Brace yourself for Japanese 3D flat screen TVs

By Incorrect Author 7 October 2009

For years, only South Korean manufacturers like Samsung, Hyundai and LG offered 3D TV, and mostly at the low end of the quality scale. (This writer still remembers awful headaches caused by the LG version.) Now, finally, the Japanese big guns are joining the fray: Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba have all announced they will bring their first high-quality 3D offerings to the market before the end of this year, although neither has released any further technical information. They assured the markets the 3D TVs will conform to a single standard for broadcasting and disks from the outset (unlike VCRs and DVDs). Of course, Sony is hoping the enhanced version of its Blu-Ray will form the basis for the disks. Toshiba’s and Sony’s systems will probably include Cell high-tech chip, developed by the two companies together with IBM.