Hofmeyr calls media ‘epitome of fascism’, supports tribunal

By Andy Rice 29 September 2010

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr said on Wednesday that he supported the ANC's proposals for a media appeals tribunal. "The fact that the media reports to no-one, is the epitome of facism," he said to the Beeld. "The problem with the media is the fact that it's their job to keep institutions on their toes, but the media itself has become the greatest institution of all." Hofmeyr singled out what he called "the papparazi" for special criticism. He also said that he might one day enter politics, but only once the Afrikaner had woken up from "his sleep". He was at pains to point out that he didn't support the ANC, just its plans to institute a media watchdog. "Everything that interests the public is not necessarily in the public interest," Hofmeyr told Die Burger. We wonder what he's so eager to keep out of the public eye? Read more: Beeld, iAfrica, TimesLive