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While you were sleeping: 17 January 2018

De Lille speaks out over allegations and water crisis, Boko Haram kill nine, and Trump "fit" for office.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

“The Law is a fortress on a hill that armies cannot take or floods wash away.” 
The Prophet Muhammad


“Without detracting from Trillian’s complicity in what is essentially theft of funds from Eskom, I submit that McKinsey played an instrumental role in siphoning the R1.6bn out of Eskom,” reads the statement in support of an application for a preservation order of the two companies assets. 



De Lille speaks with DM on water crisis

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille has hit back hard against critics alleging that her attention was drawn away from the water crisis. Rather, the water crisis is “80%” of De Lille’s day, she says. Amidst a cloud of misconduct allegations from within the DA and her own city staff, the mayor took the time to speak with Daily Maverick’s REBECCA DAVIS. It’s well worth your attention.


Boko Haram attacks kill nine

At least nine people have been killed in two separate attacks in north-eastern Nigeria. Several Nigerians were shot dead in Jinene Village on Monday morning, with the second attack occurring later on in Pallam village. Nigeria’s government insists Boko Haram is a finished force, regardless of persistent attacks.


Former CIA agent arrested for aiding Chinese

Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a former CIA agent, has been arrested for espionage. It was revealed that Lee, a Hong Kong resident, had possession of an unauthorised laptop that contained the names of undercover American spies. Between 2010 and 2012 it emerged that Chinese officials were able to neutralise at least a “dozen” sources used by the CIA inside China, and imprisoned another six.


Trump has ‘incredible genes’ – doctor

President Donald Trump is “healthy” and has no cognitive issues. This was the statement from his doctor Ronny Jackson. Aside from being considerably overweight and embarking on an exercise and diet regime, Trump showed no signs of being certifiably insane. Although this means fewer bed-based cheeseburgers for Trump, it does also mean critics doubting the president’s sanity will not have a medical basis for such a conclusion.




The dollar cost of the beach landing scene in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan.



Today in 1929 Popeye the Sailor Man first appeared in comic books.

Britain’s Scotland Yard is built atop the site of an unsolved crime scene.





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