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By Incorrect Author 2 November 2009

In Pakistan last week, Hillary Clinton played defense when Pakistani audiences accused the US of conducting "executions without trial" through aerial drone strikes. Clinton’s own blunt talk aimed at prodding Pakistan to go beyond their current military campaign against internal militants in South Waziristan, noting that the assault on Pakistani Taliban elements would not be complete unless they target Al-Qaeda too. But some of the ordinary Pakistanis she spoke with showed a very public resentfulness towards US policies. In one forum broadcast live, Clinton struggled to avoid revealing classified efforts to target terrorists while at the same time still clarifying the intentions of American foreign policy in the region. One participant queried Clinton, asking, “Is it [US policy] the killing of people in drone attacks?” The same woman then followed up, asking Clinton if she agreed that both US missile strikes and militant bombings were terrorism. Not surprisingly, Clinton did not. Read more: AP


Mining Charter

Minister Mantashe opens a careful new chapter

Marianne Merten 11 hours ago

The 2016 Rio Olympic medals are already showing defects including rusting and chipping.