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19 October 2017 16:41 (South Africa)

Ghanaians lose to Germany, but... this time for Africa

  • Andy Rice
    andy rice
    Andy Rice

    Andy Rice is a founding partner of Yellowwood Future Architects, a marketing strategy consultancy. In his other lives, he is the southern hemisphere's only supporter of Cambridge United Football Club, and was once upon a time the South African National Spoofing Champion. He has played football at Wembley and cricket at Lord's within the same weekend, but troubled the scorer on neither occasion. Things could only go up from here.

ghana this time for africa
cahill goal

Aussies defeat Serbs, bow out gracefully from World Cup

By Andy Rice
us alg main

Yanks never give up, china!

By Andy Rice
eng slo  main

England outclass Slovenia, book place in next round

By Andy Rice

The World Cup Day that was: 22 June

By Andy Rice
arg gre main 01

Argentines bulldoze their way over Greeks in Polokwane, finish atop Group B

By Andy Rice
south korea vs nig main

Super Eagles exit the World Cup after inexplicably failing to finish off South Korea

By Andy Rice
bafana france main

Valiant Bafana out of the World Cup, back in South African hearts

By Andy Rice
uru mex main 01

Uruguay edge Mexico in Rustenburg, win Group A

By Andy Rice

Shock and outrage as Zuma suggests foreigners can outplay Safricans on vuvuzela

By Andy Rice
bavaria girls 02

Fifa to give up prosecuting orange minidresses

By Andy Rice
twcdtw 21 june

The World Cup Day that was: 21 June

By Andy Rice
spa hon main

Back to their emphatic ways, the Spaniards outclass Honduras

By Andy Rice
swi chi main

After a great battle, Chile defeat Switzerland, sort of. Yes, you guessed it, referee issues again

By Andy Rice
port nk main

Portugal's stars shatter North Korean hopes into thousand pieces. And then some.

By Andy Rice
onion front

The Onion: World Cup as scathing satire

By Andy Rice
tdtw 20th june

The World Cup Day that was: 20 June

By Andy Rice
FAbiano scores

With some help from Hand of God, Hurricane Brazil hits the Ivory Coast

By Andy Rice
mark paston

New Zealanders' brave hearts hold world champions Italy to a 1:1 draw

By Andy Rice

The French (football team) are revolting

paraguay slovakia

Paraguay whacks Slovakia without breaking a sweat

By Andy Rice
tdtw 19 june

The World Cup Day that was: 19 June

By Andy Rice
cameroon coach

Cameroon loses to Denmark, crashes out of World Cup

By Andy Rice
kewell gets red card main

Ghana's Black Stars fight boldly, only manage a draw against the 10-man Ozzies

By Andy Rice
dutch jpa main

The industrious Dutch break Japan’s iron defence, but only just

By Andy Rice
algeria celebrates

The World Cup Day that was: 18 June

By Andy Rice
eng alg main

Algerians frustrate English stars into goalless draw

By Andy Rice
us slo main

Yanks force a late draw against Slovenia. Oh, and get robbed of victory

By Andy Rice

In shock reversal of first-round fortunes, unsteady Germans lose to unpredictable Serbs

By Andy Rice

Open letter to Budweiser: Please will you sponsor all South African sport? Wholesale rates available

By Andy Rice