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Stellenbosch resident Claire Walker used her Daily Maverick Pick n Pay asap! codes to buy groceries on the app for the first time, and inside her order found one of 22 Pick n Pay asap! bunnies worth R100,000.

The retailer’s asap! “Find the bunny, get the money!” promotion sees the hand-crocheted bunnies given away to asap! customers – one per day until 1 April 2024 – each with the same cash prize attached. 

The 32-year-old research scientist is a Daily Maverick member, and those who contribute R200 or more per month receive two R100 Pick n Pay asap! promo codes monthly. “I decided to use the codes and downloaded the app to get groceries including milk and cereal. There was a special on speckled eggs so I added some of those,” Walker said.

She was in a meeting when the driver called to say he had arrived with her parcels. “He showed me the bunny and I thought ‘cute’, didn’t listen to anything else he was trying to tell me, and rushed back into my meeting.” 

When she finished, she had missed calls from Pick n Pay on her phone. “When they told me I had won R100,000, I could not believe it. Usually you go into a pool of finalists to see who is drawn as the winner. My colleagues read the pamphlet with the bunny and told me it was for real.”

Walker, who said she was still in shock, aimed to save some of the money. “I’ve a very bad habit of spending money so I’m not going to spend it in one go. I’ve got a few things to pay off, and will use some of it towards an adventure race, Expedition Africa, in Namibia in May.” The 500km team race consists of cycling, paddling and trail running. 

Her speckled eggs tasted “extra great”, and Walker said she’d be using the app again in future. “I will be a very loyal customer to Pick n Pay for a very long time,” she said.

As for the bunny, she’s keeping him with her as a lucky charm. 

To win, all shoppers have to do is place an order on the Pick n Pay asap! app, and if the bunny is hiding among their groceries, they’ve won R100,000.

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