Defend Truth

Styli Charalambous

By Daily Maverick 13 March 2018

After having qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Styli is now fully reformed and passionate about the media business following a stint in the London banking scene.

He’s subsequently helped establish and develop various media start-ups and projects, including Daily Maverick and The Gathering, the country’s premier media and politics conference. His official role at Daily Maverick is that of publisher and CEO which translates into “he who fights fires – sometimes successfully but always only after morning coffee.”

In the early days of Daily Maverick, opinion pieces, sport and business articles could be found with his by-line but he has since stepped-aside for more qualified creators do their thing.

Amongst his greatest achievements are the 100-plus payrolls successfully concluded at Daily Maverick (although he insists he no longer keeps count), a co-production role of blonde offspring and dabbling in regime change.



South African health authority approves Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine booster shot

By Estelle Ellis

Whale stress levels dropped dramatically after 9/11 due to reduced ocean-borne shipping. This was measured by analysing said whales' droppings.