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24 March 2018 06:37 (South Africa)
South Africa

In pictures: The launch of Agang

  • Greg Nicolson
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    Greg Nicolson

    Nicolson left his hometown of Melbourne to move to Johannesburg, beset by fears Australia was going to the dogs. With a camera and a Mac in his bag, he ventures out to cover power and politics, the lives of those included and those excluded. He can be found at the tavern, searching for a good story or drowning a bad one.

  • South Africa
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On the weekend, Mamphela Ramphele held the much-anticipated launch of her party, Agang SA, amongst supporters, musicians and DJs alike. GREG NICOLSON was there with his camera.

Photo: An Agang supporter waves a South African flag as party leader Mamphela Ramphele delivers her speech.

Photo: Tents were set up across the field at the launch of Agang for new members to sign up.

Photo: Thousands turned out for the launch. Ramphele's speech was well received and the audience broke into song at its completion.

Photo: Ramphele used her speech to point out the faults in South African governance and the risks to the country's democracy.

Photo: The Agang launch provided not just political rhetoric but also an opportunity to celebrate as musicians and DJs entertained the crowd.