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Makhanda’s water crisis persists after R400 million spent, a Gen Z student turns break time into climate activism, and we look at the complex business of flying rhinos.

Despite hundreds of millions paid by the government for the upgrade of the James Kleynhans Water Treatment Works in Makhanda, the completion of which is now five years behind schedule, crumbling infrastructure and pump problems are wreaking havoc on the town’s water supply.

By Estelle Ellis

Uncontrolled hyacinth covering large parts of the Hartbeespoort dam is an eyesore for residents of the area, but beneath the surface lurks an even greater threat.

By Onke Ngcuka

If we are serious about honouring the United Democratic Front we must be sensitive and thoughtful in our approach. We have a simple proposal to all those who care for our country and all those who served the UDF and feel the need to commemorate this important 40-year milestone. We propose that we organise around the slogan ‘Go back, Give back, Build back’. 

By Kumi Naidoo and Louisa Zondo

To be a teenager at this moment is, to put it as a Gen Z would say, ‘not it’. But young climate activists like Otsile Nkadimeng are fighting for change while also juggling school and planning a future. 

By Victoria O’Regan

As airline passengers go, rhinos are not the easiest customers. They don’t queue, show their passports then quietly wait to board. They snort, stomp and lash out with dangerous weapons.

By Don Pinnock

With his 23rd Grand Slam singles title, and his third French Open crown, Novak Djokovic statistically became the most successful men’s tennis player in history in terms of the sport’s most prestigious titles. But is he the greatest of all time?

By Craig Ray

Stand Up! Business

Investment banker Mark Barnes and Business Maverick editor Tim Cohen unwrap the news. A new edition of StandUp!Business midweek, every week.

You have heard a lot about artificial intelligence and investing, but trust me, you are going to want to hear this, because the implications are dramatic.

By Tim Cohen

Two men in black suits meet in a dust-layered room, a bottle of booze and two tumblers on the table. The space, somehow archetypal, says nothing about what’s about to unfold. 

By Keith Bain

Spending time alone can induce fear in a lot of people, which is understandable. At the same time, the difference between moments of solitude and loneliness is often misunderstood.

By Thuy-vy Nguyen

We humans seem to have a need for scary things that we can’t quite see but intrude dangerously into our fear space. Just occasionally, they appear right in front of us.

By Don Pinnock

As the cold winds howl outside, browse our collection of soul warming soup recipes brought to you by Daily Maverick Food Editor, Tony Jackman. 

By Tony Jackman

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