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23 November 2017 11:14 (South Africa)

Uganda parades bombing suspects

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Ugandan authorities granted a press conference to four people suspected of master-minding the July 11 bombings that killed 76 people. Reporters at the press conference learned that the death toll could have been much higher had one of the suspects changed his mind in the last minute. Haruna Luyima said that he had been tasked with planting a bomb at a dance hall, but had fled without detonating it because he "wondered why so many people watching football on television should be killed over nothing". Haruna is the younger brother of the confessed mastermind behind the bombings,  Issa Ahmed Luyima, who also appeared at the press conference. The older Luyima says he joined al-Shabab in 2009 and fought against AU peacekeepers protecting the Somali government. Police said that the abandoned bomb as well as a cellphone helped them trace the suspects down. Read more: The AP and the LA Times.

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