Covid-19: Cramped Hanover Park residents struggle with physical distancing

By Ashraf Hendriks for GroundUp 3 April 2020

Children play in the streets in Hanover Park. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks

Without a source of income, for many the lockdown could have dire consequences.

Ashraf Hendriks for GroundUp

First published by GroundUp

The government has called for a 21-day lockdown to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases. People may only leave their homes for essential services, like buying food and medicine, or getting medical help.

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In Hanover Park, though, a high crime area on the Cape flats, children still play in the streets. Here, most low-income families live in cramped spaces and survive on low wages or social grants. Without a source of income for many, the lockdown could have dire consequences. DM



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