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Sarah Hoek answers 21 Questions

Daily Maverick  Journalist Intern,  Sarah Hoek, answers 21 questions for Maverick Insider

Sarah Hoek

Journalist Intern

I do think I’d be suited to a fancy Bridgerton lifestyle, but the feminist in me balks at the idea. So I can’t pick a time period, but anywhere near the sea is fine.

Enrique Hermanus. I don’t think it’s possible for one person to change the world, but if anyone can, it will be him.

Anything that comes with a good board games night. (I am quite good at Dixit).

Flying, it seems super convenient – no stairs or traffic need get in your way.

Harry Styles, Brené Brown, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Yuval Noah Harari and Chrissy Teigen. (But also, all my uni friends who are now scattered across the country after graduation. I miss pre-pandemic dinner parties).

Whatever my sister and I are singing along to in the car (her music taste is, mostly, far better than mine).

I had to outsource for this, and one friend said: “A baby bear, for sho. Those fluffy ones”. Another friend also said a panda, another a koala, so I guess the people have spoken.

Living without the anxiety that comes with the pandemic – I’m looking forward to not feeling stressed everywhere I go.

I love houseplants, so I propagate a lot. I give my friends cuttings and it’s always fun to see how the plants thrive with them after.

Time and attention.

Every time I try to parallel park.

Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
And also, from a lecturer: Know what you want from life and always aim for it. When you don’t let that guide you, it takes so much longer to get back on track from a bad decision.

A streetlight. I’m far too nosy to be something where I can’t see everything that’s going on.

My MA supervisor, Dr Marenet Jordaan. She puts up with a lot of frantic emails from me.

Self-driving cars. Maybe they’ll help me parallel park.

As above. The thought of self-driving cars equally thrills and scares me.