Argentine president thaws the frigid doors to the media

By Branko Brkic 15 October 2009

It became a standard process in developing democracies: As soon as power is won at the polls, the party and its leader develop a frosty relationship with the local media. Where it once was a valuable ally in the election process, the media becomes a nuisance when you’re running the country. Argentina is no exception: on 10 October the Senate approved, with a huge majority, a new media law that replaced the military junta’s no-dealings legislation. On the surface, pushing the new law makes sense, as the old one was outdated. But the new one entrusts significant powers in the hands of the executive branch, where President Christina Kirchner and her former-president husband, Nestor, have serious gripes with the way they were portrayed by Argentine broadcasters. Their political fortunes have changed over the last year and they lay the blame squarely at the feet of the media. So, the fox has been given the keys to hen house again. You want to bet what the outcome will be?


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