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Good news round-up

Blessed with two Zumas to possibly lead us after elections, and how Joburg CBD is slowly shaking off its ‘hellhole’ status. 

We have been blessed with not one, but two Zumas to possibly lead us after the elections. One nation, two Spears! What a time to be alive?!?!

By Malibongwe Tyilo

The private sector and various organisations have come to the rescue, even enforcing bylaws.

By Anna Cox

A company formed by the sons of farmworkers who benefited from the land redistribution programme had to go to court to have land returned to them after a government official decided to give two of their farms to other beneficiaries.

By Estelle Ellis

The Green Army employs more than 6,000 people in Gauteng who clean illegal dumping sites and clear open and green spaces while promoting communal and household food gardens.

By Onke Ngcuka

People of the world still hold a stable legal system to be a central pillar to how happy they are. Image: Yuyeung Lau / Unsplash

A year ago, I wrote in this column about happiness and something called the World Happiness Report. The latest version of the report has now come out, so what has changed? Truth is, not much.

By Tim Cohen

When it comes to life in Mzansi, South Africans know that laughter is the best tonic. Inspired by the original Madam & Eve cartoon by Stephen Francis & Rico, we called on Daily Maverick readers to share their South African proverbs. Read here

For the first time, 500 people in Amarasta informal settlement in Alexandra went home to formal electricity on Wednesday night, thanks to a first-of-its-kind solar and battery microgrid project.

By Julia Evans

Courage under fire: South Africa's firefighters on the frontlines

As temperatures rise and rainfall becomes increasingly erratic, experts warn that these fires are just the beginning. Conditions are becoming more extreme, fueling larger and more destructive blazes. Tessa Oliver, manager at Western Cape Umbrella Fire Protection Association, says, “It’s a lot worse than previous years. The conditions when there is an ignition are just more extreme.” On the frontlines are firefighters who have dedicated their lives to containing and mitigating the wildfires that spread across the Western Cape.

Daily Maverick spoke to some firefighters during a particularly active fire season in the Western Cape as they braved danger to save animals, properties and people.

By Kristin Engel and Victoria O’Regan

‘Frankie en Felipé,’ a fresh, heartfelt comedy, celebrates Cape coloured culture with a story of brothers separated and reunited after more than a decade.

By Chuma Nontsele

Arm wrestling is much more than a bar pastime – it’s a serious sport and it’s being played at the African Games for the first time.

By Gary Lemke

The Actionists

Photographer Thom Pierce passionately spotlights individuals who make a difference on the front lines.

The Actionists

Photographer Thom Pierce passionately spotlights individuals who make a difference on the front lines.


In 1674, the women of London declared war on coffee houses. This ghastly ‘boiled Turkish soot’, they said, was causing men to droop, depriving their wives of the pleasures they deserved. A year later King Charles II shut them down.

By Don Pinnock

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