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24 March 2018 15:46 (South Africa)
South Africa

In photos: The Elias Motsoaledi protests - Soweto

  • Greg Nicolson
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    Greg Nicolson

    Nicolson left his hometown of Melbourne to move to Johannesburg, beset by fears Australia was going to the dogs. With a camera and a Mac in his bag, he ventures out to cover power and politics, the lives of those included and those excluded. He can be found at the tavern, searching for a good story or drowning a bad one.

  • South Africa
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A week after protests began to simmer in Soweto’s Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement, things boiled over on Sunday evening. The demonstrators were tired of promises being made for housing and electricity and accused local leaders of neglecting them. Johannesburg MMC Dan Bovu arrived on Monday with a timeline to address grievances, but that was after the local Kentucky Fried Chicken was burnt to a crisp. By GREG NICOLSON.

Photo: The KFC was set alight at 19:15 on Sunday evening after residents had fought with police throughout the day. It was simple, they said; there was little security, unlike surrounding stores, most of which have metal roller doors. The restaurant was looted. “People took chicken, crates of cold drink, even ice cream,” one protester told Daily Maverick. They attacked the KFC, which sits just outside the informal settlement on Chris Hani Road, a Soweto thoroughfare, after the police dispersed.

Photo: Monica Kossa has lived in Elias Motsoaledi since 1996. She shares her shack with nine people and has no electricity. She collects water from a tap 200 meters away, one of the number of taps shared by thousands of residents. The anger was obvious among residents on Monday, with everyone Daily Maverick spoke to complaining about the lack of delivery on housing, electricity and water services.

Photo: A toilet in Elias Motsoaledi.