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Nuclear SA: Ep 3 – Uranium Rush

By Sound Africa 31 January 2017

Is uranium mining South Africa’s new gold? In this Sound Africa podcast, we look into plans to mine for uranium in the Karoo and what is fuelling this modern day “gold rush”. By SOUND AFRICA.

In this third instalment of Sound Africa’s Nuclear SA miniseries, DHASHEN MOODLEY takes a look at the potential consequences of uranium mining in the Karoo. We speak to a Khoi-San activist who, drawing parallels with recent protests at Standing Rock in the USA, worries about the threat uranium mining poses to water supplies in this arid land.

Meanwhile local farmers voice their concerns, politicians are enticed with promises of job creation, and mining companies continue to chase profit margins. Uranium mining in the Karoo is a potentially explosive story, with enormous social and economic consequences, yet it has largely been overlooked. DM

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