Tiger in the rough?

By Incorrect Author 29 November 2009

The mystery surrounding Tiger Woods' car crash intensified when his agent, Mark Steinberg, called state police as they were en route to Woods' house, and asked them to wait another day before talking to the golf star. This was the second delay in police efforts to speak with Woods. His wife first asked them to postpone talking to him after he returned home from hospital where he was treated for apparent minor injuries. Woods is not required to speak to police, only to furnish proof of insurance coverage, car registration and driver’s license information, as the collision with a fire hydrant and a tree near his house late on Friday night is being investigated only as a traffic accident, not a criminal matter. In the absence of publicly released information, however, the blogosphere and social media are filled with suppositions about the reason behind Woods’ accident. For more information, read the AP. For rumours consult Twitter and the blogosphere.



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