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Click on the career of your choice from the options below.
You can also explore careers categorised as Professional, Practical, and Creative.

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Click on the career of your choice from the options below. You can also explore careers categorised as Professional, Practical, and Creative.

Subscribe to Long Story Short, a newsletter for the young at heart. Follow us on TikTok and Instagram.

Click on the career of your choice from the options below.
You can also explore careers categorised as Professional, Practical, and Creative.

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Farming is the key to our food security. We need people who can solve problems and generate ideas to make farming and food distribution fair for all. Agricultural engineers tackle problems in the farming industry including irrigation, energy and power, the efficiency of the machinery used, food storage and the environmental impact of agriculture waste.

To be an agricultural engineer, you usually have to study agricultural engineering or biological engineering at university.

Most university programmes require classes in English, Mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences/biology and agricultural sciences for admission. Computer literacy and humanities are also important assets.

A scientific mindset to see, analyse and solve problems. Interest in soil, plants and animals.

US: An average of at least 60% in the NSC, IEB or relevant final examination, Afrikaans or English Home Language 4 (50%), Mathematics 5 (60%), Physical Sciences 4 (50%), APS 32.

UP: Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management)English Home Language (5), Mathematics (5), Physical Sciences (5), APS 30.

UP, UKZN, UCT, and UJ all have agricultural engineering programmes. Other institutions in South Africa where agricultural engineering can be studied are: CPUT, UFS, NMU, NWU and TUT.

While the APS points differ slightly among the universities, a degree course usually requires 30-32 points, while the diploma course requires 24 points.

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Baristas are experts at making coffee or coffee-based drinks, crafting espressos, lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos and teas that help people to wake up in the morning or to relax at night. They also take customer orders and clean up the coffee bar to make sure everything stays looking tidy.

A barista needs a good memory, to keep in mind the recipes for the range of drinks they need to make. They need to have the kind of palate that will distinguish the different flavours of coffees. They also need to be sociable and to enjoy working with and serving their customers.

You don’t need a degree to be a barista! There are many places to take barista courses, which cost between R3000 and R5000, such as at the Johannesburg Barista School, Cape Town Barista School, Origin Coffee Roasting and Truth Coffee Roasting. Often, you can also apply for vacant positions at cafes where they will train you on the spot

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If you’ve got a good sense of humour and some funny bones in your body, you might be able to make people laugh for a living. While there aren’t any matric APS requirements, specific subjects you must study or tertiary institutions you must attend, successful comedians need to be able to develop structure to their acts and have distinguishing characteristics or an on-stage personality that sets them apart. Like any kind of artist, the best way to learn is by going out there, performing, and being open to feedback.

To build your repertoire, look for open nights at local bars and clubs. If there aren’t any around you, find a place you admire and don’t be afraid to propose an event yourself!

Comedy has become very popular in South Africa and so there is plenty of stand-up comedy that you can ‘study’ both online and at a gig. There are a wide range of styles or genres. Timing and rhythm is important, as well as engaging with your audience.

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They design houses, buildings and other structures, making sure that they are functional (i.e., they do what they were designed for) and are attractive.

NSC or equivalent with bachelor’s pass. Mathematics or Physical Sciences, and English (4)

UP, UJ, UCT, WITS, UJ, UKZNl, UFS, Namibia and NMU. Also, at CPUT, TUT and DUT.

AI research scientist

They design, implement and evaluate AI systems to meet business needs. They solve problems that need human-like thinking.

NSC or equivalent with bachelor’s pass. Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and English (4).

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science, staying current in developments in AI. Further studies might be needed.
At the following universities: RU, SU, UKZN, NWU, UFS, NMU, UP, UJ, WITS. Also, at TUT, DUT, CPUT, VUT.

Book editor

They read and evaluate a manuscript for a book, deciding to accept or reject it. They may work with the author to create the final product that is ready for publication.

NSC or equivalent with bachelor’s pass. English (4)(another language is recommended). History, Geography, and the arts. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communication or languages, especially English.You need strong writing and language skills. Upon qualifying, an internship in a publishing house is a recommendation.

Most South African universities and Universities of Technology offer courses in languages, writing, and communications, and many offer courses in Journalism. RU, UP, UJ,UFS, SU, Unisa, NWU, UWC. Also CPUT, TUT, and DUT.

There are also numerous online short courses, specifically in copy-editing and proofreading, such as those offered by GetSmarter (with UCT), UP as well as semester courses at SU, WITS, NWU.

Blog writer

A blog writer is someone with good writing and researching skills, who writes articles on various topics.

While no actual qualification is needed, writing and language skills are important.

Courses in languages, writing, and communications can be pursued at RU, UP, UJ,UFS, SU, Unisa, NWU, UWC. Also CPUT, TUT, and DUT.
Other useful skills can be obtained through the GetSmarter(UCT) Digital Marketing Course.

Creative director

They take the lead at advertising agencies, or in the marketing department of big companies. As the person in charge, they work with a creative team to plan, design and deliver a strategic vision for their client.

NSC or equivalent with bachelor’s pass. English (4), also subjects like Visual and Dramatic Arts or Graphics and Design.
A degree in Art, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Marketing or Journalism. Also, courses in visual communication and digital design.
Then, some years gaining experience in the creative field.

UJ, WITS, UP, and CPUT offer degrees or diplomas in art, fine arts, graphic design and photography. Also, Michaelis at UCT. DUT (Jewellery Design), Unisa(Visual Multimedia Arts) and SU (Visual Arts – Hons)
GetSmarter (UCT) offers short online courses in Brand Management and marketing.

Fashion designer

A clothing/fashion designer works on creating original sketches of clothing, footwear and accessories. They work with fabrics, designs, and patterns and instruct those who will create the items.

English (Home Language or First Additional language)(4); Mathematics (3) or Technical Maths (4) or Mathematical Literacy (5)
After gaining a formal qualification, hands-on experience is essential as is building up a portfolio of your work and staying abreast of changing fashion trends.

UJ offers a BA in Fashion Design. National Diplomas in Fashion Design and Technology are offered at NMU, CPUT, DUT and TUT, while STADIO offers accredited certificates, diplomas and bachelor’s degrees (Arts and Commerce) in Fashion.



They work with the financial records of a company, ensuring that they are accurate, that tax is paid and that any opportunities or risks are identified in good time. Preparation of budgets and auditing financial statements.

A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting (UJ) requires NSC or equivalent with English (4) and Mathematics (5). Accounting is helpful, but not essential.



Using mathematics, statistics and financial theory, actuaries calculate the financial costs of risk, for example, in calculating premiums for life insurance policies and pensions.

A BCom degree in Actuarial Science has strict requirements: NSC with Mathematics (7), English Home Language (5) or First Additional Language (6). After the initial degree, students will continue studying part-time while they work. It could take as long as nine years to qualify.


They are clinical exercise specialists. By looking at body composition, lung function, heart rate, muscle strength, endurance and power, they can focus on increasing mobility and functionality, especially in people living with chronic pain.

For a bachelor’s degree, an NSC with English, Mathematics and best of Physical Sciences or Life Sciences (WITS)


Big data engineer

This person is responsible for the development, maintenance, testing, evaluation and analysis of a company’s data. The fact that it is called big data refers to really big sets of data (great variety, increased volume and more velocity)

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software or computer engineering, applied maths, statistics. These are all related fields. Then practical, on-the -job training.
NSC withEnglish Home Language (5),or First Additional Language (6) Mathematics (7)

They use technology to design, develop and analyse software and hardware used to solve problems in business, industry, scientific and social contexts.

Requirements to study computer science are stringent. NSC with 42 APS. English (5), Mathematics (6)


They assess, diagnose and treat people who have emotional and behavioural disorders. Their training is extensive and qualification only comes after a master’s degree and in-service training.

NSC with Life Sciences a recommendation. APS 21 or more.

Although you can do a bachelor’s degree at most universities in South Africa, the MA in Clinical Psychology is offered at UL, UP, UWC, WITS, UFS, NMU, RU, SFU, NWU, UJ, UKZN, Unisa.


Artisan is a general term covering a range of occupations for someone who creates something using their hands. This can include carpenters, metalworkers, painters, potters, sculptors, leather workers and weavers. Some of these careers are discussed in more detail elsewhere in this document.

Artisans who wish to apply for an apprenticeship must have a Gr 9 or National Certificate with 40% for Mathematics

TVET Colleges offer a National Certificate (Vocational) and Nated (Technical) National Certificate courses linked to artisan trades. There are TVET colleges in many places in South Africa. TVET Colleges

They teach effective workout routines to a range of people, based on their levels of fitness. These routines are usually choreographed and set to lively music.

Since the qualification needed is a National Certificate in Fitness (Level 4), a recognised NSC or equivalent is needed. Life Sciences would be useful.

There are various in-person courses where you can achieve this certification, e.g., FitPro, the Academy of Physical Education and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Sports Science Institute of South Africa


They make and serve a range of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic in bars, hotels, restaurants or other venues. An aspect of the restaurant industry, it can be ideal either as a part-time job for students or as a career.

Because of the legal requirements around selling alcohol, this job means a minimum age of 18. While NSC is not required, many employers insist on it as a minimum. Attention to detail and an ability to communicate well are recommendations.

Training is often on the job, but there are SETA-accredited bartending courses:
European Bartender School and Shaker Barschool (Cape Town); Thirst Academy (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – and an online course), R&B Hotel School (Meyerton)

They are specialised tradespeople who cut, shape, assemble and weld steel to make and repair metal products for ships, boilers and other iron and steel structures. They also test and repair boilers.

Minimum age is 16. NQF 1 (Grade 9) with Mathematics and Science. Then a three- to four-year apprenticeship at a TVET college.

Data scientist

Great at answering questions? A data scientist uses data to help the organisation they work at make the best decisions. They have business skills and are able to analyse and to mine, clean and present data. Data science is an in-demand job in our growing IT sector. But data scientists also put their skills to the test in the financial, professional services and media and entertainment industries.

There are many ways to become a data scientist. Many universities offer dedicated bachelor’s degrees for data science. You can also get a degree in mathematics, statistics, finance, economics or computer science. Some people opt for an information technology degree to improve their coding and problem-solving skills.

Aspiring data scientists who cannot attend university can take short courses to gain coding and statistics skills. There are also many free online courses and boot camps that grant certifications.

Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics

UFS: Minimum APS: 32, English (4), Mathematics (5)
SPU: Minimum APS: 30, Mathematics (5), English (4).
UP: Minimum APS: 32, English (5), Mathematics (5).

A food technologist, researches, develops and oversees the manufacturing processes and recipes for food and drink products. They study the physical, chemical and biological properties of food and help to improve products in various ways, from adding to their nutritional value to increasing their shelf life.

You would need a Bachelor of Science degree or a Diploma in Food Science or Technology.

A pass in the NSC, IEB or equivalent final school examination with a bachelor’s or diploma pass. In addition:
English Home Language or First Additional Language (4), Mathematics (5), Physical Sciences (4), Life Sciences (3). APS minimum 21 for a diploma but for a degree this can be as much as 32.


Dancers use movement, gestures and body language to interpret a character, situation or concept to an audience, usually accompanied by music. They work with choreographers when they have a part in a show or with a dance company. Dance as a career can include teaching dance, being a choreographer, or a dance therapist.

Many people start ballet or other dance classes as early as age 5 or 6 to build a strong foundation for other dance techniques. Some schools offer Ballet as a Grade 12 subject for NSC.

It is not essential to have a degree or other qualification to become a professional dancer, but training is vital. There are bachelor’s courses where majoring in dance will expose you to different dance genres. UCT, UKZN, SU, WITS, RU offer theatre and dance degrees. There is also the Dance Academy of SA (DASA), which focuses on excellence in dance, especially ballet.

Using a combination of imagination and technology, they create media to be viewed on a screen or digital interface. This includes web design, animation, 2D and 3D models. Graphic design is static, while digital design includes movement and audio elements.

NSC or equivalent with Mathematics. Computer Applications Technology (CAT), Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD), Information Technology (IT), Geography are all recommendations.

UCT, UJ. Also, Greenside Design Centre (Cape Town).

They see to every aspect involved in the smooth organisation and execution of an event including conventions, meetings, seminars, award ceremonies and weddings.

No specific matric subjects are needed, but an NSC with English is important. A degree or diploma in English (and/or other languages), Consumer Studies, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics or Tourism is a recommendation.

UP (Bachelor’s degree), NMU (National Diploma), CPUT (Programmes in Hospitality and Tourism). Also, INTEC (Events Coordination) and Damelin (Events Planning), Boston City Campus and others. The 15 Best Event Management Courses In South Africa – Aleit Academy

They revise and correct written material in books, articles, reports and academic writing. This is to ensure that the material is correct, clear, logical and meets the needs of the intended reader. They correct grammar, spelling and punctuation and do fact-checking along the way.

NSC or equivalent with strong English marks. Subjects like History, Geography and the Arts will be a recommendation.

While online courses in copy-editing (GetSmarter – UCT; UP, SA Writers College) are available, many editors start with bachelor’s degrees in English, writing, communications or journalism and then move into editing. WITS, DUT, NWU, SU all offer degrees or modules in editing.


They create films: full-length movies, short films, documentaries or other forms of visual media. They are responsible for every aspect, from conceptualisation to distribution, so they need to understand the whole process. They need to be adept at scriptwriting, cinematography, directing, editing and sound design, but they will usually oversee experts in these fields.

NSC or equivalent. Recommended subjects: Art, CAT, Drama, Music, Physical Sciences.


They can work for fashion houses, clothing brands or individuals. They give advice on fashion, coordinate outfits for models in photo shoots or for actors in movies, adding accessories and ensuring that they are prepared for shoots.

NSC or equivalent with Visual Art is recommended.

Most fashion stylists do associate degrees or diplomas in fashion design first. Unisa offers a fashion Buying and Styling semester module. Other institutions: Fedisa (Bachelor’s degree or diploma) and STADIO (a short course on the Principles of Styling)


They are medically trained professionals who have undergone the training to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses in people. They offer essential medical care, prescribe medication, perform surgery and offer measures so that individuals may maintain a reasonable level of health.

NSC or equivalent Grade 12 qualification with bachelor’s pass. English, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and two others. Percentages are considered. A National Benchmark Test (NBT) must also be written.


They are medical professionals who specialise in treating oral conditions related to patients’ teeth and gums.

NSC or equivalent Grade 12 qualification with bachelor’s endorsement. English, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and two others. Percentages are considered.

They advise businesses or government organisations about different areas of economics related to tax, health, energy, transport, international trade and development.

NSC or equivalent Grade 12 qualification. Mathematics, Economics, Accounting and Business Studies are recommended.


Bachelor’s degrees in Economics, followed by further studies.

They design, develop,test and manage the manufacturing of electrical equipment and systems, e.g., electric motors, smartphones and power-generation equipment.

NSC or equivalent Grade 12 qualification. English (4), Mathematics (4), Physical Sciences (4).

WITS, UCT, UP, UKZN, SU, Unisa, CPUT, VUT, APS 35 or more.
Also, False Bay TVET College, College SA, College of Cape Town, Northlink College.

They work in the criminal justice system, examining and analysing evidence from crime scenes to deliver objective reports to assist in the prosecution of perpetrators or in helping innocent people to be set free.

A good NSC or equivalent qualification with high marks in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.


Alternatively, there is a National Certificate in Forensic Science at Forensics4Africa, (which needs eight years of experience in the field and at least Grade 10).

These lawyers specialise in matters that affect families, e.g., divorce, adoption, custody matters.

NSC or equivalent Grade 12 qualification. No specific subjects are needed, but English/Afrikaans/ another language would be a recommendation. Mathematics is not a requirement.

Complete a bachelor of Law Degree or a DJuris. Then work in a law firm for a number of years and pass the bar exam. You must be at least 21 years old and a citizen of South Africa.
UKZN (Durban and Pietermaritzburg) UP, Unisa,


They build, repair and install furniture, cabinets and fixtures made of wood.  Many are self-employed but they are often employed by construction companies, contractors who do cabinet making and manufacturers of custom furniture.

Grade 11 or 12 with Mathematics (40%) or Mathematical Literacy (50%) for entrance to a TVET college to study carpentry. 

Most TVET colleges. TVET Colleges Requirements differ.

TUT offers a Diploma in Building. An APS 0f 24 is required.

Simply, a caregiver renders care to another person. This care can range from companionship to medical care. 

While there is no specific requirement, an NSC is always a recommendation.

The minimum qualification is the Home-based Care Training Certificate. You need to be registered as a caregiver from a SAQA- accredited institution. The following offer such courses:

The School of Khanya (Roodepoort)

Victory Education Group (Pretoria)

St. John (Bloemfontein)

Hospice Wits (Johannesburg)

These are people who take care of children before and after school, while their parents are at work. They assist with the establishment of routines, help with feeding, cleaning, socialisation and learning.

There are no set requirements but NSC or any equivalent Grade 12 qualification is a good start to any further training.

If you want to open a daycare facility, you need a basic training course at a SAQA-accredited facility. The following aspects need to be covered: health, safety, nutrition, child development, administration skills and crisis management. After that, in-service training and continued staff development is vital. Daycare facilities must be registered.

Diamonds, the hardest substance known to man, is used to drill holes into practically any substance, with exceptional accuracy. Operatives who use diamond drills are called in to assist with demolition of roads, towers or bridges under strict health and safety guidelines.

No specific subject requirements, but NSC or equivalent is always recommended.

You need to be at least 16 years old to do a drilling and sawing apprenticeship. SMC Mining and Drilling Academy offers a variety of related training courses. There are also apprenticeships on offer in England, Scotland and Wales.

They are skilled tradespeople who design, install, maintain and repair electrical systems and products that are used in factories, businesses and homes. Their work can be inside or outside, ensuring that lights, appliances and industrial equipment works safely and reliably.

Good results are needed in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, but a place like College SA offers bridging courses together with levels N1, N2 and N3 before you start your electrician diploma.

CPUT, TUT, Unisa, SU, UP, UJ, NWU, UCT, WITS (Electrical engineering)
TVET colleges: Majuba, South West Gauteng, College of Cape Town.

Also called pest control specialists, they identify the pest problem and use pesticides or chemical solutions to get rid of pests like rodents, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs and others.

No specific requirement but NSC or equivalent is recommended.

This is mostly done as on-the-job training. PCITA ( a training provider with AgriSeta) offers SAQA-accredited skills courses as well as NQF Distance Learning Courses.

As well as providing technical assistance in the design and testing of fibre optics, they prepare, install and troubleshoot fibre optic cables and systems.

NSC or equivalent qualification. Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Information Technology a recommendation.

SA Institute of Electrical Engineers offers a fibre optics course.
Level 2 certificate in communications cabling; level 3 diploma in ICT systems and principles.
Bachelor’s degree in telecommunications, electrical, information technology. WITS, UP, UCT, UKZN, SU, UJ, TUT, Unisa, NWU, TUT.

Working with people of all ages and fitness levels, they instruct and motivate groups or individuals in a range of exercise activities, including cardiovascular workouts, strength training and stretching.

Although NSc or equivalent is recommended, a fitness instructor needs NQF 4 ( National Vocational Certificate).

Northlink College (Exercise Specialist), Academy of Physical Education (NQF 5 Diploma in Fitness), Academy for Health and Fitness Professionals (Personal Fitness Trainer/ Sport Conditioning and Coaching Science Diploma).

A video game designer uses his imagination to think about every aspect of a game, including its various plot outlines, its characters, its visual design and its layouts. They work with a number of teams to ensure that their vision is uniform. They work with programmers and artists to ensure the design, they test various concepts and they iron out any errors or problems that arise. This is not the same as a game developer, who programmes the game’s coding and makes sure that the technical aspects are implemented correctly so that the game runs flawlessly before putting it into the hands of the gamers

A number of South African universities have very good Computer Science programmes, e.g., Unisa, RU, WITS and UP. Currently, only the UCT offers a degree in Computer Game Development.

The best options currently for a game designer are Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science or Game Design and Development. Otherwise, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interactive Entertainment or in Game Design.  The SAE Institute offers a Higher Certificate in Game Design and Production.

Many universities would like mathematics and computing as your Grade 12 subjects to help with coding and programming, but Physical Sciences, Information Technology, media studies and design technology will be useful.

For a BSc degree most universities require a minimum APS score of 30.

For those who like to help others look beautiful, doing hair might be the perfect career. Hairdressers work with customers to cut, trim, buzz, braid, colour and style. They must also know about hair maintenance products including applying hair gel and about the chemical processes that are involved in dying hair, and applying weaves. Finally, business knowledge is also required — hairdressers order supplies, take payments and sometimes even run the business, employing other hairdressers as part of their team.


Art, biology and chemistry are recommended

While many hairdressers start off doing apprenticeships with more established hairstylists, hair academies do not have required subjects or APS scores. Some require you to have completed at least Grade 9. Otherwise, you can enter after completing Grade 12.

The Hair Academy of South Africa (Potchefstroom)
Complete School of Hairdressing (West Rand)
Serwalo Hair Academy (Pretoria)
Central Johannesburg FET College
College of Cape Town FET College
Northlink FET College (Northlink, Belville and Parow)
Port Elizabeth FET College

An image consultant works with clients to assess their current personal or professional image with their desired goals. This might be to improve the physical appearance of their clients, or their communication and interpersonal skills.

You need very good communication skills, especially listening skills to learn what your client’s goals are. You need to be patient, positive, friendly and encouraging of your clients.

An NSC or IEB or equivalent qualification will get you into tertiary studies.
Advantages for becoming an image consultant: A certificate in hair and beauty studies, fashion design or cosmetic science from a recognised beauty school or FET college; a certificate in business studies will be useful.
There are a variety of online courses on offer, e.g., at the South African Image Academy (SAIA), while RSE College offers a fully accredited Personal and Corporate Image Consulting with Entrepreneurship course.


Their job is to design and implement cloud computing solutions, including the design of cloud infrastructure, cloud application structure and cloud security structure.

NSC or equivalent pass with Mathematics, Physical Sciences, CAT, Information Technology all recommendations.


BSc (Hons) in a relevant discipline (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics), or a relevant NQF 8, or a Professional Engineering degree with demonstrable knowledge of basic principles of Algorithms.

WITS, Unisa,UKZN, UCT, UP  offer Data Science degrees.

There are many short courses on cloud computing, usually offered postgraduate. Google Cloud Courses South Africa

These jobs can be done together or separately, with the design element involving the creation and manipulation of the images, while the editing consists of the creation of a story using the images, logos, etc. created by the designer.

NSC or equivalent. Pass in English and Mathematics. Art, Design, CAT, Physical Sciences are a recommendation.


College of Cape Town, IIE Vega School, Academy of Digital Arts, Cape Town Creative Academy, Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, Eduvos, CTU Training Solutions, Oakfields College, Prestige Academy.
These offer a range of options, from short courses or online courses to diplomas and degrees.

They are responsible for the development, testing and building of hardware systems like computer processors. Working with a development team, they identify hardware needs, come up with a product prototype, which is tested before installation.


NSC or equivalent. Mathematics, Physical Science required. EGD and CAT recommended.


This person is the liaison or point of contact between guests and an organisation like a hotel. They ensure the comfort of the guests by arranging transport and luggage matters, resolving problems, running errands, booking concert tickets and responding to queries.

NSC or equivalent.

Hospitality Management is offered as a diploma or degree at a number of universities and colleges. CPUT, UJ, DUT, VUT, CUT, UM, Unisa, UP.
Also, Damelin, IEE School of Hospitality & Service Management, International Hotel School. TVET colleges offer Hospitality courses too. In some cases matric is not required. TVET Colleges

They are professionals who create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. They focus on the needs and preferences of their clients so that the spaces they create are unique to them. They look at spatial layout, lighting , colour and materials. They work on homes or commercial spaces – and often work with architects and engineers in ensuring that spaces are beautiful, functional and safe.

Although NSC is not essential, it is a recommendation. Subjects like Art, Design and Mathematics are often recommended.

For a Bachelor of Design degree, UJ, UCT, UP, DUT, TUT. Also, Vega School Johannesburg, Inscape Education Group, Greenside Design Centre.


These skilled artists specialise in creating the visuals to accompany or supplement written content. They work in advertising, publishing and entertainment, collaborating with teams and clients to ensure the execution of a vision. They may work in pencils, paints and inks or they may use digital software to create their illustrations.

NSC or equivalent with a pass in English and APS between 23 and 26.

Bachelor’s in Visual Communication (SU); Bachelor of Design (Unisa); Fine Arts (UCT, RU, UP, UJ, WITS, DUT); Visual Arts (UCT, Unisa, UKZN, UP, DUT).



These are professional scientists who have studied the Earth, the materials of which it is made, its history and the processes that shape and change it. They focus on rocks, minerals, fossils, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, rivers, rivers , oceans and much more, working with other scientists to help solve problems related to natural resources, environmental protection and natural hazards.

NSC with bachelor’s or diploma pass. English (4), Mathematics (4) and Physical Sciences (4). Geography recommended. APS according to the university where you apply.



They are specialist doctors who focus on female reproductive health, diagnosing and treating issues of reproductive health and disorders. Some are also obstetricians, meaning that they care for women during pregnancy and birth.

NSC or equivalent Grade 12 qualification. English, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and two others. Percentages are considered. A National Benchmark Test (NBT) must also be written.

After qualifying as a doctor, you will do a specialisation in gynaecol