Crossed Out – 4 September 2021

epa02903145 A French deputy solves crosswords during the questions and answers period at a French National Assembly session, in Paris, France, 07 September 2011, in which the members will vote on a new bailout plan for Greece. EPA/HORACIO VILLALOBOS
By Gonzo
03 Sep 2021 0

Welcome to Daily Maverick's crossword. The crossword itself is interactive, meaning you can fill it in on your screen. The blue highlight indicates whether you are typing in across or down. Click on the "i" to remove error checking as you go. We hope you enjoy it! Found a bug? Let us know by emailing [email protected] Please bear with us while we test out various tech platforms for your crossword. We are getting there! NOTE: You cannot save your progress, so please grab your coffee and don't close this tab before you're done! We hope to have a new system up and running soon that will fix this (and then some).

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