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The Weekend Wrap

Unraveling the mystery of R200m money flows; the plight of military veterans; and how a political analyst brought State Capture to stage.

How huge sums, some ‘syphoned’ from a supposedly broke ruling party’s bank accounts, were channelled to a charismatic pastor in Eswatini – and then disappeared.

By Tebogo Tshwane

Numerous military veterans have expressed frustration with the lack of control over the Department of Military Veterans structure and database, highlighting challenges in registering on the database and receiving benefits including pension. 

By Takudzwa Pongweni

A recent viral message circulated on social media misleadingly claimed that the IEC has permitted people 60 and older to vote before the 29 May polls by applying for a special vote. While the prospect of skipping long queues may be alluring, don’t be fooled. 

By Lerato Mutsila

Press freedom is under siege like never before. Democracy, human rights and free media go hand in hand. You can’t win one without the other.

By Håkan Juholt

According to Statista, Temu sees more than 30 million new downloads every month, making it the number one shopping app in the App Store and Play Store.

By Neesa Moodley


Two environmental activists, born in remote farm villages along the Wild Coast, have been honoured with a global environmental award for their role in halting seismic blasting tests by the Shell oil and gas multinational off the Eastern Cape coastline.

By Tony Carnie

From the makers of the recent ‘Scream’ movies, and cult hit ‘Ready or Not’, comes another gory horror comedy, the highly entertaining ‘Abigail’.

By Tracy Benson

The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) has staked its integrity on the investigation of Chinese anti-doping authorities in the case of 23 swimmers. So why then, is this such a big story? Unpacking some of the loose ends.

By Craig Ray

Sensing that the country was failing to learn lessons from State Capture – meaning that the work done to defend democracy would be wasted – political analyst Richard Calland wrote The Brothers, Number One and a Weekend Special, now playing at The Market Theatre.

By Richard Poplak

In light of Liverpool’s recent run of form, which saw the club fall out of contention for the Premier League title, Europa League and FA Cup, Jürgen Klopp’s decision to announce his departure mid-season has come under extra scrutiny. 

By Yanga Sibembe

At 9th Waterside in the Durban docks, chef Theo Chiloane is cresting the wave with what he terms his avant-garde approach to bistro food. Asked to share a recipe with us, he chose his salmon cured in green tea with sake and grapefruit.

By Tony Jackman

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