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A proudly South African innovation called Cowrie has re-invented how Crypto currencies will look in the future - globally. Cowrie is the first crypto currency in the world to introduce several revolutionary new concepts concurrently - with a money back guarantee and built-in features that reduce price volatility, Cowrie eliminates characteristic weaknesses of previous Crypto currencies. It also gives South African investors a real advantage – they can’t lose their money as long as they hold the initially bought coin. All this while the 30% of the issued currency is dedicated to a trust - uplifting our local communities.

Cowrie is not the same as any other Crypto. In fact, it does away with the failings of Cryptos issued in the past, eliminating some of the characteristic weaknesses of major Crypto currencies, notably the risk of losing your initial investment through our money back guarantee, and modifying the conditions that led in the past to the price volatility that gives investors sleepless nights. Cowrie is, in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) only available to SA citizens, giving local investors a real advantage. 

Money-back guarantee 

Unlike any other Crypto currency, Cowrie offers an innovative money back guarantee for South Africans who invest in the initial and annual coin issuances over the first 27 years. The money South African investors spend to buy these Cowrie is held in trust in a major local bank, administered by one of the country’s leading law firms, until the Cowrie is traded or sold.

This means South African investors in the ICO cannot lose their money: as the price goes up, they can either hold and retain their money back guarantee, while also earning rewards; or they can trade and take their profit. If the price goes down, they can claim their cash back guarantee.

Built-in features reduce price volatility

Introducing several innovations concurrently, Cowrie has several built-in features designed to reduce price volatility, smooth price fluctuations, and maintain demand.  

The first is the slow coin release. Cowrie is initially releasing only 183 million coins to South Africans, and will “slow release” batches 46 664 000 coins each year for the next 26 years on 18 July – Mandela Day. Also only to South Africans.

Another feature is that much of the initial investment in Cowrie will be held – and not sold -by investors who want to protect their money back guarantee and to harvest the rewards for holding the coins. This will limit supply and modify price volatility. 

Further reducing volatility is the fact that so-called ‘whales’ are effectively excluded from the initial and subsequent coin issuings. ‘Whales’ are massive investors in most crypto launches – who cause much volatility when they exit at a profit – its called a pump and dump strategy. The R1 million limit on the amount of Cowrie that each SA buyer can purchase at each issuance effectively eliminates the possibility of pump and dump strategies and contributes to price stability.  

Giving South Africans the advantage 

The initial and subsequent offerings of Cowrie coins are only available to South African citizens, which means the initial investor profits will be retained in the country. And because the initial ICO price is just R0.60, all South Africans can afford to participate in this opportunity. 

In addition, South African investors who hold their Cowrie can also accumulate rewards in Cowrie – at the rate of 15% per year, which is as much as 50% higher than commercially available cash interest rate – though of course this isn’t an interest payment it is a reward in additional coin.

These features contribute to price stability and growth, as investors – incentivised to hold their coins to protect their guarantee and harvest their rewards – limit the supply on the market and support the price.

After the initial 183 million coins are sold to South Africans, the currency will be listed on one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, creating tradability and demand globally and enabling South Africans to sell their Cowrie internationally.

A significant social investment component  

A significant proportion of 30% of the issued Cowrie is allocated to a community trust with the mandate of uplifting SA’s needy communities in each province. As the price of Cowrie rises, the money generated for upliftment can amount to billions of rands. And investors in Cowrie decide in which province they would like this upliftment to make a real difference.  

Participating is easy 

All these features ensure the South African Cowrie is a globally revolutionary crypto currency and an opportunity that local crypto investors should not miss. 

First-mover investors will be glad to know that participation in the initial Cowrie coin offering is as simple as visiting www.mycowrie.org. DM


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