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17 November 2017 21:32 (South Africa)

Benin won't impeach suspect President

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A call by 48 lawmakers in Benin to impeach President Thomas Yayi Boni was rejected by the president of the national assembly on Sunday. Marthurin Coffi Nago said that the lawmakers who brought the bid against Boni, who represent 58% of Benin's parliament, did not follow the correct procedures. It is unclear whether another impeachment bid will be launched. President Thomas Yayi Boni is accused by the parliamentarians of being involved in a pyramid scheme that swindled thousands of Beninois of their savings. The country's interior minister and a high ranking prosecutor have already been sacked for their connection to the scheme. Boni is a former banker who won the elections in 2006 on an anti-corruption platform. Read more: The AFP and Reuters Africa.

  • Politics

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