South Africa

2013 budget, in numbers

By Ranjeni Munusamy 27 February 2013

A projected economic growth of 2.7%, personal income tax relief of R7 billion, an increase in grants and – bad news for most of us – a stiff hike in sin tax. Education, sport and culture are getting the lion’s share of the budget allocation. For the rest, here are the numbers in a nutshell. By RANJENI MUNUSAMY.

Budget 2013 at a glance

  • Consolidated government expenditure: R1.15 trillion
  • Economic growth projected at 2.7% in 2013
  • Tax revenue for 2012/13: R16.3 billion below estimate
  • Spending cuts of R10.4 billion over the next three years
  • Budget deficit estimated to have risen to 5.2% of GDP
  • Personal income tax relief of R7 billion
  • Expenditure exceeds income by R190 billion
  • Increase of 23 cents per litre in fuel levies in April
  • Old age and disability grants increase in April from R1,200 to R1,260
  • Foster care grant will increase from R770 to R800
  • Child support grant will increase to R290 in April and R300 a month in October
  • Increases in excise duties on alcohol and tobacco products of between 5.7 and 10%

Budget allocations:

  • Education, sport and culture: R232.5 billion
  • Social protection: R134.9 billion
  • Health: R133.6 billion
  • Local government, housing and community amenities: R132.1 billion
  • Police services: R73.4 billion
  • Law courts: R16.8 billion
  • Defence: R44.8 billion
  • Economic affairs: R136.6 billion
  • Debt service costs: R99.7 billion
  • Contingency reserve: R4 billion DM


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