There’s good money to be made in alternative energies in good old Europe

By Incorrect Author 8 October 2009

All one needs to do is invent a really well put-together solar energy system that would be used in Europe to replace its dependence on fossil fuel. Easy, hey? Then again, there’s €16 billion there, allocated by the European Commission, as part of the most aggressive undertaking to date to develop alternative, sustainable energy as well as limit carbon emissions. After solar energy, the second on the list is carbon capture programmes, with €13 billion, followed by €11 billion for a new generation of buildings and transport systems. According to the plan, it would also allocate €9 billion for bio-energy industries that produce electricity or fuels from plants or organic waste materials. Finally, €7 billion is to be spent on nuclear fission, storage of waste and extension of nuclear plants’ lifecycle.


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