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20 Questions with Murray Greig

Daily Maverick full stack developer, Murray Greig takes on 20 Questions for Maverick Insiders

My father’s old watch, I suppose. Beaten and worn. I miss him lots.

A run around the block… a good catch-up with friends, a bottle of great syrah.

An architect, an astronaut.

A morning person (recently). Kids do that to you…

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all – Thumper

Hmm… A drunken fall down the stairs on a party bus. Stitches on head. Not much memory of it… scars where one scratches one head in thought…

To play the piano or guitar… never quite had the chance to focus on it.

Chatbots… and chat with business interactions. It’s the crypto of UX.

Spend time with my amazing children.
And travel to superb places with my lovely wife.

How much you feel like a child.
How little time you have.

Take the time to listen and find out more about each other. Phone and speak to each other.

I wish people didn’t waste time on social media.
I wish people littered less. Recycle, dammit.

Sho… where do you start… Fix the Law, fix the police, then…
Replace Black Empowerment with “Economic” Empowerment to close the wealth gap and not widen the racist gap.
Climate change Cyril? Give Gwede the axe, please.. and subsidise solar solutions.

I’ve been a bit short on discretionary time, but why not:

Crickets. Bangkok. Don’t ask. I blame the rum.

Sadly… those silly “fail” videos on Instagram.

I can touch my nose with my tongue… utterly useless 🙂

Murray Greig

Murray Greig


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