BREAKING: 3-headed space monster battles Godzilla for ANC presidency!!!(!!)

By Branko Brkic 31 March 2010

In a stunningly unforeseen development in the ANC leadership battle, a three-headed space dragon lizard thing FROM OUTER SPACE descended on Johannesburg to challenge forerunner Godzilla to a DUEL TO THE DEATH. Citizens of Gauteng are advised to RUN FOR THE HILLS !!!(!!)

Okay, okay, you got us. But we weren’t really trying. You see, while other publications have readers who will actually fall for far-fetched stories, visitors to The Daily Maverick are just too smart for that kind of thing.

So instead of trying to prank you, we’ll be collecting links to some of the best and most outrageous pranks from all over the world, and we’ll be publishing them right here.

Check back during the course of the day and maybe we can offer you something with which you, in turn, can prank those less intellectually well endowed than yourself.


News24: FIFA anthem move hits sour note
SA hate speech rules may mean the national anthems of countries like France and Germany are illegal. So praise singers may be deployed ahead of World Cup games instead.

Daily Mail: Airborne Association: Flying to the rescue of stranded motorists, the AA rocketmen
In order to avoid traffic jams, the UK Automobile Association will be deploying technicians with jet packs.

Starbucks: Introducing two new drink sizes
In response to customer demand, Starbucks has launched two new cup sizes for its coffee: one holding 3.8 litres, the other 60 mililitres.

The Guardian: Vote Labour. Or else.
The UK Labour Party will be harnessing Gordon Brown’s reputation for anger and violence as part of a poster campaign. Slogans include “do you want some of this” and “You. Outside.” over moodily-lit pictures of Brown.

ABC: Olympic tower to top Statue of Liberty
London will build a A$31 million, 115 meter tall statue that looks like a demented roller-coaster as a conversation piece for the 2012 Olympics.

Mail & Guardian: Kulula takes aim at advertisers over use of ‘Sky™’
It’s no more Mr Nice Guy from budget airline Kulula, which says it is going to start suing advertisers which uses its Sky™ trademark without permission or payment – or any images, representations or references to the area between 10,000 and 35,000 feet above sea level.


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