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Oresti Patricios

An avid exponent of chaos theory (or so his employees claim) Oresti Patricios has long been on the cutting edge of the media and advertising industries. From a teenage entrepreneur pioneering wedding videos in the 1970s to doing his social media MBA at GIBS when Twitter was barely a twit he has always driven his vision of dominating African media and brand intelligence. Founding OrnicoGroup in 1984, Oresti now fronts an organisation of more than 100 dedicated individuals that services the top 300 local advertisers either directly or through their agencies and various other private and governmental clients. He is also chairman of SAMMA (SA Media monitoring and measurement association) Opening offices in Nigeria in 2010 was a milestone - the first in a major African expansion plan for OrnicoGroup to standardize media and brand measurement taxonomies across the continent. When not preaching his African vision Oresti can be found tweeting at his wifes coffee shop.