Somebody out there really hates Haiti: huge new quake rocks Port-Au-Prince

By Branko Brkic 20 January 2010

Just as rescue teams start running out of live people to pull out of the rubble, a new earthquake has hit Haiti. If you're looking hard for a silver lining: at least it came without a tsunami attached.

Food and water is only starting to reach outlying areas, and emergency workers are still complaining of a lack of basic equipment and infrastructure as time runs out for those still trapped in the rubble. Now another earthquake has hit, virtually right under Port-Au-Prince.

The US Geological survey reports that the aftershock (which may later be classified as a quake in its own right) occurred just after 13:00 SA time. It registered at magnitude 6.1, and was centred 60 kilometres outside of the main city.

The original quake that did most of the damage on 12 January was recorded at magnitude 7.

There are early reports of people woken in their beds and running into the street, but no indication of damage or injuries.



The Associated Press actually had a correspondent on the line when the quake hit, and you can hear his reaction to it live.


By Staff Writer

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Photo: Reuters



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