelle Ellis

Who says it’s all about romance? This year, Cupid’s little arrow will be fired from the bows of dictators, despots and the desperate, who will hope it strikes their intended target and gives them much love in return.

By Shaun de Waal

Pola Maneli

Pola Maneli explains what made his cover art for ‘The New Yorker’ so special and memorable.

By Estelle Ellis

South Africa stands at a crossroads and, for businesses to thrive in this environment, we must not only operate responsibly but also actively engage in initiatives that contribute to the wellbeing of our nation. The future of South African businesses is intrinsically linked to the future of our society. Doing good is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity for the success and betterment of our nation.

By Brent Lindeque

The introduction of a new category, Best African Music Performance, which was won by South Africa’s Tyla, will finally showcase our continent’s vibrant and pioneering musical spirit and output.

By Mick Raubenheimer

For five days, staff at Dora Nginza Hospital in Nelson Mandela Bay worked day and night to keep their patients – mostly pregnant women, premature babies and children – alive after cable theft took out the power supply to their hospital.

By Estelle Ellis

Chase Rhys, Kaaps

Author Chase Rhys will be introducing the Cape-based language to students in New York City. 

By Karin Schimke

Young people in Limpopo are using cameras to beat unemployment and make memories for shoppers.

By Lucas Ledwaba

A no-fee mobile chess college run by Gugulethu-based founder Babalwa “Bash” Rubusana is giving schoolchildren in underdeveloped areas the opportunity to learn chess.

By Tamsin Metelerkamp

Twenty years ago the country had only 40 astrophysicists, all white. Now programmes to foster African talent have paid off, with hundreds qualified.

By Patricia Ann Whitelock, Daniel Cunnama and Rosalind Skelton

Melissa Müller, the country’s top matriculant at 18 years old, shares with Daily Maverick the strategies that help her “power through times” when motivation is lacking.

By Msindisi Fengu

The Actionists

Photographer Thom Pierce passionately spotlights individuals who make a difference on the front lines.

The Actionists

Photographer Thom Pierce passionately spotlights individuals who make a difference on the front lines.

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