South Africa

South Africa

Video series – great women of SA: Emma Mashinini (I)

With South Africa celebrating National Women’s Day on Thursday, JAY NAIDOO wishes to dedicate this week to the sacrifices and contributions women have made to society. 

We have strong women throughout every facet of our complex country, which have positively contributed to freedom we all share today.

Emma Mashinini is one such woman, and throughout this week I will bring you a series of videos in conversation with her. Ma Emma Mashinini is popularly known as the mother of the modern trade union movement. Join us as this episode introduces us to this iconic woman, as she shares details of her early life, her career and her ascension to a supervisory and shop steward role.

We gain insight to her strength under the severe repression that was apartheid, as she was disenfranchised on the basis of race and gender. She however, never accepted an unjust status quo. She challenged gender bias, racial exclusion from positions on the factory floor and ultimately challenged powerful captains of industry. Enjoy as we embark on this journey of inspiration. DM

Video and information courtesy of Jay Naidoo