Uber to launch food delivery service in SA

By News24 11 July 2016

Johannesburg - Internet ride-sharing app Uber is looking to branch out from transporting passengers in South Africa to delivering take-away food parcels as well.

Job ads on the Uber website indicate that the company is looking for the likes of a marketing manager, general manager and restaurant operations manager for UberEATS in South Africa.

UberEATS is an on-demand service that taps Uber’s network of drivers to deliver meals from restaurants.

UberEATS is also its own standalone app and to date has only been available in London, Melbourne, Paris, Singapore and multiple cities in the US and Canada.

The job posts for UberEATS in South Africa are for Johannesburg and Cape Town based candidates, indicating that these two cities could form part of the service’s global expansion.

Uber did not immediately comment on the local launch of UberEATS but the job post for the general manager role in Johannesburg briefly reveals some details about the venture.

“This is an intense business side startup role, and you will work with the UberEATS operations teams along with headquarters-based engineering, product, and process teams,’’ reads the job advertisement.

“You will have direct responsibility for the growth of the UberEATS business,” adds the job advertisement.

UberEATS is also advertising job posts in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Meanwhile, the imminent launch of UberEATS in South Africa comes after Uber launched its ride-sharing app in South Africa in 2013.

Since then, the service has grown to have over 4 000 partner drivers across Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.



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