No propaganda, no new-speak
24 March 2018 14:18 (South Africa)

A brief look: Al Jazeera to open Swahili service

  • Simon Allison
    Simon Allison

    Simon Allison covers Africa for the Daily Maverick, having cut his teeth reporting from Palestine, Somalia and revolutionary Egypt. He loves news and politics, the more convoluted the better. Despite his natural cynicism and occasionally despairing tone, he is an Afro-optimist, and can’t wait to witness and chronicle the continent’s swift development over the next few decades.

al jazeera cover
zuma malema 02

ANC interrupts Youth League's Botswana regime change dreams

By Carien du Plessis
Moeletsi Mbeki

Moeletsi Mbeki on SA's good, bad and nouveau riche

By Andy Rice
somalia famine khadija

SA's stuttering response to Somali famine

By Khadija Patel
eritrea president

Eritrea: Africa's North Korea, complete with unhinged president

By Simon Allison
luanda most expensive

Capitals: Africa's poorest, world's costliest

By Andy Rice

President Mutharika, the man who's overstayed Malawi's hospitality

By Simon Allison
sudan currency war

A 'bewildering' currency war erupts in the Sudans

By Simon Allison
kenya ivory

Kenya incinerates illegal ivory in a bonfire of eternal damnation

By Simon Allison
malawi main

African democratic renaissance spreads to Malawi

By Simon Allison

Africa's most powerful woman's back, with a promise of even more fireworks

By Simon Allison
south sudan main 02

South Sudan, Africa's 54th nation, faces the mother of all challenges

By J Brooks Spector
ouattara president

Ouattara's twin challenges of Côte d'Ivoire's recovery and forgiveness

By Sipho Hlongwane
a24 main

A24 Media asks Africans: What's your story?

By Theresa Mallinson
obama main

Michelle Obama (aka the anti-Malema) charms Soweto

By Phillip de Wet
china libya politics

Who’s the fool? China's soft-diplomacy on Libya highlights Western media bias

By Kevin Bloom

With Ratcliffe's acquittal, 'dirty diamond' saga could finally be laid to rest

By Sipho Hlongwane
sa passport

SA passport, global terrorists' best friend

By Theresa Mallinson
sudan problems main

Analysis: Now for the messy part of Sudan's divorce

By J Brooks Spector
donald food

Food on the table, humanity's ever-increasing battle

By Donald Paul
godwin main fear

Peter Godwin on Zimbabwe, South Africa, crimes (against humanity) and a stuffed Mugabe

By Andy Rice

Letter to President Zuma: time to stand up to Libya over Hammerl

By Andy Rice
bashir sudan

Sudan's Bashir sends tanks to oil town and sets the world on edge again

By Simon Allison
hammerl last photo 02

Anton Hammerl is confirmed dead, 44 days late

By Theresa Mallinson
hammerl on 18th may

Anton Hammerl: SA government, hang your head in shame

By Theresa Mallinson

John Waibochi, Kenya's mobile mega-entrepreneur

By Mandy de Waal
vusi mahlasela main

Vusi Mahlasela: a singer, guitarist, storyteller extraordinaire

By Andy Rice
hammerl candlelight

Anton Hammerl: Missing for 39 days and still no news

By Theresa Mallinson
museveni inauguration

Analysis: Uganda - first they came for the gays

By Theresa Mallinson
marrakech main

Analysis: Despite Bin Laden's death, al Qaeda's still high on Marrakech Express attack

By Simon Allison