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While you were sleeping: 12 April 2017



While you were sleeping: 12 April 2017

Triple blast hits Borussia Dortmund bus, day of infamy for Zuma, and Fleetwood Mac announce new album.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

“Havoc and ruin had been around him all of his days, either impending on himself or dealt by him to others.”
Winston Churchill


The mass protest action and pending motion of no confidence against a democratically elected president are occurring because South Africa has a crisis of accountability. President Jacob Zuma has shielded himself in a super presidency and believes that his constitutional powers indemnify him from having to account to the people he took an oath to serve. But the contagion has gone far beyond Zuma – Parliament cannot hold him or his ministers to account and the electorate cannot hold Members of Parliament to account. The ANC in its state of paralysis cannot hold any of its deployees in the state to account. Save for matters dragged to court, the state is operating under the cover of darkness. By RANJENI MUNUSAMY.


Blasts target Borussia Dortmund football team

The bus carrying Borussia Dortmund’s football team was hit by three explosions last night, shattering the bus windows, Dortmund defender and Spanish international player Marc Bartra suffered a broken wrist. Dortmund police have not labelled this a terrorist attack, however, believing instead that it was a targeted act against Dortmund only.


Zuma’s loudest birthday present awaits

Today sees President Jacob Zuma, on his and Pravin Gordhan’s birthday, bear witness to major protest action in the Capital. Organised by a coalition of major opposition parties, thousands of South Africans are expected to descend upon Pretoria today. It’s unlikely anyone brought cake.


‘No doubt’ Syria behind chemical attack – Mattis

Pentagon chief Jim Mattis has reiterated that there is absolutely zero doubt that the Syrian regime was behind last week’s fatal chemical attack. Hitting back at deliberate attempts by Russia to insinuate that Syrian rebels had been holding a chemical weapon stockpile that was hit by an airstrike, Pentagon officials argued that there was overwhelming and compelling evidence Bashar al-Assad was behind the attack.


Fleetwood Mac to drop new album

Hold your dentures, Fleetwood Mac has returned with a new album announcement. Entitled simply Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie, the 10-track album was written by the duo and is expected to be released in June. The album should involve all members of Fleetwood Mac, barring Stevie Nicks.




The year in which Easter will fall on 22 March, its earliest since 1818.



Today sees an unprecedented march against President Jacob  Zuma by most opposition parties in South Africa. Last week’s protest should be good practice for today.

British Columbia had a women’s hockey team called the Fernie Swastikas. The team was formed in 1922, when the swastika held religious, rather than hate-based, significance.





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